Michael Edward Ryerson

Michael-Ryerson4Michael Edward Ryerson was born May 23, 1976 to George Thomas Ryerson Jr. and Nancy Keck Ryerson in Parkersburg, West Virginia. He passed away suddenly on Friday morning, April 12th 2013.

Michael was raised on the east coast, living in Parkersburg, West Virginia and Big Flats, New York.  He moved to Pinole, California in his early teens.  He enjoyed Track and Field in school and did well in the Science curriculum.  He graduated from Pinole Valley High School in 1994.

 He met his future bride while working for a car wash in Pinole and was married in Hercules, California in 2004.

Michael and his wife moved to Hayward, California where he became a Salesman for a Car Wash Chemical Group. His personality and drive helped him move up within the industry.  He had many customers that trusted him and counted on him to support their businesses.  He developed many sincere friendships, sharing his interest in NASCAR and Muscle Cars. His talents were many and varied.

Michael was big guy who shared his interest at all times with family and friends. He loved to work on his cars, making them louder and faster.  He was a Fox News aficionado and enjoyed debating with his father who watched CNN.

He was the most accommodating and accepting person, with a “Teddy Bear” smile and way about him.   He had some rough edges, but he was warm & embracing.  Not one to complain or draw attention to himself, he always sought to ease and encourage others.

Diabetes became a significant event in his life beginning in 2009.  Hospital visits, doctors, tests, and new treatments were a new way of life.  It became obvious to Michael that he could not deal with the medical issues where he was, so he moved to Bellevue, Washington under the care of his father, step-mom, and the medical staff of The PolyClinic, Swedish Medical Center, and Harborview Medical Center.  One of the characteristics of his diabetes was peripheral neuropathy, demonstrated by tingling, numbness, and burning pain.  Although he was receiving the best medical care, he had to persevere through the physical discomfort and constant doctor visits.  He fought the good fight. 

Michael is survived by his wife, Maria Ryerson; his mother, Nancy Richards and spouse Jerry of Big Flats New York; his father, George Thomas Ryerson Jr. and spouse Lynne of Bellevue, Washington; his two brothers Guy Thomas Ryerson of La Quinta, California and Donald Alan Ryerson of Kirkland, Washington; and Grandfather, George Thomas Ryerson of Florence, Oregon.

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