Dean Odell Wood

13343_1141844395378_2348060_nDean Odell Wood said his final and all too early goodbye to family and friends on December 27, 2013.  Born in Phoenix, Arizona on April 18, 1967, as  the youngest of four children.  In 1994, Dean married Kristina Stovall and relocated to the Seattle area to start their family and new life together. He spent the bulk of his career in Landscape and Construction Management, leaving behind a legacy of work throughout the Seattle area. 


But where Dean excelled the most at was being a father.  He loved and adored his children.  All those who knew him will miss Dean’s kind heart, willingness to help anyone in need, and his wonderful sense of humor.  He was a wonderful husband, father, colleague, and friend.


He is survived by his wife, Kristina, daughters Kaylee, Lily, and Ruby, son Dallas,  sisters Kim and Margaret, brothers Mark and David.


Dean’s wish was that we not mourn his departure, but rather we celebrate his gifts he left behind.  A party in honor of his life and legacy will be held at 4:00 pm on February 15, 2014 at the Edmonds Yacht Club. The Edmonds Yacht Club is located at  326 Admiral Way, Edmonds, WA 98020.4548_1083761572029_693245_n


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  • KIm Paton says:

    Dean (o) what a fine man you grown to be. Your father would be so proud. May you be walking hand and hand with him and your mom. You will be missed.

  • Kelly Askew says:

    DeanO! Wish I could put the smiley face in the “O” for you like I used to! You blessed my life and so many others. You live on in heaven and in those whose lives you touched and inspired. “Begin Again”, like the rock you gave me says. I’ll see you there someday! Missing you so, but so grateful for your friendship.

  • Patti Nebel says:

    Dean — You filled your life with love and caring. You were a pleasure to be around — always helpful and appreciative of anything anyone did for you. I loved your creativity and our many talks about plants, landscaping, Santa, and other projects each of us were into. I loved working with Kaylee, and it was apparent that the time you spent with your children was well spent and treasured. Thank you for being my friend. Blessing on you and your family.

  • Kim Wood says:

    DeanO – A day does not go bye that I do not miss you my Brother your heart was so big and so kind, and always full love and happiness always had words of kindness and encourgement. I miss you so very much. thank you for being my brother and my friend.

  • David Wood says:

    You were such an AWESOME brother, friend and example of a good father. I will forever miss our Thursday phone calls, talking about our Dallas Cowboys and political debates (They were always interesting). You had such a kind heart and twisted, but funny sense of humor that would split my sides with laughter. You have left a beautiful legacy with your wonderful family. I will ALWAYS rejoice in the times we spent together, even if it was over the phone. our childhood as we terrorized our BIG sister and ran the neighborhood. The secrets we shared, the times we had each others backs and all that goes with being BROTHERS. Love and miss you every day…

    Dave aka; Uncle Rex

  • Aunt Linda (Wood) says:

    Dean- there has always been a special place in my heart for you, Mark, David & Kim, but, by far, the biggest piece of that special-ness was always held for you. We went thru a lot when you came to live with us after your Dad passed. You teaching me air-guitar…me TRYING to teach you to behave. The most precious gift you gave me, without even knowing you did it, was the day you started calling me “Aunt-Mom”. I have always treasured that special tag. You will be missed but you will always be remembered for your laughter, your smiles, your music and the special boy you were and the wonderful man you became. My greatest pride in the “Wood Family” is seeing what great Dad’s my nephews became from the pests they use to be. You,joined that club of Great Dad’s exactly as I knew you would. Love always 🙂

  • wOOD says:

    In Loving Memory of
    Dean Odell Wood
    April 18, 1967 – December 27, 2013
    …the laughter, the fun, the music- sharing memories

    Please join us in celebrating Dean’s life
    January 25, 2014
    3:00 p.m.
    Scottsdale, AZ 85257
    (home of Joe & Linda Wood)

  • Denise Bohnke says:

    I was not honored to know Dean personally. I have been honored to know his wife Kristina for over 12 years. What I want to say is how happy and loved by you she felt whenever she would talk about you. Thank you.

  • Kristi says:

    What a beautiful testimony to an amazing man! Loved getting to know him through Kristina. Prayers to the family, and may his love and memory fill their hearts each and every day.

  • Tom Visco says:

    I was blessed to know Dean since grade school and would consider him one of my best and dearest friends.
    I am grateful to have so many great memories that will never fade. Such a fantastic sense of humor and positive outlook even thru the worst adversity . You will never be forgotten. Thanks for the great times. Save me a seat, we will do it all over again.

  • Julie W says:

    Although I never met Dean, I am fortunate to know Kristina. She often speaks of Dean and it is clear from listening to her that he loved his family deeply and that love was returned 5-fold! Blessings to all.

  • Anthony Chase says:

    I did projects for dean for at least 15 years. I only found out about this after trying to reach him to say hi with no avail. He was one of the kind of guys that you look forward to meeting, He liked to talk about his family. I will miss Dean, the good people are taken to soon, Dean was way good people.
    Tony chase

  • Cindy Tipton says:

    Although I only met Dean for the very first time at Kaylee’s wedding, I immediately sensed he was a man with a very kind heart. During our short conversation, it was quite evident that he had a sweet spirit. And watching him at the wedding, it was also evident that his heart overflowed with love for his family. That love is something that the family can keep in their hearts forever.

  • Patric Brayden says:

    Met you a few times, but knew you well through the love of your wife and love or your life, Kristina. The world needs more, not less, good husbands and dads.

  • Maren says:

    Dean thank you for being you, for being an wonderful husband to one of my best friends, and an amazing father to amazing kids. We will miss you always!

  • Stephanie says:

    You were great to work with. I knew you were a good man. You always talked about you kids and how happy your family made you. I admire the fight you put up. OUt on a plat one day you told me. I knew you would give it your all. I’ll see you on the flip side and I still see your smile.

  • Lori Matthews says:

    Dean I only met you a few times but knew your wife Kristina through Jazzercise. You were a special man and you are leaving behind a beautiful and caring wife and family.

  • Corbitt says:

    I mainly knew Dean through his family, and his family speaks volumes about Dean. I do know that Dean was a kind soul. My blessings to his family as they have had the tragic experience of his decline but more importantly his lasting love for you.

  • Anne says:

    I will always remember the kindness you showed my daughter. You treated her as one of your own when she was over there. Your heart was big enough to include a girl whose own dad was not part of her life. The love you showed your family made a huge impression on her and changed the way she saw dads. This world will miss your love.

  • Cody says:

    I am indeed fortunate to have had My “Dean exposure”.

    Words cannot properly convey Dean’s kind and caring nature, his strong work ethic and his unparalleled love of family and friends.

    We all know how his face lit up when talking about his love and his babies

    Dean, you are indeed the man the myth and the legend. Thanks for the life lessons and save me a seat near you up there

    Love and respect

  • Jim R says:

    Nearly 3 years and emotions continue to run high; always with a mix of tears and a smile. I miss you my friend and think of you often.

  • Jim R says:

    Love you buddy!!!

  • Jim R says:

    Happy birthday my friend

  • Jim R says:

    I pray you’re doing well. I hope to see you again one day. Miss you!

  • Jim R says:

    Happy birthday Dean… miss you!

  • Jim R says:

    7 years… all of me wishes you were here… but part of me is glad you didn’t see 2020 :)… rough year…

    Miss you buddy!

  • Jim R says:

    Happy birthday my friend… don’t know what’s next… but hope there’s something and you’re doing well.

    Love you

  • Jim R says:

    Hey Dino… I’m getting old… I hope there’s something after this life and hope to see you so we can spend eternity talking and laughing.

    Love you.

  • Jim R says:

    Happy birthday lil buddy

    Miss you!

  • Jim R says:

    Miss you lil buddy.

    The end of 2022 has been a rough year as our super sweet 12+ year old dachshund, Moxie, unexpectedly coded and passed while we were at the ER with her on 12-18-22.

    Obviously I have no idea of any afterlife.. but if by chance there is.. maybe you and Chumley can watch over her. She loves her tummy rubs and chest rubs.

    Can’t believe next year will be 10 years :(. Love you Dino.

  • Jim R says:

    Happy birthday Dino

    Miss you!

  • Jim R says:

    10 years Dino.. I never told you that Stevi named her older boy (09-29-14) Reiker O’Dell.. she surprised me by using your name.. we just talked about it at X-Mas this year.. always makes me smile.. like there’s a piece of you here.

    Love you

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