Albert Pagano

October 28, 1923 to April 3, 2012

I met Albert, my step-father, many years ago after he –  in my own words – rescued my mother Mary Zuk out of a rest home in the Seattle area.  Albert had known Mary as a young woman and told me she was the prettiest girl on Beacon Hill!  Both Mary and Albert had had previous marriages and Mary now had Multiple Sclerosis – but that didn’t matter to Albert.  As Albert  told me, he went to Mary’s old neighborhood on Beacon Hill visiting people who used to live near Mary and inquired as to her whereabouts.  Finally, Mrs. Gube who lived across and down the street on 16th Ave. S. was able to give him the phone number of Mary’s guardian/attorney – Miss Muriel Mower. Albert contacted the attorney, learned where Mary was and went calling on her. After some time of visiting with and taking Mary out – Albert married her.

One time, shortly after they wed, he took her to Olympia looking to find me – Mary’s only child.  They ended up getting lost and not finding me – but made a new friend while asking directions – ended up having drinks with their newly made friend and going back to Seattle.  We ended up connecting a short time later and had many fun visits over the next thirty-some years.

The moral of the story here is that Albert was a kind, compassionate, loving person and he cared for my mother unconditionally until the day he passed. Fortunately, they had been able to be in the same room at Queen Anne Healthcare Center for the last year or so – Albert was never far from Mary.  Even though Albert has passed – he has made all arrangements for Mary to be laid to rest next to him at Tahoma National Cemetary when her time comes.

That is the kind of man Albert was – a true champion, a true hero.  We had many wonderful visits and no matter what his opinion was, whether he agreed or disagreed, it was always a great conversation.  Albert was so open and fair – he was ahead of his time in many ways and will be greatly missed.

~Written by Valerie Parker on 04-04-2012


A service with full military honors will be held for Albert Pagano at Tahoma National Cemetry on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 11:30 am.


2 Responses to “Albert Pagano”

  • Virginia (Ginny) Walters says:

    Val – What a beautiful, touching story you have written to honor your step-father. We’re sorry for your loss – however, somehow we can tell what a wonderful, positive impact Albert had on you!

    Ginny & Norman Walters

  • Cris Perrupato says:

    Valerie – Thank you for the wonderful story. Albert had many cousins on the Perrupato side who are saddened to learn of his passing. Oh, the stories cousins Vic and Joe can tell about their wonderful cousin. We will make a trip out to Tahoma soon to pay our respects.

    Cris (Mrs. Joe) Perrupato

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