Samuel Mellison

         MellisonPicture Samuel Fredrick Mellison, A.K.A Evil Kowalski, 74, passed away on December 12, 2013. He was the son of Sam Sr. and Vanda Mellison. He was born in Seattle on April 25, 1939, and raised up in West Seattle, WA. Sam was a kind hearted joyous man, who loved to lend a hand to anyone. He was an upstanding member of his community and an active member of his church. Sam was always laughing and he was everyoneʼs cheerleader. He loved his family, children, grandchildren and his fish!!
          ” Earlier in life, Sam was the ultimate thrill seeker! He had gone skydiving, he raced small outboard hydroplane boats, he rafted class 4 white water, and he was an avid gravity race car driver, known as the “Evil Kowalski.” Sam had the opportunity to float and fish many rivers and lakes in the United States. Just ask his wife Lori or one of his kids about all the memories of camping, fishing, and hiking theyʼve all experienced with Sam. Samuel loved to look and read at maps in his quiet times to seek out his next family adventure. One of his fondest memories was with his wife Lori when they went on a road trip to Maine to see the fall foliage. He would always talk about how beautiful those trees were. “
          For much of Samʼs career he worked as a salesman for two companies named K&E and Olympic Blueprint Co. in downtown Seattle. Then he branched out on his own an opened his own company in Kirkland, WA called Vectorʼs Plus. After about 10 years of working, he then retired. The next chapter in Samʼs life was devoted to serving his community and his church in Baring, WA. Sam helped build a solid foundation within his community. Because of Sam, his church and community will forever be bonded.
          ” Sam will very much live in the hearts of many of the people he has touched. Below are some of his childrenʼs memories of their father from youngest to oldest. “
          Nichole, 34: “My dad was my “rock”, he was my teacher, friend, and my biggest fan. I have so many memories itʼs hard to find just one. I have detailed memories of spending Saturdays with my dad, Rowdy, and Shy(our two labs, who I grew up with). We would wash the cars, do yard work, or spend countless hours building the famous “wood shed”. I always thought my Dad was so strong and I loved to watch him build things with his hands. If we werenʼt doing something around the house, we would go exploring, which meant we packed a lunch, and the dogs, and drive up in the mountains until we found a random dirt road. Then we would drive until we couldnʼt drive anymore, and then hike until we found the perfect spot to have lunch. I remember just laughing, talking about anything, and it really started my thirst for travel. I realized how much was out there I wanted to see. I wanted to keep exploring. I always felt free, I felt loved and completely protected with my dad. I will miss my dad more than expression. I know he will live on in my future travels and he will continue to be my biggest fan for the rest of my life. I love you Dad and Iʼm so proud to call you my Dad. “
           Kristin, 45: My love of the outdoors has to be from my father. Anything we would do together as a family always involved being outside. Our camping trips, and river rafting trips brought us all together under mother nature’s roof! Dad truly taught me to respect my surroundings and to just be thankful.  “
          Chad, 42: When I was a young teen, dad took me out one evening to fish for steelhead. On my third cast I hooked one and ended up landing my first steelhead! As I was reviving this beautiful fish, I looked back at my dad and saw how proud he was of me and my decision to release the fish. That experience is one of the many that I look back on as a reason I chose my profession as a fisheries biologist. “
          Dayna, 49: One memory I have that really stands out in my mind is when I was pretty young. I would always eat all the pretty bright colored M&Mʼs in the bag and Iʼd save the brown ones to give to my dad. He always gratefully accepted them. Many years later he finally taught me that it didnʼt matter what color the outside of the shell was, that they we are all the same inside. The great lesson taught me to love all those around me no matter what our differences are. People are beautiful inside and out. He loved everyone. Iʼm so thankful he was a great example to me of someone who was so accepting of others. I love you Dad! “
          Samʼs Wife, Lori: I remember a warm starry summer night with a full moon dancing on the deck to Ebb tide. We were so in love. I will always remember the look in his eyes and how much he loved me…. “
          Sam will most deeply be missed and he will forever live in our heavy hearts. He was preceded in death by his son Todd Andrew, his daughter Natalie Ann, survived by his wife Lori, children Dayna (Todd) Yates, Kristin, Chad (Tracey) Mellison, Nichole, his brother Mike (Karen) Mellison, his grandchildren Zachary, Bridger, McCade, McKinleigh, Michael, Savannah, Ryan, Samantha, Squeeker the cat, and Annie the dog. “
          A celebration of Samʼs beautiful life will be held on January 25 at the Skykomish School starting at 1:00 pm. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to Skykomish Community Church. P.O. Box 56 Skykomish Wash. 98288

11 Responses to “Samuel Mellison”

  • Tony Bittner says:

    We heard a lot of ‘Sam’ stories as we got to know Sam over the past two and a half years, but this is the first time hearing his nickname: Evil Kowalski. He must have been some kind of driver.
    Both Cathy (my wife) and I truly appreciated the many conversations we had with Sam on trails, in der Baring Store, out on the sidewalks of Skykomish, and over a bowl of ice-cream (I never knew Sam to turn down a bowl of ice-cream).
    Sam will be remembered each time we reach a trail-head, see a fish, or just need a smile from “everyone’s greatest cheerleader.” It will take many people to step up and go the extra mile as we attempt to fill the shoes of Sam Mellison. Sam, You are truly missed.

  • Jerry Dinsmore says:

    You will be missed my friend. Good times and great memories of West Seattle High School. My heart is empty. God speed Sam.

  • Don Dinsmore says:

    Sam, you snuck out on all of us, we just didn’t see this coming. Only one had this in mind and He had a place all prepared for you. I think that St. Peter isn’t the only one sitting at the gate waiting, and I’m sure that his smile isn’t as warm and intense and welcoming as yours.
    We’re looking forward to seeing you again and are really going to miss you until then.

  • Bill Atkinson says:

    Sam, I wish I could have known you better and longer. A cup of coffee was always better when you were there, and from the first time we met, I felt like your best friend.
    I think the best way to remember you would just be to be
    a better person.
    See you later, friend,


    Sam, my cousin and fun, kind, great kid and man.
    I remember all the laughter with Sam around and we were just 2 months difference in age…..In fact all of my cousins made my life more Blessed.

    My Love and prayers go to his wonderful family, Lori, Nicole,Kristin,Chad and Dayna and his Grandchildren, brother Mike and Karen. I am proud to say he was my cousin!

    Judith and family

  • Rosalie Gilcrest says:

    Sam was always a charmer with an easy laugh. My heart pains for the kids and grandkids. He will certainly live on in all of our memories. Love Aunt Rosalie

  • Paulie Burns says:

    Lori and family, I was shocked to hear of the loss of Sam. I did not know him, but worked with Lori at KW. The memories I read from the family are a testament to a very special, very loved man. You are all so fortunate to have had him as a part of your life. God Bless.

    My prayers and love are with you all, HUGS, Paulie

  • Cassi McAuliffe says:

    Lori and family, my heart breaks for your loss. Sam was an amazing man, and I could listen to his stories for hours. His level of animation always pulled you right into the story with him. The world has lost a truly great man. I’ll miss his hugs and his laugh.
    My love goes out to all of you!

  • Jim and Kay Coghlan says:

    About 3 yrs ago we started attending the Skykomish community church. The first welcome we had was from Sam. He immediately told us about some nearby hikes and shared his cell number if we had any need. Shortly after being new in the area I needed an electrical part and called to ask where the nearest hardware store is. Sam said, “Well I’m just near one in Gold Bar and I’ll bring it to you.” Sure enough about 30 minutes later there was Sam at our front door with the part and a smile! He will be greatly missed by our church and the community–such a genuine man with a heart of service for God and other people. I know we’ll see you again, but for now our hearts are heavy.

  • Kevin Weiderstrom says:

    I did not know Sam all that well but the time he and I set for coffee and talked old hydroplane stories were great. He always had a smile and that spark in his eye, he told me that last year 2013 was the first year he would miss being at the Seattle Boat races with his brother. God bless you Sam you’re with the ages.

  • Janet Pickner says:

    To my dear friend Lori,, my heartfelt condolences at the loss of Sam. I always thought of the two of you as the “perfect couple”,, so much in harmony.. Loss of a loved one to my people is the beginning of a new journey.. Wokini(translated from Lakota, means “seeking a new beginning). Our loved ones are not gone,, just waiting for us to join all our family in heaven.. May the Lord be with you as you make this new journey my friend..

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