Gilbert Herman Wendt

Gilbert  Herman  Wendt   (8-14-1919 to 10-21-2013)
Gilbert or “Gib”, as he liked to be addressed  was a learned man, especially in the usage of the English language. This really manifested itself in a book, which he wrote about his life. Gib was a gentle man with the people he loved and respected, He was, at heart, a caring and loving man who would give you the shirt off his back if that was what you needed. He always showed love to others no matter how brash they may have treated him.
WendtPictureGib learned shorthand in college and this is what saved the day when he was enlisted into the United States Army in WWII. Because of this fact he was ordered to Headquarters Company of the 32nd Red Arrow Division. Until the end of the war he worked for General William H Gill taking shorthand the General’s notes and battle orders. General MacArthur frequented General Gill’s headquarters and many a time Gib took shorthand from MacArthur. Gib’s job at Headquarters was always stressful because the accuracy was of the very utmost importance in the translation back into English. It then had to be typed up and given to all high ranking meeting attendees.
Gib met the girl of his dreams after his honorary discharge at Fort Lewis, in Washington State. Patricia Ann Kaiser became his wife and what a great match they were. Gib always felt as if he were the luckiest man in the world. Gib was talented in many ways and it showed. He helped build the house that he lived in until he was hospitalized recently. He built a beautiful patio and patio cover and even built a fireplace there, all without having had previous knowledge or experience with these crafts.
Gib worked at Boeing installing airplane wing leading edge heaters. He also worked at Armour Meats in the packing department before settling into the United States Post Office and then retiring at 55 into the antique business with his loving wife Pat. They worked in their own antique business for the next 27 years when Pat moved on to her eternal reward. Gib’s son, Tom retired in Seattle at this time to come and take care of Gib for the following 11 years.
Human language cannot express the overwhelming loss felt by his son Tom. My Dad is my greatest hero and he will always be my greatest guide and example until the day that I die. God Bless Him and grant him a wonderful and beautiful place in heaven! with Mom”
The following are the words from one of Gib’s loving caregivers, who stayed in care of Gib until his last days:
“Just recently, since I met Gib in May of this year, I would like to say that in my last ten years of being a caregiver in The Puget Sound area, I have never met anyone like Gib. From the first day when I entered the house of the Wendt family, meeting both Gib and Tom, the father and the son, We spent the whole day and part of the night talking, sharing life experiences, our likes and dislikes or things we had in common…I fell in love, I felt like I found a family here in the US. It felt like God led me here. It is to my great sadness to say farewell to Gib. I will cherish the charisma of this man forever”.

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