Tracy D’Ann Wood


woodEarly Monday, May 6, 2013, Tracy D’Ann Wood (1/11/63) went to be with the Lord, her mother, Greta and her brother, Gus.

She is survived by her father, Don Wood and her three sisters, Noreen, Kathy, (Charlie) and Marci.  She leaves behind her loving dog Sydney which if you knew Tracy, you’d know Sydney. She is also survived by her nieces, TanDee, (Casey, Cayden, Jerik and Madelyn), Marissa (Ken and Jake) and one nephew, Cody James. She also leaves behind many friends and acquaintances, who will greatly miss her contagious laughter and her infectious smile.

Tracy graduated Lakes High School in 1981 and moved to Seattle shortly thereafter where she found employment with Seattle First National Bank. She worked for the bank in their Purchasing department for 15 years until they moved her job and she chose not to relocate. She then joined the Wright group in Purchasing until they moved their operation to Chicago.

After experiencing a period of unemployment she joined Costco Travel where she started out as Agent for Cruises and then was promoted to Cruise Follow-up which she truly enjoyed.

In her free time she spent the majority of her time with her dog Sydney and her family. She enjoyed playing card games, croquet and our annual trip to Copalis Beach, WA. She will be greatly missed at this year’s outing as our family has been going for over 30 years.

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  • Jami Bernal says:

    No matter what was going on you always had a big smile on your face! I will miss your smile, laughter and your friendship. Rest in peace my friend!

  • Cheryl Reynolds says:

    Uncle Don,Noreen,Kathy,and Marcie

    Our heart goes out to you guys today.We were shocked to hear the news and know how hard it is going to be for you. Wished we could be there today for you guys but we are there in spirit and you are all in our thoughts and prayers. She will truly be missed.

    all our love
    Max and Cheryl

  • David Scarlett & Bargie says:

    I had the pleasure of knowing Tracy since her birth. She was always such a wonderful & lovable lady, and her laugh was cause for creating many smiles. I pray for all of the family who will miss her terribly and will never be able to forget the wonderful presence she brought to every situation. Don and girls, I wish I could be there to help try to comfort all of you, but please accept my love now and always. “Uncle Dave”

  • John & Merilyn Parkinson says:

    Tracy, we will certainly miss your smiles, hugs & giggles. I always appreciated your asking me about Merilyn. You have a big heart like the rest of your
    family. May you rest in peace and enjoy the comfort of
    your mother Greta & brother Gus.

  • Fernandez family says:

    Our sincere condolences. May Tracy rest in peace with our Lord. Our prayers and thoughts are with the bereaved family.

  • Paige Rippon says:

    I think we can all agree that Tracy had a wonderful sense of humor. She always could and wanted to make you laugh. I had the pleasure of working with Tracy at Costco Travel. Every day she would come by my desk and not only have a smile on her face but always had something kind to say. I have two babies and when I was pregnant she would come by and feel my baby kick. When my husband (who also knew Tracy) and I were still deciding on names, she would always have a name of the day.. Somehow the name would always have Tracy built into it :)…. I would share pictures of my two baby girls with her and she would always share picture of her nieces and nephews whom she LOVED too much. I can’t believe she is gone. I kept telling myself I needed to call her. She will be greatly missed. I Love you Tracy. Thank you so much for the joy you brought to my work day and for the dried flower you made for me. I keep that flower next to the pictures of my baby girls. You will be greatly missed.

  • Paige Rippon says:

    Correction to my post above…”I would share pictures of my two baby girls with her and she would always share picture of her nieces and nephews whom she LOVED SO much”… you can never love to much – with love Paige

  • Jody Zegers says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Tracy for many years at Costco Travel. She was always asking me about my children and came by often to see pictures of them. It is still hard to believe we won’t be seeing her smiling face around the office anymore. Her positive attitude could change anyone’s day around.

    My heart hurts for her family. I know she will be missed dearly.

  • Chelsey Stoner says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Tracy at Costco Travel. She was always so nice and thoughtful and she will truly be missed. My heart goes out to her family, you are all in my thoughts during this difficult time.

  • Eric Wold says:

    I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Tracy, but what little we talked or saw each other in passing, I always left with a smile on my face. She always seemed to be in a good mood and it was definitely contagious. I had the pleasure of running into her down in Cancun when I was on a work trip. I’ll always remember how happy and relaxed she was when I saw her down there and that’s how I’ll imagine Tracy for the rest of my years.

    Rest in peace and I hope Sydney and family are doing well.

  • Susan Garcia says:

    If I could talk to Tracy right now, I would tell her that her Memorial Service was so very nice and that her life was celebrated with a lot of love and laughter. I think she would have laughed too at the stories her friends told. I’m very happy to have known her. Rest In Peace my friend for you are truly loved and missed.

  • Erin Huffman says:

    My heart goes out to Tracy’s family. I had the enormous pleasure of working alongside her at Costco Travel for many years. She was another Montana girl with me and we bonded over that. Not too long after we went on a work trip together and were roommates for eight days. She and I got along better than I would have ever expected. A lot of people thought we were related and some thought I was her daughter. Ever since that trip, any time Tracy would come by my desk or if I passed her in the hall she would call out “Daughter, how are you doing?” I respond back with a “Doing well Mom!” A fun inside joke that always gave me a huge grin and made me feel special to Tracy. She was definitely special to me. I am so very sad for her family and friends she left behind. She was my friend and a friend to many here at the office. I know she truly is in a better place and I am thankful and hopeful in this knowledge. Rest in peace Tracy – you are my friend forever.

  • Steve Ring says:

    Tracy and I went through training together here at Costco Travel. I used to tease her occasionally by saying “Tracy Wood…if she could!”

    It never even occurred to me that when I was saying that as a joke, that was actually how she was. If she could make anybody’s day better in any way, she would!

    Thanks for always being you Trace, you’ll be missed! 🙂

  • Tamara Harrison says:

    Tracy was always a joy to see in the office with her warm smile and will be missed my all at Costco Travel.May she rest in Peace and may we all meet again someday.

  • Claudia Tice says:

    I knew Tracy mostly in passing, but anytime I would ask her assistance, it was met with a smile and a willingness to help. She would stop by my desk and was always happy when there were sweetarts in my candy dish (I noticed she stopped by more often when I had them, so I had them OFTEN! It always made her smile, if not laugh.). Tracy will be dearly missed around Costco Travel, my thoughts and prayers are with her dear family as well as Sydney!

  • Nancy Swartzendruber says:

    I worked with Tracy at Costco Travel and my best memories of Tracy are the times she would come over to my desk and show me the calendar of her nieces and newphews every year. She was so proud of her family and looked forward every year of their camping trips. She was very, very proud of everyone in her family and I enjoyed hearing about all of them! I will miss her a lot! Love you Tracy!

  • Leslie Hmila says:

    Over 20 years ago Tracy came into our family’s life… I remember the first serenade we gave to the Wood family on Christmas Eve and trying to keep straight which name went with which sister. I always remember the smile Tracy had on her face. She always had a smile or a look that could bring out a smile in you. I loved watching her with her sisters and how they all joked with one another. You could see the love you each had for one another and graciously accepted others into your bonding moments.

    I was fortunate when you came to work at Costco Travel and could enjoy stolen moments when you would stop by my desk and update me on Tandee, Cody and the other extended family….or tell me stories of your sisters. I loved seeing the picture of Mo in your mom’s wedding dress and I know you wanted to be there for Mo when she married this summer.

    You will be greatly missed and your friends and family have a hole in their hearts as does Sydney. They are all aching and wishing you were here.

    Don and family, I give you my deepest sympathies and I am so very sorry for your loss. I will miss Tracy very much and hearing the “insider scoop” of your family antics. We are here for you if you need anything.

  • Micah Digre says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Tracy for nearly 9 years at Costco Travel. We started at Costo on the same day and trained together. We would always remember how nervous we both were on that first day that we arrived very early before we started and sat in our cars side by side until our start time. Who knew that we would end up having so many great moments together while on cruise ship inspections and in the office. She said she was thinking “oh no, who’s this young kid next to me” but that never deterred Tracy from becoming friends with everyone, young and old alike. We shared quite a few funny moments when we first started on the phones as cruise agents. One time, I got nervous and forgot how to get a member back on the phone after placing them on hold; Tracy helped me through my unnecessary panic attack and we both laughed every time we remembered that. She also overheard me once tell a member that a ship was built in the year 200 instead of 2000. She never let me live that one down. 🙂

    Tracy could always be counted on to be smiling or make you smile. She cared for everyone and even the last conversation I had with her, she was asking about how my partner was doing and our dog was doing. We traded dog stories. She was always so caring and loving and will be missed.

    Thank you Tracy for sharing your light with us!

  • Imed Hmila says:

    Mr. Don and Family, I am so sorry for your loss of your daughter.

  • Norma Cline says:

    I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear of the passing of Tracy. She always had a smile on her face and was a pleasure to be around. Rest in Peace Tracy.

  • Fabia Pohrman says:

    Tracy was always willing to jump in help when needed. Didn’t have to ask twice. Enjoyable person to work with and her smile was contagous. You will be missed.

  • Kimberly Larson says:

    just want to say how much i will miss seeing Tracy smiling face around the office she always took the time to ask how i was feeling and was a true friend as i was going thru my cancer treatment as well as all my health issues she took the time to talk to me and ask how i was doing she did her best to make me smile Tracy was great to be around she will truly be missed

  • Chris Parkinson says:

    Am so sorry for your loss…. My thoughts and prayers have been with you and your family…. Tracy is a beautiful Angel in Gods Home and i know she will be watching over all of you…..

    It’s so very difficult to let our loved ones go, But they’re in a perfect peace, And that’s so comforting to know. Our hearts will surely miss them, But we miss them with a smile, Trusting we will see them once again, in just a while. We close our eyes and picture A world that holds no pain, A paradise of joy and hope, As gentle as the rain. There we see our loved ones they are suffering no more. It ended when they found the key That Opened Heaven’s Door.


    A million times we will miss you
    A million times we will cry
    If love alone would have saved you
    You would have never died

    In life we all loved you dearly
    In death we love you still
    In our hearts you hold a place
    no other one can fill

    The golden gates stood open
    God saw you needed rest
    God’s garden must be beautiful
    For he always picked the best.

    We will miss you and i know you are in Good Hands… God Bless you!!!!

    Chris Parkinson

  • Katrina Francis says:

    Tracy will never be forgotten. She was good natured and easy to be around. She always asked how others were doing and actually stayed to really listen to the answer. She always had a positive attitude and a smile on her face. My thoughts are with her family. She is and always will be greatly missed. I hope where ever she is right now, that she is at peace and happy.

  • Mahji Hall says:

    Love you and will miss seeing your face and smile..

  • Laura Lennon & Abbott Smith says:

    Tracy holds a special place in my heart. As the little sister of my best friend, I have so many memories of Tracy that keep bubbling up like her infectious laughter. Little things. Helping her deal with her first period. Sitting and talking quietly with Tracy at parties while Marci was socializing. Her crush on the actor Brian Dennehy. Off guard moments captured on film just after she woke up and the playful threats of blackmail. Years of ornament parties and shared trips. When my family struggled, the Wood family took me under their wing. It was fun having a little sister. I will miss her more than I can possibly express.

    During her memorial service, I just kept watching Sidney. She wanted me to say something but I couldn’t bring myself to overcome my fear of public speaking. I’m still trying to put my thoughts together. Perhaps the best thing that I can say is what Tracy always said to me every time she hugged me. I love you..

  • Kathy Woeck says:

    I had the great privilege to work with Tracy at the Purchasing Dept of Seafirst Bank and BofA from the start of her time there, until I was offered a package in 1999.
    During that time, we became good friends and continued that friendship by phone and the internet (even when I moved to Wyoming).
    I treasure all the times we were together and our long distance communications. Tracy was such a special person and I always felt she was more like a little sister than a friend.
    She was a loving, caring person and cherished her family with all her heart!!!!!
    She was the best of the best and I am going to miss her sunny voice and laughter.

    Though we know Heaven has welcomed a very special person, our hearts still feel the sorrow………

  • Dorothy BJ says:

    Tracy, What a cute little girl. What a delight when you’re family moved in behind us. Yes, and they have GIRLS. Imagine 9 girls in one house. Oh Yes, and did you love to play Barbies. Especially you, Christine, Marcy and Connie. The four of you would build houses, stores, Salons and many a condo for them to have fun,DRAMA, and many Careers. Oh yes, Ken would appear at times. You, full of imagination and crazy plots, keep their lives crazy. You, always thinking of others. Thank you for being friends with my daughters. We are blessed for you being in our lives. Don, we love you all.

  • David Stubblefield says:

    Those we love don’t go away, They walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, Still loved, still missed and very dear. ……. hope in the midst of sorrow, Comfort in the midst of pain.

    I think about you every day. It doesn’t take much. The #111 bus goes by. I see a pretty lady with a beautiful smile and think of you. I think about all the fun times we had working together at Seafirst and B ogf A, the parties, your sisters , your Dad, Mom, Gus (you always said I reminded you of him in many of my actions and mannerisms) and how much you loved your neices and nephews. Rest in peace T-Babe you will always be in my heart.
    No I’m not crying, I just got something in my eye!

  • Noreen says:

    To my youngest sis Tracy. I am so saddened by your sudden departure, but I know you are with Mom and our brother Gus. Please give them kisses for me and tell them how happy I am that you are with them. I know you are out of pain and I am so happy for that. Keep an eye on us and know that I love you. Noreen

  • Christine (Betzendorfer) Penrice says:

    Don, Noreen, Kathy and Marcy,
    I was shocked and saddened to hear of your loss. Tracy and I shared many happy hours as little girls, making cookies, performing our favorite Jackson Five hits, having sleepovers, and of course, cleaning Tracy’s room. Your home offered a fun place to go when I needed it most, and Tracy was a great friend to me. You all are in my prayers.

  • Jeanne Betzendorfer says:

    I was so sad to hear about Tracy. I have such wonderful memories of the youngest sister of my favorite family and my best friend, Kathy! I think what I will always remember most is her laugh – it was delightful. Tracy was such a happy person and so much fun to be around – even when she and the other “little” kids were annoying us “big” kids. It’s hard to think that she is gone but I know it must be comforting to realize that she is back in the arms of her mom and Gus.

  • Patti Betzendorfer says:

    Tracy was “another” sister to all of us…with a memorable spirit and laugh.

    We all grew up learning and celebrating together…how lucky we were.
    Your family welcomed all of us into yours, with Daddy Wood and Greta watching out for us….such fun times.

    You are missed dear Tracy…
    Give Greta a kiss from me…

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