Murton Maryon Ketchum, Jr.

Murton Maryon Ketchum, Jr. died peacefully at his home in Woodinville, Washington, on Wednesday, October 12, 2011.  At his side were his daughters, Rita and Cindi, his son-in-law, Dana Levesque and his grandson, Jaime Levesque.

Murt was born in Tenstrike, Minnesota, on April 27th, 1924.  He served in the United States Navy in WWll, and was honorably discharged in February, 1946.  He met lIa Nell (Skip) Lynk shortly thereafter and they were married on May 12, 1946.  In 1947, they moved from Bemidji, Minnesota to Longview, Washington, where they settled, raised their two daughters and provided foster care to a number of children.  He enjoyed hunting and fishing.  They constructed two homes, enjoyed gardening and traveling with friends and family.  Murt retired from Longview Weyerhaeuser in 1986 and they liked traveling to Mexico, Hawaii and to Alaska for salmon and halibut fishing.

Preceding him in death was his wife of 59 years and his brothers, Curtis and Glen Ketchum.

Surviving Murt are his sisters, Kathryn Kruckow and Della Marquette of Minnesota, and his family at Golden Hearth:  Priscilla, Jeff, Carissa, Brianna, Aloha, Fergie, Laurie, Martha, Miriam, Dane, Chad, Avery, Kendall, Myrna, Jean, Ted, Bill and his kitten, Little Buddy.









2 Responses to “Murton Maryon Ketchum, Jr.”

  • Lori Grimm says:

    I am sorry for your loss. He was very loved by my family. We have wonderful memory’s that will keep forever.

  • Trina Grasser (Grimm) says:

    They were such great neighbors. My family and I are so sorry to hear that he passed away. I will never forgot all that they (Murt and Skip) did for my family. They were so wonderful having them across the street and were definitely a apart in the it takes a village to raise a child(Me).

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