Sammie Lavell Brown

Sammie Lavell Brown was born on Aug 25th, 1944 in Little Rock, Arkansas. To the loving parents Willie Samuel Brown & Earnestine Rachel Madden (Brown). Sammie was a loving and great brother to many siblings, Othella Brown & Willistine Brown (who passed away while babies), Jo Ann White, Harvey Louisiana; Curtis Brown, Tucker,Arkansas; Linda Kirkland, Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Vera Gable, Arkansas. Sammie was a very hard worker who always held two jobs to support himself and his family. He moved to Seattle, Washington in 1964 for job core while in Seattle he met Sarah Tuffs on January 13th,1976 they got married. It was Friday the 13th and they were both sick but that didn’t stop the love they had for each other or their wedding. Sammie has three beautiful daughters that him and his wife adopted. Ebony Brown,22; Latovya Brown,23; Marquita Brown,24. He was a hard working loving father who did all he could to make sure his family was happy. It didn’t matter what time it was he made himself available to help out others. He was a very strong person and never liked to worry people so he never admitted when things were wrong. In 2006 he was blessed with a grandson Ja’reese Hollinquest; son of Ebony. Being the only man in the house for several years he was excited to know that their was going to be another addition. Sammie lived his life with no worry in the world. He like to have fun and go out and shoot darts or just go for a drive. He was really independent and didn’t like asking for help.

September 30,2011 he was admitted into Valley Medical Center. There he was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver. It was a back and forth battle for him but he wasn’t ready to give up. In October, he came home and was being cared for by nurses and loving family. He wasn’t the same Sammie that everyone remembered but he was working hard to gain his strength back. He would always say he’s still the same young guy and how he hated walking with the cane or his walker because it made him look like an old guy. A week before Thanksgiving he got sick again. His family admitted him into the hospital. The doctors informed them that this wasn’t like before and how it was much worse. He was still fighting hard for his family like he has always done. He woke up and was able to talk. The family let him know what was going on and how serious this time was. He told them “Im not going anywhere, I will be just fine.” He also told us to tell Ja’reese to get ready to give the TV back when he came back home. They were constantly fighting over what channel to watch. He stayed alert long enough for some family members and friends to come see him. On Dec 6th he was transferred back up to Critical Care. He was still fighting and being strong. December 15th,2011 he was called home. He went peacefully in his sleep. He left behind loving family and friends but also a lot of loving memories people can share. He is now an angel watching down on everyone.

Live in Heaven 1944-2011

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