Loretta Haynie Hodgson

July 8, 1957 – February 19, 2012

Loretta H. Hodgson –CPA passed away on February 19, 2012 from colon cancer. She is survived by her husband of 27 years Robert Hodgson and her sister Beverly Haynie.

With her warrior personality she fought the cola wars as Director of Finance for Pepsi where she worked for 20 years. Her determination, positive thoughts of many friends and the phenomenal support of her coworkers at Pepsi allowed her to be with us 57 months when the average person in her condition only gets 19 months. For that everyone is grateful. Her tenacity and the ability to keep the negative thoughts on the other side of the wall allowed her to enjoy all the time she had. Her view was “why worry about what may not happen “. She never had to think about what she put on the other side of the wall and did not suffer any pain.

She is buried in the Harveyville, Kansas Cemetery Lot #63, space #10, located at 11500 Mockingbird Hill Road, Harveyville, KS 66431. This is a small farming town where her husband’s family history is located.

Her upbeat attitude, love of life, willingness to help and sense of humor made her the type person you enjoyed being around. With her near photographic memory, fierce determination and three universities later (University of New Orleans, University of Colorado and finally University of Toledo) she graduated near the top of her class. She enjoyed reading and music (completed 3.5 years of a music education degree with a classical voice, prior to changing to a business major). She visited 49 of 50 states during many great vacations and had airline tickets purchased to see her final state, Alaska in August 2012. She was born in Farmington, NM and lived in Odessa, TX, Houma, LA, Gretna, LA, Metairie, LA, Harvey LA, Denver, CO, Toledo, OH, and Sicklerville, NJ.
Loretta was caring and did not want to cause people to worry or be saddened. Her wishes are that you hug the people close to you, move past the grief and get together later to remember the good times you had together.
In lieu of flowers you may donate to the American Cancer Society at the link below.
Thank you to everyone that enriched my wife’s life and she is fortunate to have met so many wonderful people. Many of her friends looked out for her during her time of illness, now she gets to look down and look out for us.

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  • Marjie Zimmerman says:

    I was Loretta’s cancer specialist/personal trainer for the final three years of her life. To say she was upbeat and positive does not seem adequate. I have worked with over 100 clients and their cancer experience for over 7 years, and she was, by far, the greatest example of “living well” with cancer. She rarely missed our once or twice a week sessions. We always adjusted her workout to what she could do, sometimes last minute. Towards the end we would hang on noodles at the end of the warm water therapy pool for an hour, laugh and analyze “Survivor” and “Glee.”
    Everything she did in her treatment we would discuss in detail. She would say “I’ll let you know how things go. If it can help one of your other clients, and educate you further, then good”. I miss her very very much. Even though I still train others early Friday morning, I often look down at our warm water therapy pool and think of our times together. She will continue to help others with cancer by sharing so much with me during our times together.

  • Cathy Gianfala Carriere says:

    My deepest condolences to Beverly and Lorretta’s husband Robert. I’m very saddened to learn of Lorretta’s passing. She was a dear and special person and I will always remember her wonderful smile and her laugh! I was good friends with Lorretta and Beverly at Grace King High School. I connected with Lorretta in the 80’s, when we were singing in the Jefferson Symphony Chorus and she asked me to sing for her Wedding here in Metairie. I knew she moved to Colorado and I’ve been looking for her, since I traveled there the past 3 years. My Deepest Sympathy, Cathy

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