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Hans on Deck


This is to open a online Obituary For my friend Hans H. Peters . I have attached a picture of Hans and what I think is a picture of a button with his Race Horse Northern Navigator on it.

Hans was a chemical engineer at Boeing and retired in 1987, I met Hans a few years ago when he needed some help with his cats that he loved and enjoyed so much.

He also loved the birds and other wildlife that would visit him on his porch at his house in Kent where he had a sign that read “Peters National Forrest” that a friend had made for him.

I am putting this obit online where I hope I can help his friends that knew him can share their memories of Hans and intern I can learn more and help share and celebrate Hans life.

So feel free to share any thoughts, memory’s and if you feel like it some of Hans history that you may know

Thanks Pat

Peters National ForrestNorthernNavaGATORcropedSpotsy

Hans Peters will be interned at the Tahoma National Cemetery

Date : Thursday  May 2, 2013

Time : 2:00 P.M. please arrive 15 minutes Early

Anyone who knew Hans and wants to attend is welcome

8 Responses to “Hans H. Peters”

  • Dale Palella says:

    Almost FIFTY years of valued memories!!
    Traveling and playing horse races at all tracks in the state. Playing golf at many courses in Seattle and surrounding area. Playing pool and snooker mostly in Federal Way. Attending annual Italian banquets at Kennedy High School. Hans was a true and loyal friend.
    Dale Palella

  • John McCallion says:

    Pete and I suffered through five years of academic torture as chemical engineering students at Drexel in Philadelphia. We also did our share of beer drinking at Cavanaugh’s, the closest tavern.

    We did graduate, though there were times when I wondered if I would make it. Pete was a philosopher — he had read a lot of the classics before he got to Drexel; I had read almost none — so I learned a lot from him, especially what books to start with.

    He was a great friend. I had many good times in company with him. He tried to convince me to join him and Ralph Kavasch on a post-graduation hike on the Appalachian trail, but I was too anxious to start earning money. He did talk me into an all day hike to the base of Mt. Adams in Washington state. I learned a lot on that trip and have enjoyed the remembering it from time to time over the years.

  • Gina Masson says:

    Hans was a kind and loving part of our family. He worked at Boeing with my Dad and they were good friends.They took many hikes together. Hans came to most of our holiday celebrations. My Dad would play the Ukulele and they would sing songs, “Down In The Valley” was my favorite.He always had a big smile and I loved his calming presence and unique voice.He was a very giving man, I will miss him.

  • Andrea Masson says:

    I married into the Masson family in 1992.Hans was present at most family get togethers.He also went on hikes with my husband and father in law.Mount Adams.Graves creek to Dosewallups.The Hoh Rainforest,where Hans fell in the river and lost his shoes.Hans and I shared a love for animals wild and domesticated.When visiting at my in laws,Hans was always the first person up and he always went outside for what he called his constitutional(a brisk walk)1st thing.He was a friend,and I looked forward to seeing him on the holidays.Kind,funny,whiskey,green cardigan.The green cardigan was obviously his favorite sweater.My mother in law was going to steal it and buy Hans a new one.Idle threat.Thank you,Hans Peters,for being my friend.Fletcher loved you.Godspeed.

  • Mila Kondratyuk says:

    Hans H. Peters i will miss seeing you at Fred Meyer. I will miss your wonderful smile and your hilarious jokes. I’ve known you for 13 years and it was always such a pleasure to see you walk through the door. All the employees from Fred Meyer will also miss you dearly. I know you’re in a better place now and i’m thankful i got to meet you. You will be missed.

    With love, Mila.

  • Chris Masson says:

    Dear Hans,
    You have been a part of our family for as long as I can remember. Every holiday you showed up with a pound of chocolates and of coarse a bottle. The fun lasted well into the night laughing and dancing to Zorba the Greek. Some of the memorable things I hold dear were you driving our family to trail heads of the Cascade Crest Trail and the time we hit a dear and were stranded in a small town. You found the town “odd ball” who let us camp on his property so we didn’t have to pay for a motel. Or the time you and dad were hiking for 10 days and you left your 1970 Pontiac GTO parked at our house and I took it to go on a weekend camping trip, what a fun and fast time I had with that car. My fondest memory when I was 12 years old and we got to help you build the cabin in Randal. Not sure us kids weren’t more trouble than help but you dug into the sack you stashed under the floor and paid us cash for helping and I felt good about helping. In my older years, any time I was at the horse track I could find you there using your “system” and was interesting to chat with your about the next race entries. You have always been so generous and always have stayed true to your beliefs. Your kindness to animals has always been a loving example of how a person should be. Today is the celebabration of you life and I am not there physically but I am there in spirit and you will always be in my heart with love and admiration. Thank you for the special goodness you have brought to your Masson family. You will be truely missed. Love, Chris

  • sam teasley says:

    We met Hans some years ago at one of the Italian banquets at Kennedy High and looked forward every year to seeing his smiling face. He was such a gentle person and kind soul, I consider it an honor to have met him.

  • Kim Zeren says:

    Regarding Eugene Zeren one of Han’s best friends also a Boeing engineer past away May 13, 2014. Han’s and Eugene were best friends through out the years and both shared a love for horse racing. They will be missed.

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