Maribeth G. Zwick

Maribeth Grabner Zwick died on January 1, 2012 at her home in Kirkland, Washington.
She was born April 7, 1945 to F. A. and Beth Groves Garbner in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and grew up in Renton, Washington.

A graduate of Renton High School and the University of Washington, she taught second grade at Woodin Elementary School, 1970-1993, and Kokanee Elementary, 1994-2000, in the North Shore School District. After retiring in 2000, she continued as a substitute teacher until June, 2010.
She had been active in theater and ballroom dancing during her adult years. Her marriage to Peter Zwick ended in divorce.

She was preceded in death by her parents, grandparents, and step-brother, Alec N. Custer.
She is survived by brother John D. Grabner, Pullman, Washington; half-brother Frank A. Grabner, Lake Forest Park, Washington; step-brothers, Donald W. Custer (Loraine), Burien, Washington; Bert H. Custer (Shirley), Renton, Washington; nieces Rachel M. Grabner, Tampa, Florida; Hilary B. Grabner, Seattle, Washington; step-nieces, Rose Marie Custer, Seattle, Washington; Ingrid Custer, New Zealand; Erika Custer, New York City, New York; and step-nephews Richard, Custer, Burien, Washington; Tim Custer, Lake Forest Park, Washington; Kjell Custer, New Zealand; Derek Smith, New York City, New York.

A memorial reception will be held at the Kirkland Woman’s Center, 407 First Street, Kirkland, Washington on Saturday, January 7, 2012 at 2:00 PM.

19 Responses to “Maribeth G. Zwick”

  • Sam and Jeannie Logozzo says:

    We are heartbroken to hear of our friend’s passing. MB was an incredible woman who brightened our lives with her humor, her song, her dance, and her friendship. We will hold tightly to the memories that she helped us make and will always feel a void with her gone. We love you, MB!

  • Russell Clark says:

    Maribeth was a very special lady and was a true pleasure to have as part of the Arthur Murray dance family. I will always remember her passion for people and always willing to lend a hand. Great memories will carry on for all that knew Maribeth!!!! Our thoughts will always be with you as you continue dancing in the stars!!!!!!

  • Susan Heffner says:

    Little did I realize that our Holiday luncheon would be our last. Maribeth was a part of seven others who have been friends since grade school. We meet every two months for a lunch and “catch up”. Friends I have had for over fifty years are truly special. Maribeth, you will be missed greatly. Thank you for being my friend. Love to you.

  • Ginger Roberts says:

    Maribeth was a woman with remarkable talent. I will remember her by her love for the arts. She had such a passion for dance and theater. Not only that, she impacted so many young lives positively with her love for teaching. She will be fondly remembered.

  • Inga Bertman says:

    Maribeth was one of a foursome of us who attended the Issaquah Theatre together for more than 20 years. What I most loved about her was her playful good humor. I loved for her to substitute for my third-graders because she brought songs, play and laughter to them. Maribeth was such a good sport, sharing her talents and love willingly. The world lost a good one this week, Maribeth.

  • Carole and Larry Cook says:

    Maribeth is gone, but will never be forgotten by those of us who were privileged to know her. She was a dedicated teacher,a lover of the arts, generous to a fault and a loyal friend. MB joined us one day during the holidays and helped to make our time together more joyous…she will be sorely missed when we gather again.

  • Lisa Goodrich says:

    I am so blessed to have been one of the many students Mrs. Zwick influenced in her career! Though it’s been 35 years, your encouragement, story telling and care are alive in my memory, thank you!

  • Jeanette and Ralph Teague says:

    Maribeth was always a straight speaking calm voice of reason at our college Wesley House ladies annual lunch gatherings, with an extra sparkle in her eye when recounting her dance experience. Ralph and I send our sincere condolances to her family – we will miss her.

  • Ingrid Rigsby says:

    Ms. Zwick was my second grade teacher at Woodin Elementary in 1986. I remember singing songs, playing games on the floor, having a Teddy Bear Reading Party, and all kinds of second grade learning and fun. I was at a dance in the early 2000s in Kirkland and she was on the dance floor dancing to a ballroom song and she was the one who recognized me!

    Fond memories of a long time ago being seven years old.

  • Laurin McCrory says:

    Maribeth was a joy to be with in the Arthur Murray dance festivities. She always spoke her mind and seemed to always have something to laugh about. She will be missed I’m sure.
    Keep on dancing Maribeth!

  • Lynda Humphrey says:

    My condolences to Maribeth’s entire family. She gave so much to so many. Her dedication to the children of Northshore School District was exemplary. Her volunteer work in the community contributed so much. She was an honest, kind, gentle person who gave of herself to others. She is missed. I just can’t believe she is no longer with us.

  • Pat Baer - Arizona says:

    Maribeth became my friend during our years at Woodin Elementary together. The students and staff loved Maribeth for her sense of humor and warmth. We were a unique family of educators and Maribeh was a leader. I will never, ever think of Peanut Butter and Jelly-jelly again without thinking of Maribeth. (those very close to her will know the meaning of this) We will miss you at Canyons Restaurant this year.
    Lovingly, Pat

  • charlotte Shields says:

    Heaven is singing and dancing now. Such a giving person. I always remember when Maribeth ” crashed” my little Honda Spree in the parking lot at Woodin. She just got up and rode it again. That was her! She will always be in my heart with a song.

  • Jennifer Mead says:

    Maribeth was one of the first people I met at Arthur Murray. I appreciate her open heart, warm sense of humor, and out-going nature. I’m sorry that she has passed, but it was lovely hearing everyone talk about her at the reception. She had a positive effect on so many people.

  • Lorraine Day-Neal says:

    Remembering Maribeth-walks home starting from the grade school level, rainbow girls, lunches and weekend trips with the high school gang. We all came to bid you farewell today, my friend. You’ll be forever in our hearts.

  • Cathleen Draper says:

    My sympathy to her family. I still smile when I remember her singing “Rubber Ducky, you’re the one.” in the Woodin staff room!

  • Nancy Bristol Schofield says:

    Maribeth has been a friend since Renton Jr. HS. Our paths did not cross at the UW but we both went through the same programs: elementary education and creative dramatics. We both taught second grade for many years. It was in retirement that we became reacquainted and found much in common. Maribeth was a gentle, kind, generous person who accepted her friends without judgment. She is loved and will be greatly missed.

  • Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby says:

    Maribeth was the ultimate character and I will always hold fond memories of her in my heart. We laughed until we cried and cried until we laughed and danced until we nearly dropped! Do a little soft shoe wherever you are Maribeth… “You and me… we’re the kind of people other people… would like… to be.”

  • Stephanie Draughon Nicolai says:

    I just stumbled on this searching for my wonderful second grade teacher at Woodin Elementary school in 1974. Ms. Zwick was an outstanding teacher, who helped me through a very tough time. She identified my inability to read was due to dyslexia and got me the help I needed and she did it with kindness and compassion.

    I am so sorry to read of her passing. I have no doubt she enriched thousands of lives. I know she changed the trajectory of my life forever.

    RIP Ms. Zwick

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