Ronald Clive Symes

Ronald Clive Symes, beloved husband and father passed away unexpectedly after a short illness on April 30, 2011 surrounded by his family. He was survived by his wife, 3 daughters, and 4 grandchildren. He had an illustrious and interesting career as a structural and civil engineer. He traveled all over the world, made many friends, and will be sorely missed by all those who knew and loved him.


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  • Helen Mooney says:

    I miss you dad.

  • Kim Martin (McNamee) says:

    Mrs. Symes, Lynda, Sue, and Helen. So saddened to hear the news. I will always remember your dad driving Lynda and I to ice skating, in his red sports car. He made a great Sunday dinner, too!

    I have been thinking about him, and for some strange reason decided to do a Google search for him.

    My heart goes out to you all.


  • Helen Mooney says:

    Thank you, Kim.

    WE all miss him terribly. He was a great cook, and a very funny man. He told awesome stories about the “good old days,” and I will never forget him.

  • Helen Mooney says:

    I love you Dad.

  • Janet Selby says:

    Sadly miss your visits to us in the UK,
    With fond memories of those times.
    Janet Andy and Family.

  • Helen says:

    I love and miss you dad. I am going to do whatever it takes to make sure the people that contributed to your death are held accountable. It is my Erin Brocovich moment. I thought you would get a kick out of that.
    There always was a rebellious streak inside of me; I got that from you. Fight on!!

  • Helen says:

    Dad, we tried, I tried, you would have been proud of me. I miss you every day.

  • Keir Wayman says:

    It’s been 40 years or so since I saw Ron Symes, he was a fine man and I’m sorry to find out that he’s passed on. Lynda if you happen to see this, please get in touch? My email details will be with Barton’s as part of this post.


  • Helen Mooney says:

    Miss you dad.

  • Greg Neal says:

    Last evening I watched a 2006 movie on 2 surviving police officers from the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Ron was instrumental in the building of those towers and I recalled that day with him…. The conversation regarding the design, building and the logistics- and not to mention his unique perspective of the attack and collapse of the towers has been ingrained in my mind and has been shared with many people.

    The other major infrastructure projects of he led have truly made a difference to society. He was a truly fascinating man and a kind soul. Family and friends meant a lot. His efforts to stay connected to my parents was amazing.
    May he rest in eternal peace with your mom now at his side once again.

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