Wallace Corey Phelps

522132_524114207616993_1600015454_nBorn on September 15, 1964, in Reno, Nevada. A loving, curious boy, man, and father taken too soon on April 14, 2013 at age 48 when his heart failed. He looks down on his family and friends from above with a smile of light and pure love.

Wally grew up a hard worker in Fallon, Nevada with is his Mother and Step Father. He enjoyed playing sports, hunting, and fishing. He lived for an adventure and the excitement of life. At a very young age he showed interest in bodybuilding that carried through his entire life. He wanted to live forever and did what he could to make sure he enjoyed all life had to offer him.

Later, in life he moved to Washington State where he worked with his father in construction. Where the entrepreneur seed was planted. It grew and grew inside him until he struck out on his own building many successful businesses beginning with a janitorial business to a well known carpet cleaning company: 360 Carpet Cleaners.

In 1997 the apple of his eye, Annie, was born. He wanted more than anything to give her the world. Annie was one of the few children who’s daddy made a special breakfast of waffles and strawberries almost every morning brought to her in bed. He doted on Annie showing her the warmth and love of a father and friend. He wanted nothing but to see a smile on her face to the extent of building a sandbox in the living room of the family home. Nothing was out of the question when it came to her happiness.

In 2010 Wally met another child, Priya; now age 3. As much as she loved him he loved her. Protecting and teaching her, they spent hours playing, hiking and treasure hunting. Where every daddy was, Priya followed with excitement and infatuation. The bond between them was unbreakable. He loved her as if he fathered her himself.

Family was very important to Wally keeping in touch with those who lived away by phone email and texting. He kept in contact with his mother weekly. He looked forward to the weekly visits with his father. They would talk over breakfast about his passions in bodybuilding, health and positive thinking.

Wally wanted to protect and help. Teaching and learning was a passion for him. He always helped those in need and was praised and had many friends because of his generous heart. He loved all around him and made everyone feel as if they were the only one who mattered. He wanted to teach the world the belief of a higher power connection; putting together a self-help guide to conscious connection, a simple guide to all your dreams and desires. He believed all that you wanted was one thought away.

Wally is survived by his Father Thomas Phelps and his wife Brandy, his Mother Bonnie Hemphill and husband Ken, Brothers Thomas Phelps Jr., Carsen Phelps and Sister Cindy Himmelberger-Smith and Daughters Annie Phelps and mother Lorrie Fox and Priya Leeper and mother Angelina Leeper and his many nieces and nephews.

He will truly be missed; a life so short but a light that touched, lifted and stayed with whom ever he had the pleasure to love and know.

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