Joseph Tibold


JÓZseF Tibold, ’Joe’ Apcsi


1910.4.12  –  2014.2.13

Certainly, there is no one in attendance today who does not know Joseph Tibold, Joe, or as family affectionately called him, Apcsi. Some of us here have known him for  seventy two years. The world has known him for nearly 104 years. Ok, you can breathe now! Over a century! Just to say it seems like eternity.

All who have known Apcsi liked him. How could they not? Apcsi was the living definition of friendly. Quick to smile, slow to frown. He loved life, loved friends, enjoyed food and a stiff drink on occasion. The secret ingredients of longevity. A true Hungarian.

Apcsi was born in 1910 in Verőce, on the northern bank of the Danube. After the 1920 disastrous Peace Treaty of Trianon, a treaty which defined whether you were a Hungarian, or Slovak, depending on which side of the border you ended up, after the borders were re-drawn. He was repatriated and ended up on the hungarian side, grew to be a bright and ambitious young man, he obtained all his education there, became an attorney, served his country as a volunteer in the military during the Second World War, spent time on the Russian front, including its dreaded severe winters, experienced dark fear and lost many of his beloved comrades. During the Russian invasion he quickly gathered his family and escaped the darkness that engulfed his homeland. On the way to the Austrian border, amidst chaos and danger, his second daughter, Judith was born. Accompanied by his ill wife Betty, or as affectionately known within the family, Nani,  with the month old Judith, a four year old Éva, and with his aged mother, Apcsi left his homeland forever. In the process of avoiding German and Soviet troops alike, he lost his beloved first daughter, Éva, who was separated from the family by a terrible twist of fate. She was forced to return to Hungary with her grandmother, and was unable to rejoin her parents. Her loss and unknown whereabouts and the uncertainty of her ever being seen again took a heavy toll on all the Tibolds, especially Nani. After more than a year, the practically barefoot and emaciated Éva was finally reunited with the happiest family on earth.

Following the War, being a DP, or a Diplaced Person, in any of Germany´s countless camps was nearly unbearable. For the Tibolds it lasted five years before they were finally accepted to enter the United States, Apcsi´s future beloved homeland. Their ship arrived in New York on January 1, 1951.

After an adventurous trip across the United States, the family settled in Alturas in northern California. The Tibolds made their home and, not unlike many pioneers of the past, they worked very hard to survive. The young lawyer from Budapest labored in a sawmill, risking his health even his life to bring food to the table.

TiboldFamilyAlturas proved too little to offer, Apcsi tried his luck in Los Angeles and after taking two jobs as janitor, and taking college classes to become a bookkeeper, then accountant, and finally company controller. Compared to all immigrants, Apcsi´s life was not unique, but it was very hard. Still, not everyone could match Apcsi´s accomplishments. After his retirement, he relocated from South Pasadena to Seattle to join Éva and Karl, and with Nani made it his home for over forty years.

Apcsi and Nani raised their daughters in the old-country´s traditions, who married and in turn raised their own families. As of the last count, Apcsi has two children, five grandchildren, eight great grandchildren. Quite an accomplishment, but a 100 years is a long time to accomplish many things.

Nani, the love of Apcsi´s life, passed away in 2004, after sixty five years of marriage. Apcsi never recovered from the loss. Even now he sheds tears when her memory surfaces in his mind. Apcsi´s life for us is an example of moral good standing, hard work, love of family and love of God. He is now in the happy place he wished to be for so long, reunited with his beloved Nani, and Jesus, his Lord and Savior .  .

8 Responses to “Joseph Tibold”

  • Ivan and Frances Jimenez says:

    Eva and Karl. We are very sorry for your loss. Almost 104 was an accomplishment after all he and his beloved family had to endure. We know he had a good life and was loved by his children and grandchildren. May he enjoy the presence of the Lord as we all eventually will have to do. See you Thursday.

  • Lisa Cachopo says:

    We were so fortunate to have known Apsci. He was a wonderful man and loved by all. He clearly lived his life to the fullest. Our love goes out to you all. Scott, Lisa, Natalie & Justin Cachopo.

  • Carolyn Sterling says:

    We loved getting to know Apsci and enjoyed his happy participation at family gatherings. It was especially wonderful to have him join all of us on the cruise where Andrea and Alan got married. He even lived to see their adorable twins. He was lovingly taken care of by Eva and Karl and his long life can be contributed to their constant concern for his health, diet and social life. He was an example to us all to live life with a positive attitude and to be full of love for everyone.

  • Horst and Ute Homar says:

    Dear Eva and Karl, you were so blessed having your father for such a long time in your life. Now as he is gone also with him a part of your life is gone. But life goes on and you should enjoy life like your father did. Our thoughts are with you. Ute and Horst

  • Paul & Katre Raidna says:

    Dear Eva & Karl,

    Again, our deepest condolences on your loss. We’re sorry we aren’t able to be with you today, but we’re thinking of you and the many wonderful memories you have of your father.


    Paul, Katre and Kevin

  • Paul & Katre Raidna says:

    Dear Eva & Karl,

    We’re very sorry we are not able to be with you today.

    Our deepest condolences,

    Paul, Katre and Kevin

  • Tibold Istvan says:

    R.I.P. Apcsi.

  • Tibold Istvan says:

    Always miss you, uncle Apcsi.
    Mindig hiányozni fogsz, nagybátyám Apcsi.
    István & Marianna from Hungary.

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