Christopher Lee Templeton

May 26, 1966 –May 25, 2011

Christopher was taken from us too soon on May 25, 2011 at the age of 44.


Christopher lived in a variety of states in his earliest years of life, and later lived in Bothell with his family.  He had a very close and loving relationship with his mother Marguerite.  His mother later married Al Templeton, who adopted Chris. They loved the great outdoors and took a variety of family vacations together that often included Al’s other children Al Jr. and Carol.


Chris had many friends, loved riding his bike and was a Cub Scout. He excelled in sports and Marguerite never missed a game.  Although Marguerite and Al later divorced, Chris and his Dad continued spending time together regularly.


Marguerite passed on July 13th, 1978 when Chris was 12 years old.  Chris continued to live in Idaho, with his mother’s sister’s family- Aunt Kate, Uncle Sam and three cousins. Life with his family in Idaho was very different from living in the city. There he experienced a more rural way of life and acquired some new skills as well….much of the food they ate was grown in their garden, he made Christmas Tree ornaments using pheasant feathers, the family went fishing together often, he cleaned out calf stalls, made homemade Root beer, he hunted on horseback and enjoyed many other adventures. Chris worked hard and played hard.


Al sought to reunite with Chris and brought him back home to Seattle in 1979.


While attending Roosevelt High School he met Jim Forneris, a counselor who later became his mentor. Jim sought to help Chris improve the quality of his life in his early 20’s.


He moved to Portland for a short time in 1990, starting a landscaping business. It was there that his daughter Tashia was born in 1991. Chris was a very involved Dad and drove to Oregon frequently to enjoy time with his daughter. That same year Chris met his future wife Gita and the couple were married three years later in Jamaica. Tashia came to live with them when she was 5 years old.


In 1994 he earned his degree from North Seattle Community College and graduated with Honors. (Phi Theta Kappa) After graduating he started Templeton Construction Services Inc.


In 1997 Chris and Gita were blessed by the birth of their daughter Alexa.  He treasured both of his daughters and always made time for them. He loved his family and took pride in spending time with them.  He wanted to instill a sense of self worth and accountability into his children.


He worked most of his career self employed as a General Contractor.  He was a creative, artistic, and independent individual- a leader.  He mastered many different types of skills ranging from landscaping, painting, repairs, framing and finish carpentry. Most of what is required for a residential remodel from beginning through its completion.  His last project was premier home addition in Medina.  It was nominated to be featured in a Northwest Homes Magazine. A link to photographs of this project

There were many memorable times with family and friends at the cabin Chris owned in Index, WA. He loved Nascar Races, travel and had immersed himself into both wild and domesticated Hot Springs throughout five states.  Some of his favorite travel destinations were Hawaii, Jamaica, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, California to visit family, the Oregon Coast, Georgia, Florida and Canada.  He was proud to have obtained his PADI/Scuba Diving license in Maui and had a love of flamingos.

He was always ready to help others and would go the extra mile. He worked out, kept himself in shape, and had always promoted a healthy life style. A man of many talents, Chris also made THE BEST Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies. Shhhh! His recipe is a closely guarded family secret…The Three Templeton Girls named them Big Daddy’s Famous Cookies. They were always sought out and devoured at Family Gatherings and BBQ’s.


He was preceded by his mother Marguerite. Survived by his daughters Tashia and Alexa, his father Al Templeton and stepmother Lois. Siblings Alan, Carol, Tanya, Tasha, Tina.  Also survived by his former wife and friend Gita Stephan, his Mentor Jim Forneris, close friend John Brink and a great abundance of friends.


In lieu of flowers donations may be made, an account has been opened at Chase Bank to assist in funding the education of his daughters Tashia and Alexa.

Please contact Simon Tuman

Chase Bank Crown Hill Branch

8555 15th Ave NW

Seattle, WA. 98117

Telephone: 206 461 2525

Fax: 206 789 1160


2 Responses to “Christopher Lee Templeton”

  • Tom & June Howard says:

    Tom and I were sorry to learn of Chris’s passing. He did several projects on our home and his work was
    always of the highest quality. We enjoyed Chris not only for his craftmanship but for his integrity and wonderful personality. He will never be replaced.

    Our prayers and thoughts go to his family and friends.

    Tom and June

  • Jennifer and Kids says:

    Chris you were the most amazing person I ever met. I am so thankful I got to have you in my life and I will miss you so much. I never meet anyone as honest as you and that is a rare trait these days. Some times truth hurts us but we all need to hear it, and you always gave it to me. The love you gave to everyone was real, especially the way you loved your daughters. I hope my boys will grow up and be half the man you were; you are a treasure that I was lucky to find, Thank you for the friendship we had, I will miss those late night phone conversations. I know you are in a wonderful place now and I hope to see you again someday.

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