Bill Quillin

William Mark Quillin, Jr., known as Bill, was born September 3rd, 1952 and passed away on November 13th, 2012 unexpectedly from a sudden heart attack.

Bill was born in Oklahoma.  He became a world traveler at a very young age, living in Japan,Germany,Libya,Kansas and then Renton,Washington.  His father William Quillins’ military profession attributed to his love of travel.  His mother, Chiyoko Sato, was an amazing cook, soft spoken, family oriented woman.  This explains where Bill got all of his best attributes.  Bill grew up with his older sister Mary, whom he loved dearly. He enjoyed being around his two nieces Jessica,Elizabeth and his nephew Billy. Both Bills parents and sister preceded him in death.

Bill Graduated from Issaquah High School in 1970. Several years later he found his niche in the electronics distribution industry.  His last 20+ years was with Arrow Electronics.

In 1977, Bill met his best friend and love, Jeri and they were married for 26 years.  Bill and Jeri enjoyed fishing, hunting and camping together. His way of relaxing was to go bird hunting or fishing.  Bill’s passion turned more to fishing after losing his most prized hunting dog “Dee”.

Bill became an immediate hit with Jeri’s family.  Not only did he have his in-laws John and Mary, he also had five sister-in-laws, four brother-in-laws, 11 nieces and nephews and 15 great nieces and nephews.  The family loved him immensely and always enjoyed his company.

Bill’s first son Jason, was born in 1972.  Bill and Jeri had their daughter Whitney, in 1986, followed by their son Evan, in 1989.  Bill loved his children dearly; he couldn’t have been a more proud father.  Nothing could describe Bill more than the fact he was a “Family Man”.  His love knew no bounds when it came to his family, which also included two very special grandchildren, Jayden Michael and Thaelynn Marie.  Two words express how they were treated by Grandpa, “Lovingly Spoiled”!

Bill enjoyed teaching his kids how to fish.  He was thrilled when his children at young ages found their love for fishing and was just as excited this year when both grandkids took to fishing.  One day on the dock in Moses Lake, while teaching his grandchildren, and a boy who was alone how to fish, he told his daughter, “If you teach them young, once they start catching fish, they will fish forever”!

One of the best qualities Bill possessed was his amazing sense of humor and his ability to make those around him laugh. He knew how to lift people’s spirits. Those who knew Bill could not say enough good things about him. Having fun and working hard, was what Bill did best.  He wasn’t just a peer or manager, he was someone who truly cared about the people he worked with and was always going the extra mile for them.  This is the kind of friend Bill will forever be known as.

Bill leaves behind his wife Jeri, his son Jason ( Kristen), daughter Whitney, son Evan, grandson Jayden, granddaughter Thaelynn, nieces Jessica, Elizabeth and nephew Billy.

Because of the love and joy Bill received from helping and seeing young kids fish, we have set up a foundation in memory of Bill at:  C.A.S.T. for kids and


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  • Whitney Quillin says:

    To the man that taught me how to tell jokes, fish, eat sushi, use chopsticks, drive a boat, took me hunting, love animals, believe in everyone, be kind, take care of your family…is my inspiration….

    Thank you for all the funny memories, jokes, smiles, and laughs we’ve shared together through the last 26 years. You were an amazing father, I couldn’t have asked for more, you are “my hero”. your time here was definitely taken to soon. there isn’t a day I don’t think about you, or an hour that passes that you aren’t in. I miss you immensely, and so wish you were still here in my life; I don’t think there’s even words to explain this. I now know what people mean by saying they have a “broken heart”….You were such an amazing influence for me and for Thaelynn as well, and she misses her “Papa” dearly. I am so glad she was able to meet you, and old enough to remember you now forever. She talks about you all the time, and draws you pictures every night. Thanks for teaching her how to fish; the last few months in Moses lake we all spent together, I will cherish and remember always. You are the greatest story I know, or will ever hear about. I am so proud to be able to talk about you, and say you are my father. I love you dad, and will be thinking of you always…
    “Baby Beluga” 😉 Whitney

  • Mary says:

    OH Bill! What are we ever going to do without you here to make us laugh!!! It is so hard to know that I will never see that smile of yours with those dimples and listen to you and Ken battle it out to see who can top the other with your crazy and funny thoughts and words. I am truly grateful for all the time we did have together…camping, fishing, hunting, playing cards, raising our children together,going to Disney World and just having plain ole fun!!! I couldn’t have asked for a better brother-in-law and friend!! I always thought that there would be plenty of time to do all those things again when we retired and were ready to kick back. I looked forward to those days when you, Jeri, Ken and I could do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. (Just like the longest week-end the four of us ever spent together that lasted forever.) I will only have happy memories of you because that is the way it was around you. I know I will see you soon, along with Dad, Mom, Lillie and everyone else that is there with you now. Until then, you will always be remembered for all you did while you were here! God’s Blessing Always…With Love, Darlene

  • MaryAnn Tasker-Thompson says:

    Bill, there is so much I want to say but I’m thinking you already know so I won’t. 🙂
    You were supposed to retire like me; well, maybe not exactly as I did but get out and live. So many stories and memories, so many. I don’t know that I have ever known a man with more passion for what he did and for those who worked for him. I am grateful for having worked with you for all these many years. Enjoy the fishing my friend, should be awesome. By the way, did you find Dee when you passed the gate?

  • Jay Hines says:

    Bill, I was shocked to hear you had left us here on Earth… You will be missed by all your friends in the electronic business. You are a pretty awsome sales guy and human being. One of the best. I had kind of lost contact with you in these later years, but the early years were a blast selling semicondconductors. I never knew you were such a great fisherman…enjoy Heaven my electronic industry friend. You are a classic in this business.

  • Jill Wrucha-Munter says:

    I will never lose the image of your face, with that little smirk and twinkle in your eye as you walk by, softly saying something under your breath so whitey and sarcastic I burst out laughing! You are always there to lighten the mood and help anyone who needed help. I have fond memories and feel grateful I had a chance to know and work with you. Sleep softly my friend, God bless your family.

  • Julie Schenck says:

    Wow, that is too soon to lose you Bill! You were a touch but kind person and I just figured God had a lot of plans for you that would keep you on this earth a lot longer. I can recall all the times you and Bob Dale and the guys would talk about your fishing and huting trips like it was yesterday. I suspect you will be doing alot of that still, but upstairs. Go catch the BIG one Bill!

    You are going to be missed down here : )

  • Barry Glenn says:

    You have made such a positive impression on so many people and will be missed dearly. Memories are what we have and there are so many that you have left us with to cherish. May you RIP my friend.

  • Lydia Vereide says:

    I’am so grateful for having worked with you. You were always there to help and motivate us.
    I do have fond memories of us playing practical jokes on each other trying to see who could out do who. You were always one step ahead of me, especially the time you left those stinky sardines in my desk. You will truly be missed by all. God bless your family.

  • Hank Hillig says:

    You will be missed. You sat in your cubicle like the father confessor for the branch. One by one, people would come in, sat down in front of you and confess they had a problem with some deal or customer or corporate person. You would sit back with a hint of a smile and listen without laughing (usually). Then you would offer advice or make a call or whatever you could do to clean up the mess. You were great. You were a tough competitor and even better to work with.
    Fish on!

  • Erik Boxmeyer says:

    I worked with Bill from afar. I’m in the MN branch and share his life of walleye fishing. Bill and I would chat on the phone sharing fishing stories and trading secrets. Bill also called me a few times to make sure we were taking good care of Kathy Martin when she moved back because that’s the type of guy he was. In a world where a can get too focused on the bottom line Bill added a nice personal touch. I lost a dad who was a fishin buddy a so my sympathies are with you all.

  • Mary Maas says:

    Your sense of humor always kept everyone going. I still remember the first time I met you when I was looking for a job in the electronics industry in 1980. It was a courtesy interview when there was no opening because my brother worked for Hamilton in AZ. It’s ironic and a gift to me that we ended up working together my last job in the industry at Arrow. Your witty sense of humor, dedication and example to everyone as a leader that accomplished things because he went above and beyond daily are unforgettable. I know. That’s the kind of stuff you wouldn’t want to hear if you were still here! You will always be with me and so many. God bless you and your family. Catch the big one up there!

  • Duke says:

    Bill was a special person that touched many people through his life. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  • Laura Mellon says:

    Simply put he was “the best of the best”

  • Cindy (Boyer) Brown says:

    I’ve worked with Bill for 20+ years, he was a great boss but even more so a great friend and mentor. I was so blessed to have known him. Per my husband Ron, the world is a smaller place now without Bill.

  • Joni Nye says:

    The times that I did get to spend with Bill, he was always soft spoken, slow to anger, and loved to make you laugh. It is my sincere prayer that those good qualities in Bill will live on through the ones he left behind. It is my sincere prayer that Jeri, Whitney, and Evan will find peace with God and will look to God for comfort. Jesus said, “I have told you these things so that in me yhou may have peace. In this world you will have trouble and sorrow. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33.

  • Stephanie Glass says:

    I worked with Bill at Arrow back when I had just turned 18, my father of course asked Bill to give me a job 🙂 I will always remember what a caring man he was and how he was so layed back and kind. I was so sorry to hear of his passing. He will be missed.

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