Klaus Peter Bodo Joeschke

Klaus Peter Bodo Joeschke was born August 1st, 1950 in Villach, Austria to Peter and Gabriele Joeschke. After the war, in 1952, the young family immigrated to New York from Bremen, Germany. They later settled in Compton, California where Klaus grew up with his parents and younger sister Evelyn. Klausi, as his parents called him, grew up Catholic, loved to ride his motorcycle on one wheel and took great pride in his skill with the accordion. He and his family regularly visited the Pacific beaches and had an invested hobby in sailing.


After graduating high school in California Klaus married, had a daughter named Jennifer, and enlisted in the US Navy. Several years after joining the Navy, his marriage failed and he was divorced in 1974. He moved to Seattle where he met Lorrie and they were married in 1975. During their 17-year marriage they raised two children, Alecia and Klaus Joseph, in the Skyway area of Renton. Klaus worked as a taxi driver for Farwest Taxi and then went on to work as a machinist for PACCAR foundry. He later went to work for Boeing, also as a machinist, and in 1988 moved his family to the Renton-Issaquah area.


His children remember him most as an outdoorsman who loved fishing, hiking, shooting, camping, and mushroom hunting. His favorite spot was the South Fork of the Ho River on the Olympic Peninsula. Klaus enjoyed a day out shooting at watermelons and pumpkins, or just hanging out at home playing computer games and watching Gallagher. He enjoyed watching movies and television, listening to music and reading mystery novels. He was a big fan of M.A.S.H., Night Court, Doctor Who, and Star Trek. He often took out his little dinghy when he fished, although sometimes he just cast off on the banks of rivers. He is remembered for his love of food, cooking and putting peanuts in his bottle of Coca-Cola. One of his favorite family dishes, Fleisch Rouladen, is a family tradition to this day. As a motorcycle enthusiast he loved to ride dirt bikes and had turned his son onto them by the age of eight. His all time favorite beer was Rainier when it was still brewed in Seattle. He enjoyed drinking Drambuie or Scotch with his father and later found a liking for Jagermiester. His favorite tobacco was Captain Black which blended with his Stetson and Old Spice cologne to create a fond memory for his children.


After getting divorced in 1992, Klaus found his Mecca in West Seattle, including many spots along California Ave and within the Junction. His favorite past-time was spending time with his friends at the Poggie Tavern on California Avenue. He thrived in West Seattle with his soul mate Vera for 18 years before she passed away. He and Vera loved to frequent their favorite restaurants and bars in the Seattle area. They were known to take fun journeys to Oregon and places along the pacific coast including roughed camping spots. The Cascades were a dear friend to Klaus especially with his fondness for exploring. While living in West Seattle, Klaus retired from his final career at the Lighthouse for the Blind.


Shortly after Vera passed away Klaus moved to Federal Way to live with his ex-brother in-law Craig, aka ‘Crazy’ or ‘Barefoot Biker.’ Klaus passed away on August 28th, 2012 at the age of 62 from heart disease, liver failure and high blood pressure.


Many remember Klaus as a handsome and charming man, a real Errol Flynn. He always believed in honesty and was a truly compassionate man. He will forever be in our hearts and missed by many for one of the many roles he played throughout his life.


Klaus is predeceased by his parents, his sister Evelyn, and his long-time companion Vera. He is survived by his children, his grandchildren and one nephew.

7 Responses to “Klaus Peter Bodo Joeschke”

  • Klaus Joseph says:

    Miss you dad. Got your ashes today and having a few clan MacGregors with you. Many miss you. You were always loved by everyone who ever knew you as you.

  • Michael says:

    You were one of the only people I liked to speak with at Poggies. I enjoyed the stories you told me. I know you are looking from heaven and probably have a beer and cigarette in your hand. Take care, Klaus.

  • David Nichols says:

    My best and only true friend since high school. Going to miss you. thanks for always being there.
    Love you man.

  • Marvin Nichols says:

    Klaus, you were one of the best and funnest people I ever knew. One of my fondest memories of you was the time we were all out riding the trails in Euclid and you had a flat on your bike. For what ever reason we went to get help and when we got back you were nowhere to be found. We look everywhere for ya but never found you till we got back home and you were sleeping in Dave’s car. It was funny to find out ya pushed your bike to some station and then got a ride to the house. I’ll bet your riding again, on one wheel as always, on the best trails & roads now. You are truly missed but will always be loved. Happy Trails till we meet again.

  • Alecia says:

    For those who would like to enjoy the photoswe have pulled together of Klaus, please visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/kissthefrogs/sets and click on the photo album titled “Klaus Peter 1950-2012”

    You may click on individual photos to view them larger or you can click on the “slide show” button at the top right of the screen to watch a slideshow. To download an individual photo, click on it. Then click on the “Action” button to the left above the photo. Click on “All sizes” then click on “download the large size of this photo”

    You may also share photos and email them from the album.

  • Klaus Joseph Joeschke says:

    Dad, your memorial was a huge turn out at Poggie. Lots who love you dearly. You won’t be forgotten. A little bit of you will always stay there.

  • Heather Joeschke says:

    We miss you Klaus P! Met a lot of wonderful people at the poggie last night. Everyone had so many great things to say about you. I can see why you liked it there so much! Everyone loved you. You were such an easy guy to talk to and get along with. I am greatful for the time I got to know you. Thank you for making such a wonderful son for me to spend the rest of my life with. He really is a great guy and I see he got a lot of your good qualities. I will always miss your laugh, I can still hear it in my head sometimes and always gives me a smile. You will be truly missed. Xoxo

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