Margaret Trellis Ward Painter


Born: 10/31/1931 Died: 11/19/2013

Margaret Trellis Ward PainterMargaret Trellis Ward Painter, 82, our rambunctious Mom, Gram and Great-Gramma, passed away peacefully in her beloved home on Hood Canal.

Please join us to Celebrate Margaret’s Life on Saturday, December 14 starting at 2:30 in the Star Center, 3873 South 66th, Tacoma, WA.

Mom loved seeing and toasting life with friends and family. We hope you can be with us – in person or in spirit – to share a toast and a story.

To get us started, here are a few things you may not know about our mom…


1. Even though she was born on Halloween, she wasn’t scary. Her parents would have trick or treaters come into the house for special treats and to sign a birthday book.


2. She met our dad when she was about 15, fell in love with his car and then him. She worked like crazy to finish college early because her parents wouldn’t let her get married until she graduated. They were married when she was 20 on June 14, 1952, flags waving and about a day after she graduated.


3. When she was a young mother, her husband worked long hours and she was frustrated being stuck at home with two small kids. This is how she told the story: “I was cooking dinner and just angry at the world. Then I stopped and realized – wait a minute! This is what I WANTED! I better enjoy every minute.” And she did. Biggest life lesson ever.


4. She was a party girl her entire life. Bourbon and water please. ‘Nuff said.


5. She loved teaching her kindergartners! We heard all about them at dinner every night.


6. She was curious about the world and never afraid of trying new things. She had an email address before any of us, traveled to all 50 states, South America, and went to Europe five times after she was 65.


7. There were no strangers in her world, just friends in waiting – take an elevator ride with her and she’d come away with your life story.


8. She was never without some sort of sewing or knitting project and we have the sweaters, scarves, quilts, tablecloths, napkins, dresses, pants, shirts, and material stash to prove it.


9. Mom loved books and words. She tried to teach her great-grandson how to do the NY Times crossword puzzle. The Sunday one was a little much, but he liked Mondays.


10. A music major in college, Mom played the piano and loved having people sing with her – Roger & Hammerstein tunes a specialty. 


11. We played many, many card games, but our goal in any game was “Beat Gram” – we may have won a few skirmishes, but she won the war and wore her winning crown to the end.


12. She loved our father, adored us – her fractious kids; idolized her brilliant grandchildren and felt truly blessed to talk with her precious great-grandson and hold her darling great-granddaughter.


Pre-deceased by her husband, W. Stacey Painter, she will be deeply missed by her children: Marcey Painter Szablya, Scott and Linda Painter, Tamara Painter and AFS daughter Trish Noguera; 7 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

One Response to “Margaret Trellis Ward Painter”

  • Molly Ramage says:

    what a wonderful woman. She was a pillar of strength for me during a time that I thought I had no strength.

    I will miss her so much.

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