Spenser William Steele Stacey

In Memory of Spenser William Steele Stacey

Stacey1Our beautiful Spenser passed away unexpectedly on March 15th, 2014.  He was only twenty six years old and had his whole life ahead of him. He will be dearly missed by his family and friends.

He was born in Seattle, Washington on May 25th, 1987. From the moment he was born Spenser was the easiest, happiest baby. He grew up in West Seattle and moved to the Eastside with his mother and sister in 1998. He graduated from Hazen High School in 2005.  After high school, Spenser worked a variety of jobs. He worked with his father in the family painting business, he worked with Ken Evans in the construction field, and worked with Martin Selig’s painting crew.  Spenser opened up his own company as a fourth generation painter in 2013.

He is survived by his mother, Nancy Stacey Rasmussen and her husband Phil, his father Michael Stacey and his wife Debbie, his sisters Danielle Pedro and Morgan Stacey, along with their husbands Jonathan and Ilich.

Spenser was a fun loving, affectionate, talented, and athletic young man. His infectious smile and piercing blue eyes were the first features you noticed about him. His love of the outdoors was clearly shown by interests Spenser3-2in activities such as hiking, camping, and snowboarding with family and friends. He also enjoyed spending summers with his cousins by the ocean, body surfing, sharing stories and laughs around the campfire.  If you knew Spenser,  you knew how passionate he was about his music.  He loved his guitar and in those rare moments, if you got the chance he would play and sing some of the songs he wrote.  He had a great sense of humor and a laugh that was unforgettable. Spenser was a man who connected with people of all sorts, who showed compassion and always had a listening ear available to those who needed it. Spenser was particularly good about making others feel better about themselves. We will all miss his warm, affectionate, tight hugs and loving kisses that he gave out so freely. So many people loved Spenser, to be around him made our hearts happy.

If one gift could have been given to Spenser, it would be the ability to see himself the way we saw him, so that he could understand how truly special he was.  May you rest safely in Jehovah’s memory, our dear Spenser. We take comfort in the hope that Jehovah God gives, found in Revelation 21:4, when there will be no more pain, suffering or death.


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  • Aunt Lory says:

    Spenser, we will miss you forever. You gave such joy
    to others. I was very blessed to be one of your aunties.
    We loved you, appreciated your warmth, wry humor, talent and love for your family. Rest in peace darling

  • Margarita Root says:

    Dearest Nancy Mike and respective families,
    All of you have been such an important part of Al’s and my life for many years, we have been together through the birth of your three children and Spenser was dear to us from the day he was born!
    We are in pain with you for the lost of your son and know that Spenser is in Jehovah hand and that our God is very merciful, may we all be part of welcoming our love one in the promised resurrection! That’s what I wish for all of us.

  • Drew says:

    Hey buddy, I think about you all the time and I can’t wait to see you in paradise.

  • Danielle says:

    I Miss you so much, still can’t believe I can’t call you or kiss your face. My heart aches. I love you so much. Death is such an Enemy. Look forward to the day when Jehovah rids us of the enemy that is death.

  • Megan Lee says:

    Where do I even begin – because none of this seems right! I still can’t accept it…I refuse to believe that you’re really gone… I see you everywhere and I still haven’t deleted your number from my phone – probably never will. I find my mind bargaining with reality, the universe (whatever you want to call it) that somehow you’re still alive somewhere, just hidden away from all the pain and lies. I shouldn’t be writing about you…I should be talking to you…looking into your kind eyes speaking all of the things I should have said a long time ago. But no matter what should be, the hollow fact remains – you’ve died. Your silence only fills my head with noise and I can’t take back the words I never said.

    I miss you – I miss you so much I hurt in places I didn’t know I could feel pain…..

    I’ve spent weeks screaming into the mirror asking “WHY”…Why did you have to go? Why couldn’t agony have just left your heart alone and let your resonating light shine through the darkness? Why couldn’t I have put myself on the line, allowing my vulnerability to let you see all that I was really feeling for you – especially when I sort of always knew how you felt about me? Why, why couldn’t I have saved your life like you saved mine all those years ago? I’d give my last breath in a heartbeat if it could just to bring you back.

    When my dad died, my heart died too. But when you and I grew close, in so many ways you brought it back to life. Literally, when you saved me from death and figuratively when you gave me something to believe in again – because I believed in the beauty I saw in you. But now that you’ve left this world, I’ve felt my heart grow cold once more. Call it melodramatic, but it’s the truth. I haven’t been the same since I heard those terrible words from Danielle, “He’s gone, Megan – Spenser’s dead” and I know I never will until I can hear your voice and see you wrap your arms around the ones who love you the most. We’re all dying here without you…..

    It kills me to know that this world made you feel like you didn’t belong – made you doubt your worthiness like somehow because you refused to be cold and heartless to fit the mold you didn’t deserve to find happiness. Luv, you weren’t “bad at life”, life was bad to you and I wish I knew why you had to go through all that you did. It’s not fair – little in this life is. It seems the ones who are the most deserving of good are the ones that this life beats into the ground so relentlessly. Spenser, you were the best one of the best ones – truly one in a million – and I feel the bitter regret every day for never telling you just how much you meant to me! I guess I never planned that one day I’d end up losing you. But I guess that’s life, right… so often timing is way off and we find ourselves too late.

    It’s insane to think that everything I ever wanted had been right there in front of me. But I allowed my fears to keep my mind blinded and my heart wrapped in pain, pulled away from the truth that was there all the time. The truth, Spenser, is that I love you! I always have and I always will. I’m just so sorry I didn’t tell you how deep my love for you went sooner and now I’ll never get the chance. You loved me, the real me, long before I ever even knew that it was you who had stolen my heart. All those times when I’d catch you looking at me and those times when we’d lock eyes, deep inside I knew you were trying to tell me just how much you loved me, god, I wish I could go back and tell you I was feeling the same thing! With each day that passes, I miss you more knowing I continue to be distanced from the reality that was you, reduced now to only a memory.

    You are one of the most incredible people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and you’ve left your mark – a mark I can’t ever erase because despite my pretenses, with strong hands and an open heart, you saw through the pain, saw through the mask – you never gave up on me. And I will never give up on you! Although you’re gone, in my heart and mind you’ll forever remain.

    Please forgive me for not protecting you as you protected me – I love you Spenser – please come home!

    Megan Lee

  • Mandy Ensign(Johnson) says:

    I know you’ll wake up with no pain and no bad memories. But the rest of us have to deal with this ugly system – and losing you was one of the worst things we’ve experienced. Obviously you can’t read this but i need to say some things. I wish SO badly I would’ve taken a picture of you holding my newborn son when you stopped by. I thought about it but was too distracted catching up. (Plus I wanted to be in the pic but thought I was too fat from the extra baby weight!!! I feel so stupid and sad now!! ). Danielle wanted to show me a video of you when you were about 2, walking around with your blonde hair and green binky, the same one my son used – and I sobbed and couldn’t watch it at the time. I would like to watch it someday though. I miss you and love you very much Spenser. Wish I would’ve told you more than I did. Can’t wait to see you again my friend.


    Mandy Ensign

  • Morgan Stacey says:

    Spenser.. Buddy, Bud…Brother -Time can never heal the wounds I feel piercing in my hearts daily, but the love and memory of you can.

    It’s taken me a long time to write you, as to me you are still here, just being stubborn hiding away as both your sisters also tend to do. Fear of not being loved enough. Wounded by the pain of a separated family or not feeling good enough make one of our own.

    Fear of disappointment, or just not being perfect, as if any of us are (knowing we live in an imperfect world ) WE still hold it extra hard on ourselves. I wish I told you more how much I love you, I wish I included you more in my adult life.

    I embrace the memory of your warm hugs. I look forward to the day I see you again, to see that goofy crooked smile and those sparkly blue eyes. I hate the way things were left that last time i saw you, I knew things weren’t right. No ones deserves to be shut out to be, to be isolated.

    I would of whisked you away to that beach in Nicaragua we talked about, showed you what life outside of flashing lights and paved roads was all about. I will always treasure those summer nights on the deck, and our late night talks… But to of shown you the world, to show you real experiences outside obligations reqired and the fear of escaping reality – I promise to grad your hand and hold it tightly and take you there.

    You were my baby brother and I owed you so much more of my time and love. You were so beautiful and loving with a heart of gold. Im miss you Bud – I love you – Till we meet again.

    Love Mo-Mo

  • Daniel Charvet says:

    I worked for mike..his company stacey painting when spencer and his sisters were very young. my mom did nancys nails.. I remember him being a really good lil boy . he was very happy and running around the big house they owned in west seattle.. ,. Im very sorry for your loss. god has his plan. i lost my sister sandee 3 yrs ago. it hurts. sending my love to your family’

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