James Cameron “Jamie” Paul



  James Cameron “Jamie” Paul

 January 14, 1946 – April 26, 2012

   Jamie was such “good company”.  HE MADE EVERYONE SPARKLE IN HIS PRESENCE.

Jamie passed away in the arms of every family member close enough to reach the UW hospital in time.  In his usual understated and gentlemanly way, Jamie demonstrated his lifelong, powerful determination to win his final race to live.  He entered transplant surgery expecting a perfect result and ready for the worst.  Jamie was the most mentally strong, gentle, caring, loving, unselfish person any of us has ever known.  Jamie was the best husband, brother, son, grandson, brother in law, uncle, cousin, Godfather and friend that any human being could ever have, or hope to have.

Jamie Paul’s Memorial Storytelling Event starts at 3 p.m. May 18 at the Seattle Golf Club.

As Jamie hath taught us to live: “no fools, no fun”

Jamie Stories, photos and tributes from friends are being posted at http://www.forevermissed.com/jamie-paul/ and www.bartonfuneral.com, + Guest Book.  Jamie was predeceased by his sister Jennifer Paul Pelly and his parents Mary Hartley Paul and Thomas W. Paul.  His survivors are his wife Sallie, his brothers and sisters in law Thomas (Tim) Cavour Paul and Deborah (Deb) Sheehan Paul, and Hartley Paul and Elizabeth (Betty) Shaw Paul, his brother in law Charlie Pelly, his adoring and devastated nieces and nephew, their spouses and children Kellsey Paul Perkins (Carl and Johanna), Catherine (Katie) Hartley Paul, Mary Hartley Pelly Fitzgerald (Greg, Jennifer and Cate) and Cameron Pelly (Amy, Kaitlin, Morgan and Chase), Sallie’s brothers, Danny W. Nicholls D.O. Col, USAF Ret. (Luke and Sophia), Leonard R. Nicholls (Sunan), and nephewsMichael Nicholls (Kristine) and Ryan Nicholls (Katie, Andrew and Owen).  Kellsey Perkins, Patrick Badell and Kyra Planetz are honored and thrilled to be Jamie’s Godchildren.  Jamie’s grandparents are Governor Roland H. Hartley and Nina Clough Hartley and Catherine Mackie Paul and Joseph William Paul.

   Sallie stayed with Jamie virtually every night and day for Jamie’s three months in the hospital.  He was hardly ever alone.  Sallie’s close friend Gege Planetz, Betty Paul who loves Jamie as a brother, Charlie Pelly, Katie Paul, Kellsey Perkins and Mary Fitzgerald, all spent many hours with Jamie.  Jamie was thankful for his exceptional UW nurses and staff. He felt and reciprocated their love. .  Jamie’s clubs: Bohemian Club, University Club of Seattle, Seattle Golf Club and Seattle Tennis Club.  Jamie’s charities: Luftseben/TKD Scholarship Fund, PO Box 1264, Gunnison, CO 81230 & UW Liver Transplant Program.

6 Responses to “James Cameron “Jamie” Paul”

  • Lynn Spiller says:

    My dear and wonderful friend Jamie. I will truly miss you; your laughter, your jokes and endless stories, your wisdom and advice, your caring support and understanding…..your friendship. You had all the qualities that made you who you were – THE GREATET GUY IN THE WORLD. I feel so honored to have been your friend for so many years and will cherish the memories. Hugs, Lynnie

  • Patti Costar says:

    Jamie was a person very special to me. He was a gentleman from the beginning and a good friend for 43 years. He made me laugh. He made me cry. He taught me to water ski. We shared a Maico 250 to race moto cross. In his own way he pushed me to try things and to do better. He was part of what made me what I am today, for which I am thankful. He will always live in my heart and in the memories. I will see him and hear his laughter and funny faces in my mind, until, I too am gone. I will miss him.

  • Jamie was really a one-of-a-kind person. He will never be matched. He was friendly, humorous, fun-loving, loyal and I could go on forever with his attributes. I was a partner of his in our Stuart Island retreat and what fun we had. Some of the best times were spent on the coping porch with the sun setting in the west and a cold one in our hands.Entertaining everyone was his specialty. An era has sadly ended. Farewell, Jamie, and have a safe journey.
    Marr Mullen

  • Peter MacRae says:

    I remember skiing with Jamie when we were kid but as a lot of us that grew up on Federal Ave. we drifted apart. I remember the good times. God Speed Jamie Paul.
    Peter MacRae

  • Tonja & Darren Hill says:

    Jamie & Sallie have been a huge part of our lives for the past 25 years. Living next door has been wonderful for us and our two girls! They are truly part of our family.

    Jamie loved telling his stories, teaching our daughters, Lauren & Sabrina life lessons, giving great advice, helping with their homework, tips on skiing, golfing, and just being a great friend to us all.

    One of our first encounters to the humor of Jamie and Sallie was a phone call, proclaiming a news bulletin that there were two moons visible for one night only and to go out on our deck and look to the South. When we told them we could not see it, they directed our eyes to their bedroom window which faced our house and in that window was Jamie and Sallie, side by side mooning us with their two moons while laughing hysterically!

    We have so many great memories of you Jamie. Thank you for your friendship. You will truly be missed by all of us!

    May you rest in Peace.

    Sallie we are so sorry for your loss. You two were wonderful together! Our thoughts and prayers are with you always! Love you.

    Darren, Tonja, Lauren & Sabrina Hill

  • Jim Woodhead says:

    I am shocked to discover that Jamie has passed on. I remember wonderful times with him and Hartley at their cabin in B.C. …Wonderful memories, laughs and top humor.

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