Leona (Lee) Mae Weeks

Lee, 1965

Leona (Lee) Weeks died peacefully at home on September 16, 2012, one day after her 82nd birthday. Although Lee had suffered a debilitating stroke in 2005, she inspired those of us who knew her by showing her determination to live life in the face of adversity.

Born in Oregon, Lee married Harold Weeks in 1952 and raised 3 girls. After they divorced in 1974, Lee went back to school to get her Masters degree in education at the University of Washington and worked as a Child Psychologist for the Renton School District. She enjoyed working with those children who most need help as well as with the gifted children programs. During this period Lee also volunteered as a counselor at Planned Parenthood.

Lee had a lifelong interest in nature, and was always learning more about the world around us – plants and animals, mushrooms and geology, and the native cultures of the Northwest coast. In the summers she hiked; in the winters, she skied. In the autumn, she would take her girls along on mushroom hunts, bringing back the bounty to cook up in butter, which made every discovery delicious.

After retiring, Lee discovered travelling, and the travel bug bit hard. She typically traveled to three different countries a year, researching each location as carefully as she could before the trip, including studying to learn the regional birds and languages. Central and South American countries were always favorites, though among others, she also went to Africa, Antarctica and Australia.

Lee leaves behind her three daughters, Regan (Scott Petersen), Diana (Brent Anderson), and Kathi (Michael Hardt) and two granddaughters, Maia and Hayden Anderson. Lee didn’t want a funeral, but recognized that there might be solace from some form of memorial. Although there are no immediate plans for a memorial, please honor her life as you feel moved to action: give to a charity, volunteer to tutor a child, adopt a pet from a shelter, or plant a tree as a final gesture of love for Lee.

Lee with granddaughters Hayden & Maia, 2004

Lee with Regan & Kathi, 1984

Lee with Diana, 1984

5 Responses to “Leona (Lee) Mae Weeks”

  • Regan Weeks says:

    Mom, I’ll remember you as you used to be, your intelligence, your curiosity, and yes, stubbornness! I still smile when I remember your stories of your honeymoon on a fire lookout tower in Oregon. I miss you!

  • Kathy Rudy says:

    Although I never met Lee, I feel like I know her a little bit through my good friend, her daughter, Kathi. I am an aspiring naturalist, and Kathi’s stories about mushrooming and birding and cats have been very inspiring to me. Lee, I thank you for your life and especially for your daughter Kathi and her grounding role in my life. She is a gift. I hope you find solace now with all the critters that you so loved in this world. I honor your passing by putting up a special bird feeder in your name. Come visit us with your spirit! Love from NC, Kathy Rudy

  • Teri (Tostenson) Staszewski says:

    Lee, reading what your family has said here brings back many memories of years gone by…I remember the “mushroom hunts” and the assorted fruit tree’s (YUMMMY!), your beautiful home in S.D. It is great to know that you continued to enjoyed the outdoors and all that life had in store for you.

  • Patsy (Matsler) Jensen says:

    Lee, From S.U.S.H., the UofO, marriages, kids, grankids, to visits and then letters our friendship has been warm and faithful for some 64 years. The tons of memories over these years are wonderful. How I treasure them! Your beautiful daughters continue your strong and exceptional quest for knowledge. You inspired me more than you could know. What an outstanding model you have been. I will miss you….but not for long. Because, like you I am up in years, 81. “So Ole Pal I will see you in the great beyond ‘er long”. love Patsy

  • Dysa Kafoury says:

    Lee Weeks has left me with wonderful memories: sharing with me her knowledge and enthusiasm for birds, flowers, and plants, at home and abroad; peaking my interest and sense of adventure for travel; laughing together over the many unexpected events we encountered skiing and traveling; sharing insights as colleagues. As the song goes: Thanks for the memories.

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