Li-ting Hao (郝麗亭)

Li-ting Hao (郝麗亭)

Li-ting Hao (郝麗亭) passed away at Overlake Hospital on June 3, 2012.


She was born in Jiawzuo, China. Her father was a baker who passed away when Li-ting was very young. Her mother was an evangelist serving a small church in town. Li-ting went to Christian elementary and secondary schools, then attended a nursing school run by the China Inland Mission. After that she worked at the missionary hospital.

In 1946 she met Minghsin Lo, a young Army officer who was hospitalized for illness. They fell in love and got married a year later. They moved to Mr. Lo’s hometown in Guangzhou for a while, and then moved to Taiwan with Army War College in 1949.

After several more moves, they finally settled in Taiwan’s southern city of Tainan. Li-ting was a housewife when her four children were young. After her youngest son began elementary school, she started working at Salt Production Co. in Tainan. As Minghsin was sometimes away with the army, Li-ting took care of the young children by herself. Mr. Lo retired from the army and became an English teacher in 1961. After their children grew up and left Tainan, Minghsin and Li-ting moved to Taipei to be closer to family. Their grandchildren were their great pleasure.

Li-ting was a loving mother and grandmother. As her children married, she would continue to be a source of help whenever needed. All her children and grandchildren enjoyed her delicious food, pretty hand-made sweaters, and other wonderful crafts. She also had two green thumbs; wherever she lived, she would plant and cultivate lovely flowers and plants.

After their daughter immigrated to the U.S., Li-ting and Minghsin also settled down at Redmond, Washington, in 1996. They enjoyed the quiet life and beautiful scenery there. They also made some good friends. The senior center and parks in this area provided them much entertainment.

Li-ting was a very devoted Christian who always wished that Minghsin would become one, too. They joined Lake East Christian Church after settling down in Redmond, and Minghsin was baptized the same year. The church and fellowship provided great support when Li-ting went through illnesses. As she grew older and weaker, Li-ting was unable to attend worship service every Sunday, but she always prayed and listened to the Gospel broadcast at home.

She is survived by her husband, Minghsin Lo; her four children, Phili, Wenho, Jey-Chin, and YouMing; sons-in-law, Yalung Hu and Kuang-Lu Chu; daughters-in-law, S Wang and W Shu; and, grandchildren, Kochun Hu, Koti Hu, Tzuhuan Lo, Tzeyu Lo, Jennifer Chu, Yi Lo, and Wei Lo.


Lake East Christian Church
5241 116th Ave. NE Kirkland, WA
June 8th, 2012 at 3 p.m.

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  • Mike Foley says:

    I will never see a bouquet of flowers again without thinking of Li-ting. I will miss her.

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