Sonya Nash

2013-05-31.Sonya-Photo-Current.Crop_Sonya Nash (nee Johnson) was born in Richmond Beach, WA on 5/17/1936 to her parents – Alice and Carl Johnson.  She grew up with her siblings (Neil, Ruth, and Susie) in this area and attended school until she was 11 years old when her father was offered a professorship of Physics at CWU in Ellensburg.  Her high school years were spent at Ellensburg High School.  Wanting to experience the big city life, she moved back to Seattle where she worked in various administrative assistant positions until meeting her first husband, Reg Grantham.  They were delighted to have one son, Doug/Reggie, of whom she was perpetually proud.  Sonya went on to pursue both a degree in Interior Design at Highline Community College as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from University of Washington (Magna Cum Laude honors).

The family lived in Florida for a few years during the NASA space program of the late 1960’s, but then returned to Seattle. Sonya & Reg divorced in 1979, and following a brief marriage to David Nash in the late 1980’s, she ultimately called West Seattle her home.

She was a statuesque beauty, with wide reaching artistic talent. She designed the remodel of her house and made many of 2013-05-31her own clothes. She would host recitals in her home and serve delicious gourmet food she had prepared. As a classical pianist and opera singer she had performed in her church, community operas and with a classical quartet. She loved to attend the opera and symphony. She was an avid reader, and could often be found walking in the low tide pools along Alki Beach.

She is survived by her older brother Neil (Carrie), her younger sister Susie, her son Reggie/Doug (Michele), grandchildren Solie and Joe, very close niece Lisa Johnson (Ryan) and cousin Christine Salvo (Mark), as well as many cousins and their spouses and offspring. Thanks to all friends who were able to visit her these final months – it helped buoy her spirits.

A special thank you to MD Milder and his staff at Swedish Cancer Institute for helping us navigate through the difficult diagnosis and treatment. Also, the staff at Merrill Gardens/West Seattle for their compassionate care.

A Joyful Memorial to celebrate her life will be held in West Seattle on 6/21/13 at 4pm at:

Fauntleroy UCC
9140 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98136
Ph. 206- 932-5600.

10 Responses to “Sonya Nash”

  • Deana Couture says:

    I enjoyed working with Sonya and giving her the company checks everyday. She would say playfully, “Is that all there is?” and we would laugh! I will miss her.

  • Denise Chandler Smith says:

    Sonya will always have a special place in my heart. She was an incredible musician that played beautifully at our wedding 23 years ago. My heart goes out to Reg and Michele, Solie and Joe, and the rest of Sonya’s family. I hope you find comfort in the good memories of Sonya.

  • Terry Matthews says:

    Sonya brought laughter and honesty by the bucketfuls to my and our mutual friends’ lives. She looked at life with vivacity, treated friends with her warmth, live and intelligent humor. She loved her work, her books, her faith, her home and above all, her family. I miss her. I loved her dearly and wish we had many more laughing and huggable moments! She treated my children with infinite attention and love – she deserved so many more yrs of laughter – trust she is doing that now!!

  • Reg Grantham says:

    The pacific northwest was Sonya’s love and her real home. She was a very artistic lady with outstanding talent in music, decorating, clothing design and cooking ability, She always did a outstanding job as a mother who made a great loving home for our son Reggie (Doug). She will be remembered and missed by many. Reg Grantham

  • Deb Anderson says:

    Sonya was an inspiration to me. Her artistic backgound in design and textile work helped me create everything from costumes to aprons. I loved how she dressed and accessorized so simply, she was always stunning.
    Beyond the outside, she was a warm and comforting presence. We read the same books, searching for meaning in life and Sonya encouraged me to see the positive aspects in events and people.
    It was always a joy to get to spend time with Sonya. She was kind, and honesty, really a card too! Ha ha, I hope she is free and laughing now.
    She will be missed.

  • Cathy Cowan says:

    Loved playing music with Sonya for many years. She was a delightful, warm person and I am so glad that I knew her.

  • Susan Hahn & Robert Stephens says:

    Sonia will always be dear in our hearts. She was our neighbor for 20+ years in West Seattle. We always enjoyed opening up our windows in the summer and listening to her play the piano. When we moved 2 houses away, we missed our own special, private concerts.

    To the family- you have our sympathy, it is hard to say goodbye to such a treasured family member. God Bless.

  • Donna Irving says:

    I have known Sonia all of my life and always admired her style and beauty.
    The best Birthday gift I ever received was from Sonia when I was 10, a mexican blanket purse! So in style and every girls dream.
    She had a class about her that very few behold.

    Her warmth and smile will live in my heart forever.

  • Donna Irving says:

    I have known Sonya all of my life. I always admired her style and beauty. She had a class about her few behold.
    The best Birthday gift I ever received as a girl was from her; a mexican blanket purse! So in style and every girls dream.
    She will alway be in my heart. Love forever

  • Corinne Culbertson says:

    It’s already been a year. I can’t believe she is gone from this life. Sonya was and is my rock. She was a sister like no other. Last time I saw her was on the “Cinco De Mayo” May 5, 2013 I had just come from Yakima visting my dad and putting flowers on my sister Monica’s grave. She asked about my dad and we talked about life.
    We also talked about and when we first met in 1984 we celebrated the Cinco De Mayo at her apartment, next to Linclon Park.
    She laughed about me makeing tortillas. She said she had to clean flour for days! She said it was even on the ceiling!(I don’t know about that) We laughed. It was nice. But even more beautiful was I got to tell her how much I loved her. How much she ment to me. I got to hold her in my arms and kiss her. I said “I love you with all my heart and all my soul.”
    She said “I love you too Corina.”
    I’m going to do good by her. I’m going to listen to that voice inside my heart. That’s where I’ll find her. Thats where she lives. I love you Sonya! I’ll see you agian my beautiful sister.

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