Norman Robert Maas

Maas117[3]By his Wife, Shirley Maas
     Norman and I met in November, 1959 and married February 12, 1960 in Montebello, California, and 17 years later in the Los Angeles Temple.  We searched for the “right” church all that time.  We did find it and it was the best thing we ever did for each other.
     Norm worked at Title Insurance & Trust Company (L.A.) as a messenger, and then left for the Air Force, gone for 3 1/2 to 4 years.  Upon return they rehired him at TI and he did Microfilming, which he enjoyed.  He got very proficient at it and started traveling for the company up and down the coast of California.  He left TI in 1959 to go in business with 2 other fellow workers.  This did not last very long and he took what he could find for about 4 months as jobs (even then) were hard to find.  He later worked for a high rise in Long Beach, “The Galaxy Towers”, then he had a very bad bout with his eyes and we found out he had Glaucoma.  That cut us off at the pass and he stayed home for 3 years (being treated during that time).  We lived in North Hollywood, CA for about 3 years, and loved it.  He was employed at LAX as a Ramp Agent.  He did very well there, and learned to socialize with many kinds of people (he was somewhat quiet).
     We had an accident in 1971 (I fell asleep at the wheel)…pretty near fatal one in Gila Bend, Arizona.  We were driven to Maryville Hospital in Phoenix in a hearse who happened to be on their way home.  It was the only vehicle traveling through the area other than the truck I hit.  By all accounts that happened we should have died.  Our injuries were very severe.  We both received the Last Rites at the hospital.  Guess our work was not done yet.  It took about 1 year+ for us to recuperate, and after extensive surgeries.  I went back to work without the doctor’s OK.  In the meantime, our “Stuff” was on its way to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!  It stayed there till we were well enough to go and get it, and paid rent on storage from our Disability checks.  Norm took our things from storage and drove with all his injuries to Whittier, CA, where my brother lived.  Norm was home for 10 years due to his injuries.  We did manage to get an inexpensive apartment.  We were there for 6 months then a friend offered us a tiny 2 bedroom house at no charge if we collected the rent (a true Guardian Angel).  My family helped us a great deal…no appliances, no place to live, a lot of our things had been misplaced (or taken) so essentially we started again.  All Shirley’s clothes ended up in Key Biscayne!
     His hobbies were stamp collecting, fixing radios (we still have some parts).  I used to call him “Mr. Patchy”.  He loved saving things…his old report cards, driver’s licenses, school papers from way back when, and “very hidden” in his wallet I found 2 pictures of me I thought were long lost.  He was not a self-driven person but he did work hard at whatever job he had.  Norm got a job with Nintendo in Redmond, and stayed there until he retired.
     Norm had a sister 15 years older, and one brother who will be 89 in November.  Norm was the youngest.  He has 3 nephews from his siblings.  He loved his family, and of course, we loved each other.
     Shirley had an accident in 1976…an elderly man hit the front of her car while he turned illegally.  She did not walk forNorm[1] one year and ended up with a steel backbrace for about 3 years.  Norm had just become employed at Warner Bothers and eligible for medical insurance! (Thank God).  By all account in our lives, the Lord still saved us to do more…amazing!
     We bought our first home in 1976 in West Covina, CA.  Shirley worked in a Catholic Hospital and later switched to learning and working for an escrow company (to our advantage), and the sale went through really fast.  Lived there for 9 1/2 years then vacationed to Washington State 2 years in a row.  Fell in love with it, bought our 2nd home in Fall City, and have been here for almost 27 years.  Got situated in the North Bend Ward.  Were there for 17 years, then it split (an awful day in paradise).  That’s when we joined Issaquah 3rd, and love it.
     The love and support from our Ward has been tremendous.  Where would I be without the help I have received?  Neither one of us have family here, and they were unable to come.  I love you all, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for us in the past and present.  Lovingly, Shirley Maas.

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  • Mike Thompson says:

    Norm has been a good friend. He will be sorely missed. I learned a lot about keeping up a lawn in the Pacific NW from him, though I never achieved his level of excellence. I will particularly miss his great sense of humor; every visit was sure to include some hearty laughter.

    Farewell my friend; until we meet again.

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