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When asked to write my mom’s obituary I had a hard time bring myself to doing it, not because i didn’t want to do it, it was because I didn’t want to do the same old obituary.  She deserved better.

Sandra thumbMom (Sandra Louise Galich) passed away at our home we shared together on Sept. 12, 2013. She had beaten cancer twice, but it was pancreatitis  and liver cancer that took her from me. When I think of my mom I get a flutter  of emotion, she was so much to me. She was my mom, my best friend, my soul-mate.  She was my protector, my provider, my therapist. And as a friend recently put it, the love of my life.  She was the person who stayed by my side when i was sick and never blamed me for having to work because of my ailments. She took care of me and my daughter Rylee. We spent the day’s and evenings with each other, from going to the grocery store, to taking my daughter to school in the mornings, to having dinner together and watching our favorite show’s. So her death has affected me in every way. I never got tired of being with her.  We never got into fights, she never irritated me or upset me.  Even as a child I always wanted to be with her. I was a momma’s girl and a loner because  of it, but I didn’t mind it at all. When other kids went through the stage of thinking there parents were dumb or embarrassing, or that they didn’t know what was cool or not. I continued to always want to be by her side.
She had always said her dream and purpose on earth was to have children. She met our father (Daniel French- deceased) in her early 20’s in Pueblo Colorado. They never married but were partner’s then friends for over 45 yrs. Mom fulfilled her dream of having children. She had 3 girls, me (Skylee), Udana and Raven, who passed away in 1989 at age 17.Sandra and partner Dan French
Mom never believed in grounding us when we did something wrong; she believed in sitting us down and communicating when us, talking to us about what we did and why it was wrong. She told us the difference between right and wrongt and how to treat others with love and kindness. She had so much patience with us as kids. Never yelled or anything. She said the only thing she asked God for was patience, and He delivered. She was incredibly patient with us and continued to show that patience with my daughter. I wish I had half the patience she had.
She welcomed our friends with open arms growing up. She was even like a second mom to some of them. We’d have a couple friends that would stay at our house for days, even during the school year and she was OK with it. I think it was because she knew they were getting something they needed out of being at our house that they weren’t getting at there own home. And even though she was done raising kids and this was supposed to be her time in life, she was willing to continue taking care of me and after having my daughter, she was willing to take care of her too. They were best buddy’s. Over half the time when something was wrong with Rylee, she would run to mom (Rylee called her GG) because she knew GG would be understanding and patient with her. Mom provided Rylee with everything a child could possibly Sandra and granddaughter Rylee-Ravenwant and need; she spoiled her rotten. When Rylee wasn’t in school, she was with us so basically, she was with us all the time and my mom loved and adored her so much. Taking care of me and Rylee was my mom’s most important priority and she worried so much of what would happen to us when she was gone. She never was afraid of dying or getting sick and being in pain; she worried about what would happen to Rylee and me, and who would take care of us because I am sick all the time.  She not only took care my daughter and me, she took care of the elderly in the final stages of their lives.
She had a work ethic like no other. She always told us growing up that you don’t call in sick unless your dying. She worked the whole time she went through chemotherapy. She went back to work in four weeks after having part of her lung removed with her second bout of cancer. And when she had major surgery on her shoulder, and was suppose to be out of work for eight weeks, she went back to work in just three weeks. Sandra was 70 years old and continued working up until 1-1/2 months before dying. And that was only because she was stuck in the hospital. She loved what she did and was the best at it. She was highly regarded in her field of work, even when she wasn’t crazy about her patient or excited about her hour. She never believed in leaving a job until she had helped the patient cross over into the afterlife.  She didn’t believe in ove- medicating her patients. She believed they deserved respect and kindness and made sure they passed with dignity.
Sandra, Raven,Udana, SkyleeI guess some might think I put her on to high of a pedestal, but in my eyes she was perfect in every way. People say in time it will get easier, that it won’t it won’t hurt so much in time. To give it time. But I believe I’ll never be the same again. She was and is to much a part of me. I don’t think I’ll be completely happy again until my passing and we are reunited.
I will love and miss her always and it will hurt ten yearss from now as it did when she passed three weeks ago.
My mom (Sandra  Louise Galich) is survived by me (Skylee French); my husband Bob Olson; granddaughter Rylee Raven; and step grand kids Te’Ann, husband Tony Craig, Zack and Bobby Olson;  daughter Udana and husband Scott Coyne; daughter Raven and partner in life Robert (both deceased Aug 16, 1989);  and last, partner and friend Daniel French  (deceased Jan 29, 2010).
She will be missed by many and loved my all.
I love you momma.

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  • Te'Ann Craig says:

    Sandra Louise Galich. My mentor. My step grandmother. My inspiration to living strong. You provided and spoke with me numerous times about being strong. Mentally and physically. You taught me that kindness is one of the most beautiful traits a women could hold. You helped me transform into a loving patient young lady. Sandra, was the most beautiful women I know. Daily I would ask her that to, I couldn’t comprehend how she looked so stunning and vibrant at her age, and state of health. She would always respond, ” Just take care of your skin Te, Lots of moisturizer and healthy vitamins. You must believe you can obtain this and it will happen. ” I would ask her how she worked so hard and found the energy for work, for family, for activities, and remain happy, mellow, and calm. I never understood how she would never get flustered or mad. She would explain to me ” life is to short to dwell..” she also would say “..oh te, it has to happen right when you wake up, tell yourself to do it, and just do it. Just be strong. ” She touched my heart in so many ways. During her last few days with us we would talk silly. And giggle. she would thank me for that laughter, for my smile, and tell me how proud she was for the heart i grew. One of my fondest memories was during her last couple days, my husband Tony wanted me to talk to her about her fondest memories, at this point in her health her conversation weakened, and her words got short, which isn’t common for sandy. But at this conversation point, Her heart came alive, she had her eyes closed, and was giggling to herself. I asked her what was so funny, I wanted to know what that memory was, she looked at me with her beautiful smile, and said ” my girls, I’m thinking of my girls when they were little girls, now I’m going to dream about those memories…” So I let her fall asleep. After she woke up from her nap, she told me she had a beautiful dream about her babies, and it was amazing almost real. She squeezed my hand sooo hard and told me to tell my husband Tony thank you for bringing that light to her. My second favorite memory was the next day, this day was the last day she spoke. She laughed at me when she saw me. I said ” What GG what is so funny today ” ” she said you, you bring so much happiness to my bedroom…” my Husband Tony was there that day we spoke to her for a while, She brought tears to my eyes, she told me that I wasn’t allowed to cry, wasn’t allowed to feel sorrow, nor be upset. That i was to remain strong, and know I am okay and she is okay. She told me God was with us. When we were leaving cause she was getting sleepy her last words to my Husband Tony and I were ” okay you two ill be babysitting you I love you. ” We assumed she was saying that due to us taking care of her, and she was referring to us caring for her, little did we know, that she knew this was her last time her body would allow her to speak. This women is very much so survived by her soul mate Skylee French. I have never seen a pair of people so in-tune, so in love, and hold so much trust in one another. Every day shall be a good day as Sandy would say, so we all who remember her shall live in happiness and strength. She would want us to all remain kind. What a beautiful human I was blessed to be involved with in my lifetime. What a powerful impact she left with myself and family. Forever in my heart.

  • Anji Soto says:

    Sandy took me in her home when she had just lost her daughter. My best friend Udana knew things at home for me were not good. Sandy didn’t even think twice about it. I wasn’t getting along with my mom .She went to the principal of Redmond High to let her know that I was going to be staying with her for awhile. Sandy was the mom I wish I always had. I love you so much Sandy, and I wish I could’ve told you that. I am broken hearted that I didn’t know of your passing. Thank you for always accepting me and loving me without questionnor judgement. You will always be in my heart and I onlu hope to be half the mother to my son that you were to me. I love you

  • Candy Johns says:

    I am so saddened as I read this and so happy at the same time because I will tell you your mom was amazing. I went to work for you father in 1982 and maintained a relationship with your mom and dad for a lot of years. I tried to stay in contact with Sandra but she was so busy she never had the time to slow down. Her children were everything to her. When your Sister Raven passed I came to your home and held your mom for hours. Such a sad time. Your mom was a rock, you are right she never raised her voice never said an angry word to anyone.
    Again I am so sorry that your lost your rock. I hope all of you are well and so happy that you have such memories.

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