David Allen Hebert

David Allen Hebert, died in his sleep on the morning of July 5, 2012. He was 57 yeas old.

Born in Seattle on January 14th, 1955, Dave grew up in Bellevue before it turned into its current state: fishing the culvert’s (yes, native trout once ran under your feet, Eastsiders), sneaking into the Bel-Kirk Drive-In movie theater, or simply hanging with his pals. He attended Sacred Heart Elementary, Chinook Junior & Bellevue Senior high schools. He was a carpenter by trade and could build just about anything.

Dave had some pavement under his feet. Lots of paths traveled. Some for good, others not so much (his own definition). But he never lost the spark that separated him from just about everyone else: the guy could take up with anyone: kings, queens, jesters, politicians, proletariat & bourgeoisie, young and old alike. He’d get you to the now, and soon it was two people conversing on equal footing. He would find a thread of commonality and feed it. The end result was usually a friendship, or at the very least it was time well spent, you’d walk away untangling the ball of yarn you had just spun with him and doing it fondly.

This is sad and it stings, because there was a whole lot of living left do for brother Dave. He is survived by his son Anthony-28 and daughter Shawna-26 (and their mother Vicki), all of Kirkland. His mother Doreen, brothers Barney (wife Nancy, children Allysen and Jordan – and their spouses Joey and Christina), Ken (Linda), John (Zoe, children Margaret & Audrey) and Joe (Jennifer, and Ben). Sisters Mary (Tony), Julie (Kelly, and children Aaron, Emily and Claire) and Kris (Bob and daughter Monica).



Remember Dave kindly. He really did have a heart of gold.

A memorial will be held on Thursday, July 19th, at 11:00am at Sacred Heart Church in Bellevue.

20 Responses to “David Allen Hebert”

  • Marcia Hill Lyle says:

    I haven’t seen Dave for years but, I’ll always remember him as a very fun loving guy. He was a sweetheart. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of Dave’s family and friends.

  • Sally (Randall) Thiessen says:

    I knew David through his sister Mary growing up. David was always looked up to as the big brother as was his brother Paul. I also went to school with his wife Vicki; she was always a care free spirit as was David. I remember David as in his high school photo and that is how I will always remember him. Sometimes I forget that we are all getting older and sometimes your time comes sooner than later. It is sad that there are now two loses in the family they were both great guys, with high standards and definitely had their human compass in tacked. My condolences to the Hebert family, may he rest in peace, Sally Randall.

  • Greg Bannick says:

    Known Dave since our days at Sacred Heart, Chinook and BHS, good guy, always fun, always postive. Lots of time at their home on 24th.

    Our thought and prayers for the Hebert famil and may Dave rest in Peace.

  • Terri Tollefson Gordon says:

    So sad to hear about Dave. My family lived a block away from the Hebert family on Clyde Hill and across the street from Vicki during childhood days. Dave was an interesting and friendly guy and will be missed. My condolences to the family.

  • Lisa Weiss says:

    Sending condolences. Terribly sad. So sorry for your loss. I was a classmate of Dave’s from Clyde Hill Elementary through BHS. May God give you strength during this painful time.

  • Jan Wilhelmi says:

    I have fond memories of Dave from the Chinook and Bellevue years. He was always fun to be around and his laughter was contagious. I love seeing the pictures of him in later years, I hope you can post more. My condolences to his family, he left too soon. May he rest in peace and send some of that Dave magic to those of us still traveling those paths…some good and some not so much:)

  • Pam Fogleman Heselgrave says:

    I was very sorry to read about Dave’s passing. My younger brother, Van, & Dave were buddies in the good old days of Clyde Hill. I will definitely remember him kindly. Heartfelt condolences to his family & friends.

  • Tall Bill Blakely says:

    Dave was a fun and humorious brother in our years together at school. While not being in touch much since except reunions, his spirit was still there throughout his adulthood. Rest easy Dave & Blessings to his family at large.

  • Bob Gowing says:

    I have fond memories of Dave when we were growing up. From Sacred Heart through Bellevue High. Many sleep overs at the family home. Dave had a great heart, and a great sense of humor. A little devil(with a big smile) at times, like the rest of us. A friend to all who knew him. My heartfelt condolences to the entire Hebert Family.

  • Lauren MacDonald Sheehan says:

    I didn’t know Dave so well, although we lived close on Clyde Hill. met him at Chinook in the 7th grade. I was not in the inner circle of his friends who were the very cool kids. I always had a bit of a crush on him and I don’t think I knew a girl who didn’t. I remember he asked me to dance once at one of those Bellevue Boys Club dances and I was so nervous my hands got sweaty! Ha! Thanks, Dave, for the fond memories. God Speed.

  • Shawn Mary Fitzpatrick says:

    A lot of good years with the great Sacred Heart class of 1970, then onto Chinook and BHS. Rest in peace Dave. God bless you

  • Carol Fletcher Kothe says:

    I knew Dave from Chinook, Bellevue High and more recently our mutual niece Allysen’s wedding. My sister Nancy married Dave’s brother Barney. It’s interesting the turns life takes.

    Dave was a cute, funny, jokester. He loved to tease the girls.

    He leaves behind two beautiful children and a still large extended family who will miss him! I wish life could have been easier for him, but he is at peace now. My deepest sympathy to his family, especially his mom Doreen. A mother shouldn’t have to out live her child or children.

  • Tamar Weitzel says:

    Dave was a great buddy to me in junior high school. I always appreciated having such a friend that happen to be a guy. I have not seen Dave for many years but I have thought of him often. My heart goes out to Dave’s family.

  • mary says:

    Hey David,you were special as all of My Bros and Sisters! Im so happy you are in a better Place! Peace for you and send more Butterflys! Love you! Keep on Truckin!

  • Kristine says:

    GOD LOVES US ALL. I’ll see you later.

  • Tim Haase says:

    Doc,will miss ya brother..

  • Vicki says:

    I will always have love in my heart for Dave.

  • Janis (Boone) Day says:

    Bless You Dave,You will alawys be remembered. May you R.I.P.

  • Richard Perry says:

    Dave was a good person, a hard worker always willing to lend a hand for a friend. I remember once we knocked down a tree at my house and came within about 18″ hitting the garage, I guess his luck finally ran out. Godspeed to you Dave, say hi to Julie up there for me.

  • Kris Philp (Kristin Kramer) says:

    I don’t know anyone that wasn’t aware of Dave Hebert back in the day. He definitely made an impression. These are just my thoughts since I wasn’t a close friend (just an admirer) but he had undeniable celebrity swagger and raw star power. A bit of a legend at a young age. He was what most of us aspire to be today. Authentic. Self-possessed. World wise. He was the defacto leader of the pack and O.G. all the way. I don’t think he cared that much about what anyone thought of him. He shed that burden long before the rest. He was living his life thoroughly and unapologetically. You could see how much he stood out from the crowd even back then. I’m sure lots of us either wanted to be like him or be close to him. Someday we will. RIP Dave.

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