Ron Olsby

May 2, 1938 ~ May 12, 2014

Olsby1Ron was a life-long Seattle resident and a graduate of Roosevelt High School. A printer by trade, he loved his work. He was an avid hobbyist, inventor, innovator, photographer, collector (75 Zippo lighters, e.g.) and craftsman. Next to his abiding faith, he loved family, especially the little ones who could always count on him for M&Ms and quarters – and nightly prayers on their behalf.

Along with a 60 year commitment to 501’s, he had a lifetime appreciation for automobiles and spent many hours under the hood of his or his buddies’ cars, Ron blustered about what was wrong in the world but was quiet about his own efforts to make things right for others. He was generous. He was kind. He was a man of his word. Those of us who knew and loved him well say goodbye reluctantly. — Until we meet again, Ron. We’re not far behind.


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  • Don OLSBY says:

    Ron was such a devoted family man. His love and care of his mother was above and beyond and well deserved. I could always count on Ron for the straight happenings in our family. You could always count on Ron, just like his father Cliff. REST IN PEACE. Don Olsby and family, Seattle

  • Robert Olsby says:

    To all the family I wish to express my sorrow when learning of Ron’s passing.

  • Sharon K. Griffin says:

    Ronnie-your absence will be mightily felt by your family.
    Dear family-I am so sorry for the loss of your dear son,brother,uncle,friend. And I know you rejoice for him. With love to each of you, Sharon.

  • Lora says:

    Your kindness and gentle spirit are already missed.

  • Lael says:

    Dear Family,
    It’s sad when we lose someone so special. Ronnie was one of those very unique individuals, always a ready smile. I know he will be remembered with lots of laughter and joy for the time we had him with us.

  • Karen Edwards says:

    Ron’s greatest joy was making others happy as best he knew how. I honor his selflessness and courage, and will always remember him for that. My warmest thoughts and prayers for his family and friends, who are brokenhearted by his death, but live with the certainty of a blessed reunion in Heaven.

  • Margie and Bob Henderson says:

    We barely knew Ron, but through his wonderful sister and brother-in-law, Gay and Bruce, we know he is free from Pain and suffering and celebrating freedom from sadness and regrets. We pray that his family can experience the very same. We love them and know Ron would not want them to suffer on his behalf.

  • John & Linda Eichmann says:

    Ilene and Family,
    Ron was a Christian and a Patriot. He truly loved his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and the Word of God. It was a blessing to have had Ron for a friend and prayer warrior for many years. We are thankful to have known him for so many years. We will miss him; but we are glad he is free from sickness sorry pain and death. Our prayers and love are with the family.

  • Jolie Carroll says:

    One of my favorite photos is one Rob took of an owl flying straight at him. Until we meet again.

  • Nick Shultz says:

    Cousin Ron and I were the same age and pretty much grew up together. Always friendly, always with a smile.
    Difficult sickness last few years, but same attitude and should be mentioned great help to hie Mom, soon to be 105 year old Aunt Ilene!

  • Ron Clark says:

    I worked with Ron at Craftsman Press. He was probably the hardest working pressman during my 4 years there.
    He taught me many tricks of the trade and was always available to answer any question I had about printing.
    He was a great photographer, I still have a pic of a Snowy Owl he took through the bars of the Seattle Zoo.

  • Ellen Blackstone says:

    I worked with Ron at Craftsman Press and totally appreciated everything I learned from him (and others) at that time.
    Even better, I came to know his amazing photography. I still have several of his prints hanging in the house — a Great Blue Heron, an Anna’s Hummingbird, and a couple of Snowy Owls. What a talent!
    And totally coincidentally, we have lived in the same neighborhood for years, so Ron and another Craftsman Press guy, Richard Miranda, and I met a time or two for coffee. And I often ran into Ron just in the ‘hood, waving as we passed.
    I was aware of how much he cared for his mom. But I was also impressed by his love for the cabin and the river, even after some trials.
    Great guy. I’ll miss him! My heart goes out to his family.

  • Keith Barrow says:

    The short time I knew him, he was one of the best. He was a wonderful family man and a person you could always count on. Loved to talk about his river cabin and all of his hobbies, which depended on a very high level of craftmanship. He will be missed by all who knew him.

  • susan barrow says:

    My cousin Ron was one of the sweetest most loyal people I have ever known. Although he did not have children of his own he was the best uncle around. Because he loved to laugh so much he made his nieces and nephews have fun no matter what they did. In the last few years he was lucky to be able to get to know and spend time be with his niece Camille’s little girl Avery. Avery was the light of his life and she adored Ron. Know she will miss him as much as the rest of our family. I will always treasure the wonderful photographs I have that he took. We loved you Ron I hope you and Duke are having a good laugh now.

  • John Kenner says:

    Ron and I have been best friends for just over 40 years, ever since we met at Al and Bonnie Busch’s Coast to Coast store at the sporting dept in 1972. It was our place to meet after work a couple times per week. We shared interest in anything mechanical and photography. Ron was the most honest, caring person you would ever meet. It was also a great challenge to change his mind
    and if I did it took several weeks. I loved Ron for who he was, just one incredible down to earth guy God made almost perfect. I miss you a lot my good friend, John

  • Lucy LeVon says:

    Ron was a client of ours – but it always felt like he was more of a friend then client. He was always so kind to me on the phone, regardless of how his account was doing. I always enjoyed our conversations. He always made me laugh, and in turn – I tried to make him laugh with funny things I would printup and send him. I am saddened that I did not recognize our last conversation shortly after his birthday – as Good Bye -which it certainly was. My heart goes out to him and his family. He will be deeply missed. I do know he treasured his family – and was amazed by his mom. Warm hugs to you all. Lucy LeVon

  • George Olsby says:

    Dearest brother. How I miss you! Thru many physical struggles in your life you remained honest, loving and always giving to others. As proof of this, when dad passed away, you sold your house (which was paid for and remodeled to your taste), to pay rent on a not so desirable place. This was so you would be close to mom and take care of her.
    When she quit driving (at 95 yrs. old) you became her chauffeur, already having become her shopper and house keeper. Thank you for taking those burdens from us (and for dad).
    There will never be a day I won’t think of you and your never ending generosity. Always giving, giving and doing for others. What a man of God. How you lived to bless others. Thank you.
    Now I do owe you an apology however. We had a great memorial going away party in your honor. We spent days fixing a great tribute room in your honor. We spent over $1000 buying a great variety of food and drinks for everyone and even hired a caterer. Apparently this wasn’t good enough for some of the younger relatives. They decided to sneak in the back door of our dear sweet 105 yr. old mother’s house with alcohol. How COMPLETELY DISRESPECTFUL!
    Coming to a memorial gathering with their own booze like they were attending a teen age party. I’m sorry I didn’t realize it in time. I would have escorted them
    and their booze to the street.
    Otherwise it was a good time with lots of sharing and tears. Celebrating your life on earth and your escape to heaven. I’m not far behind brother. See you soon. George

  • gayolin bailey says:

    It’s been a year, Ron. Seems like just weeks. We miss you and love you. Just hours before you died, I told you that you were more than you thought you were. You didn’t believe me, I know, but I’m sure Jesus has confirmed that my words were true. Ask him if you can come see me for just a second, just enough time to let me see you smile, to let me know all is well. xo gdb

  • gayolin bailey says:

    Hi, Ron. It’s been two years, now, and I guess the permission was “no” about coming to see me. It just didn’t seem too much to ask. Ah, well.

    I’m sorry the PT Cruiser isn’t as clean as you would have kept it. I like driving it. I’ve never had a car heater that kept my toes as warm as this one. Reminds me of the vent under the bench in the nook at 7810.

    We’re heading your way soon. I think Bruce might be first. He has dementia. In fact, we’re moving into a retirement home the first of June where assisted living is available when he needs it, as well as nursing and memory care.

    It’s an odd thing, how we fizzle out. Whether we qualify as a blaze or just a flame, we all end the same somehow, sputtering ourselves away. I love you. I think you knew that. Surely you know it now. xo Gay

  • gayolin bailey says:

    Hi, Ron. It has been three years since we said goodbye to you. I wish you could see the next generation of kids as they’ve come along. Each wonderful and interesting in their own ways. If you could see Jesse’s newest baby girl,Izzabella, you would fall in love for sure.’

    If you could see me, well that’s another story. Had a cancer removed from my face so I have a temporary black eye and a permanent one and a half inch scar on my cheek accenting the puffy bag under my eye. Ha!

    Well, one way or another life ends rudely. Don’t know how soon I will see you again. Until then, please know always that I love you. Gay

  • gayolin bailey says:

    Hi, Ron. Just reminding you that you are not forgotten. Every time I watch Seinfeld and King of Queens reruns I wish you were to laugh with me. Love you always. Gay

  • gayolin bailey says:

    Hi, Ron. It’s been five years. Seems like just a few months. In spite of the circumstances that brought us together in mom’s house, I have good memories of those days because of the love that we shared. And the laughter, and the joy we experienced with little Avery, who is 12 now. She’s a quiet girl. Very smart. Kind. Loving. She still lets me kiss her cheeks. Well, there is no way I can bring you up to date in this small space, so we will have to catch up with each other some day soon. But I wanted you to know that you are not forgotten. I think of you often. Love you. Miss you. gdb

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