John Frederick Dugan

John Frederick Dugan  (May 2, 1938—October 15, 2012)

John Frederick Dugan, known affectionately as Fred, died on Monday, October 15, 2012, at 3:16 p. m., in Bellevue, WA, after a short illness.  Fred was born in Alton, IL, and moved to Edinburg, TX in 1945.  He graduated from Edinburg High School and Pan American College, and went on to the University of Texas in Austin to earn a Master’s degree in Library Science in 1962.  He worked as a professional cataloger in the University of Texas Library for 36 years.  In 1997, he retired to the side of a mountain near Crestone, CO, where he remained until moving to Bellevue, WA in January, 2012.

Known for his cheerful nature, ready wit, love of punning, love of music, and his remarkable generosity, Fred will be greatly missed by many friends in Texas and Colorado.   He is survived by one brother, Richard (Marilyn) Dugan of Capon Bridge, WV,  two nephews, a niece, and five grand-nephews, and by his long-time companion, Sylvia Hazlerig, of Bellevue.

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  • Don Murdock says:

    Hello, Dick, Sylvia and all loved ones. I’m so sad to hear about Fred. We were such good friends for so many year. I can’t tell you how much I’ll miss him and his “ready wit”. So may years of running and going out to eat- so hard to think he is gone.


  • Elena says:

    I feel great sadness for Fred’s passing. First, because he was a sweet and kind man, and made the world a better place. Second, because his friendship with Sylvia was beautiful to see, and I know the great loss she will endure with his absence. My thoughts are with Sylvia and Fred’s family.

  • Susan Hazelmann says:

    Fred will be missed by many here in Washington too, and by his “adopted” Hazlerig family. I think I told Fred the last pun he enjoyed. Sunday night (the 7th) when we took him to the emergency room they said they were transferring him to ICU and later Mama (Sylvia) said something about “I’ll see you tomorrow” and I said “No, they said ICU tonight.” It was a weak effort on my part, but it got a smile out of Fred. I will always treasure that smile.

  • Joyce Hazlerig says:

    Fred will be greatly missed. He had a place in our hearts, he was always ready with a witty remark or pun. He loved sharing kitty pics and stories. James and I have fond memories of visiting with him Colorado. I am so glad he had a great year in Seattle. I loved seeing Sylvia and him in San Antonio for Jake’s graduation. I hope to get to Fonda San Miguel and raise a toast in his honor.

  • Lise and Rob Lindfors says:

    We had the privilege of meeting and becoming friends with Fred this year. We will miss this wonderful man’s friendship greatly. He touched our hearts. Our condolences to Sylvia and all who knew and loved him.

  • Abe Minzer says:

    What I always loved about Fred was when several people were having a conversation he wouldn’t speak up, but just sort of mumble things in the background, unobtrusively. At first I thought why is he mumbling, but then I started more and more listening to his side commentary, and found these to often be the true gems of the moment vs. the actual “conversation”. I got hooked on Fred’s commentary- it was like my secret box of candy listening to these jewels Fred would utter. He was truly a unique and loving individual.

    It saddens me that he was taken so suddenly, and that he still had life and it wasn’t his time yet. In any event, my heart goes out to my dear friend Sylvia and all of Fred’s friends and family.

  • Susannah Ortego and Harun Magnuson says:

    Harun and i were saddened to learn about Fred’s passing this morning. He was the most dear, wonderful and generous man, and we have missed his presence here, as we miss you, Sylvia. We wish you and Fred’s family every blessing and send you a hug.

  • Mary Grace & Vernon Carroll says:

    Still miss your smile Sylvia and now Fred’s kind heart and warm spirit, rest in peace, friend.

  • Patte and Dale Smith says:

    Very saddened to hear of Fred’s passing. He was wonderful, delightful man.

  • batiste and judy says:

    We are so sad to have heard of Fred’s passing and will always remeber his kind and understated humor, how much he enjoyed those lunches at Hooper Pool and his constant presence at the Hazlerig Musical events….Fred brought a warm spirit to our crestone community and he will be missed…

  • Lynda Kucin says:

    Fred and I had great conversations while I cut his hair. That was 18 years worth of haircuts. Every time we talked he would ask “How’s NHN doing?” He was so very generous with the Crestone community. I was so grateful to Sylvia and to Fred for giving us the gift of music at the music house. Those were wonderful years! I too will miss his quick wit, so soft spoken but right on. You made a mark in this community Fred and will be missed. My love to your forever friend, Sylvia.

  • Suzanne Frazier says:

    Sylvia, I know you will miss Fred terribly, as all of us will. I am delighted to discover that you two were near each other during the last year of his life. I so enjoyed Fred’s gentle spirit, his love of art, and his support of the Crestone Community. I am so glad we had lunch together in Denver and I got to see the two of you together, laughing and enjoying life. Sending love, Suzanne

  • Sylvia Parsons says:

    Sad to hear of Fred’s passing. His kindness and generosity will never be forgotten. I was glad to see him at Jake’s graduation. The boys always spoke of him kindly and loved his puns. Thoughts of love to his family and his Hazlerig family as well.

  • Lynne and Rene says:

    We will always cherish our memories of seeing Fred in Crestone, when our string quartet would go there to play at Sylvia’s “Music House”. Fred was always so kind and welcoming to us. He would give us his entire house to stay in for the weekend.

    We loved the way Fred was so opinionated in his likes and dislikes of music. When he liked a piece that we played he would go on and on about how beautiful he thought it was. But if it was a bit too “modern” sounding for his taste, he was never shy about giving his opinion about that either. There were many conversations among the 4 of us while we were in rehearsals when we would say “How do you think Fred will react to this piece?”

    Our trips to Crestone hold a very special place in our hearts, thanks in great part to the kindness of Fred and Sylvia. We are so saddened by Fred’s passing, and we will miss him very much. Our love to you, Sylvia. René and Lynne

  • Glen Hazlerig says:

    Fred was a great guy–fun, witty, and good-natured–and he will be sorely missed by my sons and me. We considered him family. We spent countless pleasant hours visiting with him in Colorado and Texas, and groaned and chuckled through so many spontaneous punning sessions around the dinner table and over desert. Always quick with a witty response that he seemed to draw out of the air, Fred always made me smile. Here’s to you and your spirit, Fred, wherever you are.

  • Jennifer Cahill Clark says:

    Vince and I will miss Fred so. He was a beloved friend and an adopted uncle. His generosity never ceased to amaze us, and his wit always made us laugh. We love you Sylvia and are so sorry for the loss of your very special companion. Know that you are in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts. We love you… The Clarks

  • Meadowlark says:

    Ladina Quartet
    Of the foursome…—
    first the mandolin, now the rhythm, have passed…,
    the fiddler loves teaching piano …,
    and the meadowlark is the scribe.

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