Michael Webber Arnold

Michael Webber Arnold 1942-2013

Lifelong Kirkland resident Michael Arnold passed away April 12, 2013.

Michael devoted her life to raiding her wonderful children. Her love and pride for them was beyond measure and they will ever be grateful.

Michael’s thirst for knowledge was unquenched. Her interests were so varied be it politics, religion, genology or history. She was the family record keeper, newspaper clipper, photo saver and journalist. Michael had a passion for her flowers and each bloom was a cause for celebration!

left to miss her every day are her children, Kelly Hill & Jenifer, James Arnold & Angela, Josh Arnold & Sadie, sister Melinda Wegener, Mother Eileen Webber, grandchildren Conner & Bridget Hill, Alex, Mercedes and Daisy Englund, Anya & Tyler Arnold and Levi & Greyson Arnold.

Michael was preceded in death by her father Ron Webber and beloved daughter Erin Englund.

There will be no service at her request. Memorials may be sent to the Women’s Domestic Violence Shelter of your choice.

One Response to “Michael Webber Arnold”

  • Joyce north says:

    you are too soon gone. I miss the friendship that began in 4th
    Grade and the laughter that rang down through the years. The
    Memories of school, marriage and children, the long talks of
    Politics and books and life will stay with me always. Your
    Children were the most important thing in your life and your
    Influence and love will light the way for them for the rest of
    Their lives. Aloha, old friend, aloha.

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