David Colin Trierweiler

David Colin Trierweiler

Dec. 17, 1963 ––November 8, 2011

 Our beloved brother passed away in his sleep the morning of November 8th, 2011.  How can one summarize a life in so many sentences?  It is beyond my capability, but I must try.

I am directed back to our years growing up together, for as fate would have it, we had grown apart over the years, much to my current dismay.

I looked up to Dave while growing up, being the youngest brother, especially in the high school years, when Dave was involved in football at Edmonds Senior High School, which he took very seriously, and very much enjoyed.  He had many good friends in High School as well, which he enjoyed and was always having fun with.   I remember his working-out constantly, trying to improve his strength and conditioning, etc., with hopes of landing a starting role on the team, which was an inspiration to me.  When he played in several games, I was so proud of him!  He also loved playing basketball, like me.  When he attended “Cougar Cage Camp” at WSU one summer during high school, he was all about improving his basketball skills, and his jumping ability:  I remember him running and jumping with ankle weights on all the time to improve on this.  This spirit of athleticism and physical health carried him forward throughout his years;  he was a “health-nut” to my brother and myself, with his constant running and his healthy choice of foods—I will always remember his extolling the virtues of healthy eating habits, among them being grapefruit juice and rice cakes at one time!

Dave worked in food services at Harborview Hospital in Seattle for many years, before  fully embracing his entrepreneurial spirit within, which lead him to engage in many self-directed projects over the years, sometimes with mixed results, but always with the spirit to succeed, and I admire him immensely for pursuing his dreams full-on, which a lot of us seem to postpone for whatever reason—Dave would never settle for this!  For the past 8 years or so, Dave worked as a satellite TV installer for a few different companies, relocating to southern California for several years to pursue more lucrative opportunities, before relocating to Seattle in early November, 2011, shortly before he died.  He was remembered as an ideal employee  by the boss that knew him best, always working hard with a heart for customer service, a great attitude, and never missing work.

I will always remember Dave’s great sense of humor, and love of music, which we both share.  I remember many times him making me laugh, just being who he was—his personality, being “off-the-wall” and irreverent at times—we  enjoyed many memories together because of this while growing up.

We will always remember him as a loving, caring person, with a heart of gold.  We will miss him forever.

Dave is survived by his two brothers, stepsister, stepmother, and extended family.

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