Vincenta F. Peel


Born August 21st 1932, began her new journey on June 3rd, 2011.  Along her new journey she will once again meet up with her beloved Mother Elizabeth (Billie), Father Alfonso, Husband Carroll, and Daughter Billie Gene (Burkie).

She leaves behind her loving brothers and sisters, Christina, Alfonso, Donald, Theresa, Elizabeth, Kenneth, and Thomas, her daughters Dena Lee (Dee Dee), Tina Marie, Carol Lee (Kelle), and her only son Richard Allen, along with son in laws Harvinder (Harvey), Travis, and daughter in law Emily.  She was the proud grandmother of Brittany Gene, Matthew Aubrey, Kaleen, Jack, Kennedy, Kate, Harjeet, and her husband Gurpreet, Gagandeep (Paul), Ross, Kierra, Jennifer, Christopher Ray and her first great grandbaby, Manshaan.

Our mom was one of the 10 Vega children from Butte, Montana.  She grew up loving everything that Butte had to offer, the wonderful Columbia Gardens, her family and loved ones, Lydia’s, Johns Pork Chop sandwiches, and the wonderful Cornish Pasties. Mom and dad resided in Ocean Shores, WA for the last 15 years, but loved going back to Montana, their true home.  They were excited to have their grandbabies Brittany and Matthew close by so they could watch them become the wonderful adults they are.  Mom never missed a play, a party, or a school function, and they felt blessed to have them so near.

Mommy received her BS RN from Carroll College in Helena, MT in 1953 retiring in 1995 as the Director of Nursing from the Hearthstone in Seattle.  As the Director of Nursing in the Health Center, mom presided over many changes in both the Health Center and geriatric medicine. Our mother was a leader in Gerontologic Nursing especially in the area of pharmacology. She received recognition for her pioneering work in unit-dose pharmaceutical dispensing from the University Of Washington School Of Pharmacy.

Mom was a wonderful and caring nurse who believed in treating all with great dignity and respect.  She was very proud of, and truly loved the career path she had chosen.

Mom made every holiday a special event to remember, from the themed Christmas’s, the wonderful homemade Christmas fudge and candies, marshmallow bunnies with paper ears, beautiful Easter baskets decorated and hidden just so, the Easter egg hunts where mom and dad never remembered how many eggs were hidden, so we would always find strays throughout the year, Halloweens when we would stay out so late and be given a special day off from school the next day for recuperating, the Irish Dinner with Irish coffees for St Pats Day, every day was special, and will always be a part of our treasured memories.

We were all so blessed to have our beautiful Mom, wife, sister, grandma, and great-grandma for as long as we did.  We are thankful that her passing was quick and peaceful, and that she knew we all loved her, and she was not alone.

Whenever we hear beautiful music it will remind us of momma, she loved to sing, and would always be singing while cooking, cleaning, or just driving to the store.  She filled our lives and hearts with her beautiful voice. We will miss you forever, and will one day join you on your journey.  We love you.

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