Robert Lowell Beremand

In the Beginning

Robert Lowell Beremand, the oldest of three boys born to Lowell and Lillian (Hicks) Beremand, grew up in Elryia, Ohio, always dreaming as a young boy of becoming a pilot foto1and reaching the stars.  After attending Fenn College in Cleveland, Ohio studying business administration, “Bob” enlisted in the Air Force, serving active duty in World War II and the Korean War, achieving the rank of Captain.  During the years in-between the two wars, he served in the Aviation Section of the Army National Guard.  While on active duty, he was responsible for all flight crew training for a C-119 Troop Carrier Squad consisting of 16 aircraft and their respective crews.  Bob also served as Chief Clearance Officer in Base Operations at Rhein-Main, Germany.  Flying was his passion … his life … A quote found in an historical Air Force Album states “Five foot 4 inch BOB L. BEREMAND was referred to as ‘125 pounds of cool-headed dynamite – a neat little package for the cockpit of an airacobra,’ by his bunkmate.  We all admit that he’s right in there fighting – no one can do it better than “Kid Beremand.”  A handwritted note added to the album by this wonderful man states above the 4 inch comment, “It’s a lie – It’s 6 “!”  His sense of humor and a wink of his eye remained a central part of his being for his entire life, bringing a smile to each and every person he came in contact with.

Continuing the Journey

Leaving the Air Force, Bob worked for American Airlines as a commercial pilot, an air traffic controller and worked for the Corps of Engineers.  Expanding his horizons, Bob went to work for the Federal Aviation Administration becoming first an Airport Program Officer and finally an Airport Certification Safety Officer.  His promotion to Acting Chief in Command for the FAA based in Hawaii in the early 70s was one of which he was most proud.  His many awards included FAA outstanding performance ratings in ’67, ’70, ’72 and ’74, a Group Service Award in ’69 and a Region 10 Award for Outstanding Achievement in ’72.  However, his greatest award was his family, which brought him back to Washington for another 2 years serving again as an Airport Certification Safety Officer before finally retiring in ’80.  Whether in the service or civilian workforce, those who worked for or with him held Bob’s drive for perfection, his work as well as his compassion for everyone he came in contact with in the highest regard.

Love and Family

Bob married his high school sweetheart, Marie Gerstenberger, on April 5, 1945.  They successfully raised three children, and had the wonderful opportunity to see 4 grandchildren grow-up and witness the arrival of 2 great-grandchildren.  Through the years, family was most important to Bob and was who he considered his greatest success.  Coaching baseball, watching horse shows, floating down the Wenatchee River, foto2cheering on the Husky Football team, or just being there to listen and offer advice to his children and grandchildren alike are some of the family’s fondest memories of this enduring and greatly loved father/grandfather.  The purchase of land and subsequent building of a cabin along the Wenatchee River in 1968 provided the basis of what the Beremand family has come to consider “home”.  He instilled the desire and drive to do more and do better in his family and in those fortunate to be involved in his life and career.  Never happy with sitting still, after retirement Bob continued to fly as a hobby, dabbled in real estate, sold cars, and continued to move whenever the fancy struck him.  His children always teased him as having a “walk-about disease”, moving homes 39 times before his passing this year.

In Memory

Robert Lowell Beremand is survived by his wife of 68 years – Marie Beremand, his daughter Debbi (Tim) Dougherty, his daughter Bonnie (Lane) Pemble, grandchildren Casey (Cynthia) Dougherty, Jenna (Frank) Reed, Eric (Sarah) Pemble, Haley Pemble and great-grandchildren Evan Reed and Owen Reed.  He is preceded in death by his son Stephen Beremand, and granddaughter Kate.

We love you Dad…you will always remain our guiding star…

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