Stephen Mark Helli


Mark 1Stephen was born April 9, 1957 to Steve and Ruth Helli (nee Sitzenstock), in Medina, OH. He died unexpectedly August 20, 2013 at Providence Medical Center in Everett, WA.

Stephen graduated from Medina Sr. High and worked for Medina County in their maintenance department. He moved to WA in the 80s following the migration of his mother and sisters.  He was a long-time employee of Travis Industries in Mukilteo. Stephen and Tammi were residents of Granite Falls at the time of his death.

Stephen will be fondly remembered for his gentle spirit, great sense of humor and his superior musical talent. His greatest pleasure was performing at local venues and ‘jamming with the guys’ whether it be rhythm and bass guitar, banjo, harmonica or drums.

Mark 3He leaves behind Tammi Thiesfeld, sisters Diane (Bill) Zimmerman and Cheryll (Ken) Snyder, nephew Dan Zimmerman and niece Jennifer Miller. His parents predeceased him.Mark 2




A memorial service will be held on Sunday, September 1, 2013 at 2 PM at the Fraternal Order of Eagles, 402 N. Granite Ave., Granite Falls, WA 98252.

13 Responses to “Stephen Mark Helli”

  • Jennifer Miller says:

    My sincerest sympathies. May you find peace and solace.

  • Bob and Karen Dickey says:

    RIP Stephen. You and your music will be forever missed.

  • Bob Gordon says:

    Stephen’s playing was a gift to us all.

  • Diane Zimmerman says:

    Dear little brother, how sweet you were as a tiny child — easy to hold and kind. I will miss you, dearie. We will all miss your music.

  • Cheryll Snyder says:

    When I think of you my first thought is about your love of music. Playing drums when you were 6. The day I walked into the house to find you sitting at my organ playing the pedals while you played the guitar and the holder for the harmonica you contrived from a coat hanger so you could play them all at the same time.

    I remember making the outfits for the band to compete in the Battle of the Bands where you took 4th place. Not too shabby for 12 year-olds.

    I remember teaching you to ride a bike in the SR3 road construction project as the 7-year locusts swarmed around us so heavily we had to keep our mouths closed.

    I remember your quick wit and sense of humor which started at a very early age. “You can make me go to summer school but you can’t make me learn anything”.

    I remember as a baby you were afraid of grass. You would never leave the blanket and would scream if a blade of grass happened to show up in the kiddie pool.

    You were always so kind and gentle.

    There are so many memories. Be assured you will NEVER be forgotten and you will always be sorely missed.

  • Vince & Crystal Heaven says:

    It was always a happy & exciting surprise when we saw you walk in to a party or BBQ. We knew we would get to laugh with you, and listen to great music. You were a true artist. We will miss you, keep on jammin Stephen.

  • Tess Greene says:

    My thoughts and prayers with Tammi and all of his friends on this beloved man’s passing. I will miss you forever my friend!

  • Ray Mohn says:

    Mark, the last time I saw you was in the 80’s when your dad Steve passed away and you were clearing out his apartment.I have thought of you and our misadventures many times over the years, I hope your life was an adventure as you had an adventurous soul. You shared so much with so many.
    Until we meet again Snoopy, Rock on and God bless

  • Jim Hedrick says:

    Just heard – I can honestly say my life would have been far different had I not known you.

  • Rebecca Lovejoy says:

    A sweeter man you will never meet. Thank you for all the memories of Cleveland. Goulardi….Dorothy Fultine, Coventry. I loved the stories of Joe Walsh and the James Gang. Wish we could of hung out in our youth.

    Your humor never ceased to keep me laughing and I will always remember the first time we met at JR’s. Instant friends…..sweet boy.

    Your talent was beyond amazing, you rocked my soul and filled my heart. Till we met again, hope you hanging with Damon.

    I love you Steph

  • carl bowman says:

    I lived in Weymouth Ohio until 1980. MY brother Butch and I played music guitars and drums with Mark. It was a small community back then Mark My brother and cousin Lee hung out together all the time – we lost track or contact with mark in the late 1970`s is this the same Mark that his dad was sheriff of Medina county -we still have his poster when he ran for sheriff. This breaks my heart if it is the Mark that was such a big part of my childhood

  • Carl Bowman says:

    I hope his sisters or someone who knew Mark will see this and contact me at cdb347(substitute the “at” symbol here) Mark my brother and I always were together from 1965 to 1976. We played football – Baseball and of course we played guitars and drums to the Beatles and I knew later he really liked Davie Bowie-we went to school together and rode the same bus. I knew his grandparents who lived next to him and his mom. I wondered for years where he was. I hope someone reads this and will contact me. Thank you.

  • Carl Bowman says:

    I hope his sisters or someone who knew Mark will contact me at cdb347(substitute the “at” symbol here) Mark my Bother and I use to play football-Baseball and we loved the Beatles ( he was always Paul). What a great musician he was even at 10 years old. We lived on Frantz Rd in Weymouth Ohio. Mark was a big part of our lives for sure from 1965 to 1976.
    I knew he moved but didn`t know where. I tried locating him for so many years. I knew his Grandparents they lived next door to his mom and him.

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