Greg Zimmerman

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Greg was born on February 5, 1958 in Fort Benning, Georgia, to Jerry and Mary Zimmerman.  Greg’s Father was an accomplished concert pianist, and encouraged the musical gifts that he saw in Greg.  It wasn’t long until Greg was strongly attracted to the guitar, and as a young boy, he carried a guitar nearly everywhere he went.  With time and practice he became an outstanding Guitarist and also was talented at the piano, keyboard, bass, drums and percussion.  In short, he was a musical genius!


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He was preceded in death by his sister, Susie, his brother Johnny, his Mother, Mary, and his son-in-law, Ben. He is survived by his parents, Jerry and Roberta Zimmerman, his wife Tanya, his daughter, Danielle, his son, Zachery, his step daughter and step son-in-law, Katie and Cleveland Jacobs, his grandchildren, Kaidence, Ellias, and Oliver, his brother-in-law, Wayne, his nephew Joel, and his niece Lana.  He is also survived by his Pastor and family, a church family which was much like a family to him, members of the worship band he played with faithfully every week, and a number of fellow musicians who have known him, played together with him, and have loved him through the years.


Greg was a 1976 Graduate of Shoreline High School in Shoreline, Washington, where he further advanced on the guitar, and enjoyed playing in the jazz band. He played in some bands in the Greater Seattle area, playing for “Amethyst”, for two years while still in High School in 1973.  Later in 1979, he became a part of “Reflections”, a band started by high school musicians from Mercer Island High School.  Former band members had a “Reflections” reunion in the recent past and Greg was a part of that reunion. He was admired by both bands for his talent both as a lead guitarist, and as a keyboard player…bringing his influences from rock, jazz, classical, and the blues, and blending it together with his “laid back” style, and his solid vocals. He attended Shoreline Community College, and continued with his study of the guitar.   As years went by, Greg had faced some hardships, and through them found the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior, and started attending church and playing for the Lord.  He saw a pretty gal, Copy of scan0054Tanya, at church and admired her musical talent and beautiful voice.  Greg and Tanya were married for 23 years and shared together in music ministry throughout those years…composing many Christian songs together (on the order of Lennon and McCartney), and traveling in their ministry as a duet vocalist team, “Gathered Fragments.” Greg and Tanya recorded many songs, combining their mutual songwriting talents, and helped other musicians record their music as well.   Together with Tanya, Greg was a part of several ministries as a worship team guitarist, and a youth choir leader.  Just prior to his passing, Greg was a key part of the music ministry at Bothell Worship Center, playing electric and acoustic guitar and keyboards, as well as singing. He was loved and appreciated by his church family, and was faithful to help with music week after week. Greg was really thankful to the Lord for all God had done for him.  He had a quiet gentle way of letting his faith shine through his life without forcing people away.  He loved his wife and family, his church family, and he loved playing the guitar!  He was a die-hard football fan, loved a good pizza, always loved Tabasco sauce, and brought a certain quiet gentleness with him as he would share with you.  As he has now passed from this life on earth, he has joined the guitar section in the presence of the Lord!  His music can never be replaced, but we can join him in music again…if we make Heaven our home!

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In lieu of flowers, remembrances may be made to Bothell Worship Center.

10 Responses to “Greg Zimmerman”

  • Tom Rief says:

    Sad to hear of Greg’s passing but thrilled to know that he is now in the greatest worship group of all time!! I had the opportunity to play with Greg in Reflections for two + years and remember a gentile spirit and a fine musician with great depth of thought and character. Many fond memories of traveling the northwest with Greg. He always had a twinkle in his eye on stage and I remember looking over at him during a performance and seeing how absolutely at home he was. I’m am sure that now he is more at home than ever and looking forward one day to a great reunion with you his family and friends that for a time have been left behind! Prayers…Tom Rief

  • Mel Brittell says:

    Dear Greg – I missed you. I came back home (to Seattle) you were especially one I wanted to meet up with and hear your voice again, get that “Ah HiYa Mel” that only came from you and your heart. I missed meeting your family and hearing your duets with your beautiful wife…KIDs GREG??? Ya did it! I know you can read this and I hear your own unique laughter…For your family, thank you for making happy – a special young boy who obviously grew into a fine man who loved his God…Warmest hugs from my heart to all of you who go through this journey now. Blessings,

  • donna marie mcmillin says:

    My Brother Jim McMillin was a dear friend of Greg & Susie Zimmerman in the earlier years of High School. They had a band named “Gamut” & practiced at our home in Richmond Beach Wa. I always looked up to them and they were so important to my brother, Jim. He still speaks fondly of them to this day. Rest in peace my friends, rest in the Lords peace.

  • David Loewen says:

    Sad to hear of Greg’s passing. I met Greg in High School, we both spent a good deal of time playing music. After graduation, I was fortunate to get to know him better as a member of Reflections. I remember his calm demeanor, kind heart and considerable talent. Music was his passion. It has been over 31 years since I’ve seen him, but it seems like yesterday. Rest in peace.

  • Cathie (Carina) Sauerzopf says:

    I am sad over Greg’s passing. I had the privilege to have seen him perform in the band, “Reflections”, and later in a Band with his wife, Tanya. Yes, they DID indeed make BEAUTIFUL MUSIC together! Greg, you will Forever LIVE in our Hearts…as I am positive many people have Fun and Silly Stories of you Causing MISCHIEF and MAYHEM, that we will GLADLY share…so, even people who have not met you–will get a chance to KNOW you, too! BIG HUGS!!!

  • Lyle Holdahl says:

    I was in Seattle last week performing. A lot of old band mates from the 70s and 80s showed up. Some of us were asking about Greg… naturally, great rock guitarist! I always hoped to work with him again. Peace

  • Tim Dunnigan says:

    I had the honor of playing drums for The Gamut, along with Dough Hirsch (keys), Jim McMIllin (bass), Susie Zimmerman (vox, percussion & flute). Greg was a master musician. Musicians would come to see Greg and Jim play. If I could, I would say 2 words to Greg; thanks & sorry. I’m not sure why, but he’s strongly in my mind even though I haven’t seen him since Shoreline High School days. His dad gave me my 1st paying gig at 15. Greg gave me much more and I’m grateful to him, all this time later. I also played for Reflections before heading for the ditch until 1985 and I never connected with Greg again.

  • Suzanne Murdock says:

    I was privileged to meet Greg when Reflections played at a high school dance. He approached me during a break and we became friends. He took me to see Santana and Jeff Beck, both amazing shows and wonderful to attend with someone so talented.

    We drifted apart and went our separate ways after awhile, but I never forgot what a sweet person and great musician he was. My thoughts and prayers to his family.

  • Thomas John Segers says:

    I knew Greg and played with him in Reflections for around 4 years. I was the original keyboard player and vocalist.

    Greg and I connected on a creative level and we shared a goofy, off the wall sense of humor. He was always calm and approachable in his demeanor and we just clicked. We were always amused by some of the things each other would say as they were creatively ‘out there’ and required an open mind.

    There was always a mutual respect for the collaborations on songwriting we shared and we played a couple of his songs, one being ‘Turnaround’ which he sang. I still have a tape of it on our master.

    When I heard of Greg’s passing in 2013, I was living in Jacksonville Florida. I had recently finished composing a song and needed a title for it.

    Thinking of Greg, it inspired me to title it ‘The Life of One’. The music video on Youtube subtlety references Greg. The gates to Heaven, the crowds standing ovation, the guitarist playing, the old family movie in black and white and the setting sun symbolic of his passing. It just fit. I wish he could have seen this.

    Love you brother…

  • Greg Malloy says:

    It’s obviously been a long time since Greg’s passing but needed to write something. I grew up with Greg a long time ago. I was 12. He was maybe 10 and his sister Susie was 8 or so. I never knew the other brother.. Greg and I would play baseball catch everyday when we could. Or go skiing down the hills by his house in north Seattle off of 180th and Stone (if I remember correctly). I had to move away when I was 13 after my mother passed in 1970. I like to think that I might have been the 1st one to ever play guitar with Greg. We would play guitar, write alot of songs and his father Jerry would help us and encourage us. I’m so glad he was able to follow this passion in his life. I want to pass on my condolences to his family and to his father and his wife. It was also a shock to read that his sister had passed. I didn’t know Greg a long time but he was and still is one of my best friends ever.

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