Matthew Snow Skenandore

matt01Matthew Snow Skenandore, put down his paintbrushes and pens to experience and create beauty in a better place, on August 13, 2013,  at the Bailey-Boushay House in Seattle, WA , aged 54 years.  He was comforted and cared for by his older brother at the time of passing.

Matthew was born in Provo, Utah on August 5, 1959 to Marvin Eli Skenandore and Jaron Val (Anderson) Skenandore.   Matthew was raised in Brigham City, UT, later travelled the United States in his early years with his family, finally settling in Kirkland, WA in 1974.  He spent his formative years developing his aptitude for art, and received instruction at various colleges in the area.  As his artistic scope and vision increased, along with his artistic ability, he became muse and mentor to many, and was very prolific, producing many works of art in oil, pencil, pen, encaustic, vacu-form, found objects and any item or method that would help in his effort to express his brilliant mind.   He was married to Kimera Eicholz in 1985-2003, and they had a son, Maxx Skenandore.

Matthew loved exploring theologies, mathematics, and astronomy, and sharing those treasures with those who knew him.  He was proud of his Native American heritage.  He also was a prolific reader, and loved to garden. Matthew was the epitome of a great listener and championed the underdog, and was friend to the friendless.   Most notably he was famous for his quick wit. But overshadowing all this was his love for his son.

Matthew is preceeded in death by his Father Marvin Eli Skenandore, and his Mother Jaron Val (Anderson) Skenandore,  and his eldest sister Barbara Sue Tabak,.  He is survived by his son Maxx Skenandore, Washington; and remaining 9 siblings, Julie Skenandore, North Carolina; Jenny Diez, North Carolina; Stephanie Heaton,matt02 Washington; Peter Skenandore, Idaho; Samuel Skenandore, Washington; Sara Lybbert, Arizona; Stacey Olsen, Idaho; Jed Skenandore, Washington.

A memorial will be held on Saturday August 24, 2013 11AM at the Downtown Kirkland, WA Marina Pavilion, for family and close friends.

25 Responses to “Matthew Snow Skenandore”

  • Julie Skenandore says:

    What a brilliant treasure we have lost. Much love to all who knew and loved our Matthew.

  • Daniel D. Grota says:

    Matt was more than just my best friend in life. He was my brother and uncle to my children. They loved him so very much. We may not have blood relatives. That did not matter to Matt or I. We grew up in during our teen years in Kirkland. We share a love for art, books, chess and much more. Our two families adopted the other over the years. I’m an uncle to Maxx. the crazy one living in Alaska. We has been touched by a bright star who now will create master pieces of art among them. God bless you all.

  • Robert J Schryvers says:

    Man.. this one is going to leave a dent.

    He will be remembered and missed by very many people for a very long time.

    I am at a loss for words.

  • Mary Ritson says:

    Love and Prayers go out to family and friends. Matt has touched so many lives in his brief time. Matt could not be more loved and will be remembered for eternity. Our hearts and our homes are open if you ever need anything Maxx.

  • Kathi Perry says:

    Heaven has welcomed a new Angel. You are sorely missed Matt! Paint that sky, you have a new medium now. I will look for your paintings in the clouds!

  • Marissa (Tabak) Lozano says:

    Love to all of our family. Matt was an amazingly talented and brilliant man! He will be missed. It brings some peace to know he has been reunited with my mother, Barbara, and his wonderful parents. I am sure they are rejoicing in their reunion; although bittersweet.

    Sending love and comfort especially to Maxx. The memories of your dad will live on with you.

  • Terry Bassett says:

    Back among the Stars Matt… May you rest in Peace.. Also, Peace and good vibes to the family you left behind..

  • Micki says:

    This is too hard…but I know you have found peace. Paint a big one Mattie. <3

  • Jed Skenandore says:

    you’re free and stronger than ever. i love you forever and ever. you are the best and brightest among us Matt. I love you I love you I love you I love you.

  • H. David Gray says:

    His was a profound spirit, whose non-conventional view of the world reshaped the lives of all who knew him. Distance and time often dull the memories of those we have encountered along the great path. Personally, my time spent long ago with Matt is just as vivid today as it was so many years ago. He will be sorely missed by a multitude.

  • Jill Schrengohst says:

    I’m grateful for the time I spent with you that one end of summer day. You are truly a gift to this life and the next.
    Love, Jill

  • Wendy Bandurski-Miller says:

    One of the most special things about Matt was his genius of taking the best out of everything…. even uncomfortable subjects. We covered many. He too was a redreamer. Now he is alive in our memories and in the world in his wonderful surreal art. He has achieved so much and taken too soon. Much love to his family and especially Maxx. I made this for you. When I paint and create you will always be in my heart. Meet you in another time and another place. Much love to all.

  • lina moore says:

    The world lost a wonderful person.

  • lina moore says:

    The world lost a wonderful person

  • Claire says:

    Matthew surely touched many hearts. Much love to all his family and friends.

  • Linda says:

    I knew Matt about 38 years ago. He touched my life way back then and has been in my thoughts alot lately. It hurts my heart to know that he has made the journey to another place. But as Matt once said to me, Que sera sera.

  • Jennifer Margell says:

    I knew Matthew for 15 years as a lifelong friend and mentor. I would simply call his phone number I know by heart, say simply hi, and he would say “Hi Jen, I knew you were going to call”. We would talk about art forms, techniques, relationships and philosophize about life. He was such a unique friend, always laughing, always creating and I know I will never have another like him. I will always miss you Matt.

  • Horace Jeffery Hodges says:

    I am sorry for this belated message, but I learned only yesterday that Mattthew had passed away. Here’s what I wrote on my blog:

    “The artist Mattthew Skenandore, who sometimes signed his given name with three Ts gave me permission to use the above illustration if I ever needed it for an article. I had lost contact with him in the meantime, but upon learning that this article had been published, I attempted to Google his name. In doing so, I discovered that he had died three years ago, at the age of 54.

    Rest in peace, Mattthew.”

    That was my message, and I am sorry it is so late.

    Jeffery Hodges

  • Jeff L'Heureux says:

    I befriended Matt the first day that he showed up at Juanita High School. Later, I lived above DaVinci’s Pizza in downtown Kirkland were he had his studio. I used to LOVE going over every couple days to check out what he was working on. I had one of his AMAZING paintings hanging on my wall! He was TRULY one of the friendliest, most kind, gentle spirits that I have met during my visit to this world…and certainly one of the most talented. He is missed here and now, however, I am confident we will meet again on a different plain of existence! I Love You Matt!

  • Joanie (Dorsey) Lambert says:

    I met Matthew in the late 1990’s when I was a teenager working at Seattle’s Best Coffee in Kirkland. He was a regular customer there and would always get a double cup, so that he could pour a little bit into the empty one, so that it would cool faster. I loved that. He quickly became one of my friends and someone I considered a fixture in the downtown Kirkland community. I loved talking to him about anything and everything. He especially loved to talk about his kiddo, Maxx. I’d find myself wandering over to join the hilarious banter between Matt and his bestie, Koji. They’d often sit outside Cafe Happy. I also loved wandering over to see him paint or build things in his studio. We’d challenge each other’s odd sense of humor. Later in life, when I was going through a difficult divorce and was trying to find my way back to who I was, I talked to Matt. He was a phenomenal listener. I learned of his passing months after it happened and decided to volunteer my time at Bailey-Boushay House in his honor.

  • Maria says:

    I was married to Matt’s older brother Eli back in the 90’s. I was only in my 20’s and although older than me, I saw Matt as a kindred spirit. He was full of life and energy. I used to go to his studio on Kirkland a a lot, and his house to visit him and Kimera and Maxx when Maxx was just a little boy…tow headed and sweet.
    I have very fond memories of Matt and Eli and I all going over to Seattle’s best coffee and enjoying the coffee and conversation.
    Although I have been divorced from Eli for quite a lot of years…have lost touch with everyone including my own children….lost my way, and found my way again….I have never stopped thinking about the Skenandore family and wondered how they all where doing. I’m sad to see that so many have passed on, but am grateful that I was a part of their existence for a little while. They loved me when no one else did, and they took me in when my family deserted me. Although I never said it then, I am grateful that they where in my life, and that Matt was such an integral part of it as well. R.I.P true artist and lovely man.

  • Vonnie says:

    Matt kept popping into my head for a few years, I missed him. He was always the kindest, thoughtful and smart person I had ever been blessed to meet. We were about 16 or 17 years old. I thought good friends. Over the years I asked about him, was told he was in Kirkland somewhere. Today I decided to be serious and look again for him. I found this. Matt I am so sorry I am late. From my heart….

  • Suzanne says:

    God bless you Matt. I know you must have found all those little lost mittens.

  • eiluj says:

    …..miss you wehttam wons. And Barb and Eli, too. X’s and O’s.

  • chris kotzer says:

    Matt was an old friend I lost touch with. I am greatly saddened by his passing…

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