Robert McCrea Adams

Bob & Barbara

Robert McCrea Adams was born in Colbert, WA on May 18, 1917. His
father was a railroad telegrapher and the family moved to Colville,
then later to Chelan and Entiat. At one time the family lived in a
boxcar. Bob graduated from Wenatchee High School and attended business
college. In 1938 he met Barbara Chambers and they were married in
1940. They had 6 children; Jeanne Elizabeth, Janet Marie, Jimmy Stuart
(who died at 22 mos. of age) James Robert, Robert Stuart and Mary Joy.
They moved to Bothell in 1948 where they built 3 beautiful homes. Bob
& Barbara had 15 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren with 2 more
on the way.

Bob was a weight engineer for Boeing and worked on the B-17 and B-29
bombers. His favorite project was the 747. But his love of flying
didn’t end there. He learned to fly in 1935 when he was 18 years old.
He was a capable pilot and owned an Aeronca Champ which he named Yep
Kanum which means Children of the Sun, in Colville Indian. He worked
for Boeing for 37 years, retiring in 1979.

His many interests included history, geography, reading, writing and
the great outdoors. Bob was the quintessential nature lover; taking
the family camping, canoeing, sailing, motorcycling, flying and bird
watching. He was a walking encyclopedia when it came to birds. He was
a member of the Audobon Society and could name any bird and it’s
habits by it’s call, flight pattern, silhouette or even just the nest.

Another great love of Bob’s was animals and in particular, his
kitties. No matter what house, friend or stranger, the kitty of the
house would find Bob’s lap recognizing his tender nature. It was not
unusual to have a mama kitty and her babies in his closet so he could
hear the nurturing, purring sounds all night long. He adored his

Bob had a terrific, dry sense of humor and loved a good joke. He would
often tell the children, “No laughing” which was hilariously absurd.
Another favorite quip was, “I wear size 8 shoe but 9 feels so good
that I buy 10’s.” Everyone got a kick out of his hat with 2 bills
which said, ā€œIā€™m their leader, which way did they go?ā€ He loved music
and would often sing or recite lyrics to fit a particular situation.

Shortly after Barbara’s death in Dec. 2005, Bob went to live with his
son Jim and daughter in law, Yvette. He loved hearing and
participating in their hunting adventures and being part of the
hatchery life.

Bob asked that his ashes be spread along the Columbia River near
Entiat, his boyhood home where he spend hours and hours bird watching.
Some will be placed with Barbara’s and interned at the cemetery on son
Jim’s property near Copco, CA.

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