Earl R. Constable II

Known to everyone as “Skip”

Skip was born June 26th, 1941 and passed away June 1st, 2011 Wednesday evening at his home.   He was 25 days shy of turning 70.  The family is having an Open House in celebration and remembrance of his life on Saturday, June 25th starting about 2:30.  All are welcome.  The family would like to do a good-old-fashion potluck so that there is plenty of food while everyone shares their memories, stories and sorrows.  For those that are interested, please bring what ever your favorite dish is to share.
The location is at his daughter Donna’s house in Lake Stevens.  The address is:  9024 105th Ave. N.E., Lake Stevens, WA 98258 (Phone # (360) 651-0635).

Please feel free to leave a message here on this web site and sign the guess book for Skip.  We (the family) would love to here from you.  Thank
you, the Constable family!

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  • Donna White says:

    He liked to go hunting. We went to Eastern Wa. That is where we were when he discovered that he had a problem with his heart and shortly after he had bypass surgery. He also raised horses in the late 60s early 70s I have some pictures on the horses Arabs. He also was involved with race cars He was part of the pit crew for a figure eight car Lee Daily at Monroe. The race car that was Larry Vanies was at our house he had just finished painting it and took it out of the garage, put in down by our car and I went to leave and I hit it. They had to fix it all over again.

  • Donna White says:

    He liked to go fishing, as Dan knows. He enjoyed crabbing every year with Frank. We all had very good times camping at Wishpoosh and Porcupine Bay. We really enjoyed taking grand kids camping. We had lots of good times with Steve and Linda and their kids, and Alisha and Donald from the time they were 6 and 7 years old, with the 4 of us in the cab of Old Red.(as Skip called it) He seemed to have a nack for being able to make things with things he had so he did not have to run to buy what he needed. He and Bob rebuilt the entire front bed area of Jay’s motor home. He taught me how to fish for Steel Head. And did a good job I out fished him at times.
    I only saw him get mad three times in the whole 38 years we were together.
    He was always willing to help anyone that needed it.
    I remember him and Steve working on the transmission in the Red truck at Wishpoosh because it got put in park and the pin would not let it come back out of park. They also did something to it at Porcupine Bay in the camp spot that was the nose bleed special, You could just about stand up underneath it!
    I remember him going hunting with Steve when Corky was a puppy. Steve woke up and heard one of the dogs peeing on the floor. He said to Skip, puppy could not hold it. Skip said Corky is in the sleeping bag with me? It was one of his dogs. He was good at painting vehicles. He painted Steve’s truck and Kate’s car.
    He liked to travel. We had fun and good times on the cruises we went on. We saw lots of places in this world.

  • Elaine Newkirk says:

    I have been thinking of Skip a lot – and how much he made me laugh. His sense of humor sustained our family, even in hard times. Lately, memories of his love of music come to mind……… such as Tina Turner and Meatloaf. What other memories do you have?

  • Bonnie Sandsmark says:

    Dear family. Skip was the “big brother” to my best friend Sharon. He was always so very kind to all of us growing up. Not the usual big brother that picked on us. He was always there for his family. I will cherish the memories we had so many years ago and the eternal friendship we shared. He will be sorely missed. My deepest sympathy to his family.


  • Dan White says:

    I cannot say enough good things about my Skippy. He and I and Bob shared so many good times working and laughing together fixing cars, either in a nice dry shop or in a wet gravel driveway with mud puddles! The man taught me so much. Although we had not had a chance to fish and crab together these past few years I will never forget our fishing trips out in the sound and all the camping trips we all did together. Skip was the father that I never had. God bless you for that.I will forever miss you Skipper.

  • Keith Allen says:

    You probably have never heard of me, but Skip and I go way back.
    My name is Keith Allen and Skip was my first best friend. Here is how we met.
    Skip had just turned five in the summer of 1946. I wouldn’t reach that pinnacle until three months later. Skip had moved in two doors down from our new house, on East 45th Street in Laurelhurst, along with Earl and Mildred and a collie named Chan.
    We met on a rockpile, a truckload of three-man rocks that had filled our front yard in preparation for building a rockery.
    But Skipper and I knew that the boulders were more than just a rockery. They were army trucks, and tanks, and even a Rock of Gilbraltar that we could stand on and see clear to the playfield a block away. If World War II hadn’t ended the year before, Skipper and I would have won it ourselves that day with our imaginary arsenal.
    When the rocks were finally put to their assigned task, we found other mischief. We would make long expeditions to the woods across the street or to the last vacant lot on our block, climbing trees and digging tunnels and coming home with as much dirt as could cling to us.
    The Constables later bought property and built a home on Mercer Island and for a time Skip had his very own woods across the road.
    When I visited we’d explore in the dense undergrowth of his woods and pitch rocks as far as we could over the bushes and through the trees. One day Skip noticed our rocks were making a different sound when they landed. They were hitting something. Another toss resulted in a new sound, the sound of breaking glass. We slashed through the undergrowth and saw, slightly below us, like a just-landed alien spacecraft, a freshly built school, complete with a brick-walled boiler room. With a broken window. Skip’s woods had been changed, and without our knowledge or permission.
    The next weekend Skip’s mom asked us if we’d seen anyone in the woods, anyone who might have broken all the windows in the new school’s boiler room.
    We looked at each other. ALL the windows? What a missed opportunity! But we vowed to never tell anyone about our contribution. And we never did.
    Sometimes Skip’s mom would drive us across the East Channel bridge to the (then) little town of Bellevue. where there was a movie theater where you could see a double feature, a newsreel and a cartoon for a quarter.
    Too soon we turned into teenagers, discovered girls and cars (not necessarily in that order) and went separate ways.
    The last time I saw Skip, in the late 1960s, I think, was at a neighborhood gas station where Fred, the owner, would let us work on our cars when his service racks weren’t busy. Skip was driving his perfectly restored 1956 Ford (at least I think that was the year). He saw my 1946 Chev coupe, the one with the falling-off muffler and the passenger seatback that collapsed if you leaned on it too hard, on the rack. He looked almost offended that his friend would own something other than a Ford.
    “It was the only car I could afford,” I said lamely.
    “I could have found you a good-running Ford,” he said accusingly.
    Rest well, Skip. You live on in our memories, in our dreams, and our hearts.

  • Lori Donaldson says:

    Wow..I cant belive he is gone. I rember the 1st time I met Skip,threw his dauter Shay. He was a really good man. He would invite me out to dinner with Shay and them. The last time I saw Skip I was over at mom’s I was doing the lawn and he kept giveing me a hard time….haha that was our joke. Skip will be missed I love him and I was glad he was my sepdad.

  • Jean Constable says:

    I miss him so much. I know that all of his pain is gone He had been through so much medicaly. At least he did not have to go through the cancer. And then pass anyway. He was a great guy. I only saw him mad three times in 33 years. He would do anything to help anyone. He liked race cars Mikle Jackson Tina Turner. He liked to fish crab. And all kinds of music. Travel cruises. Building things. Rest in peaceSkip I love you.Jean

  • Darla and Greg Tiner says:

    We are Skip and Jean’s neighbors and have been since 1999. Skip would hang out on his porch and watch us work in our garden. We’d get to chatting a lot. He would tell us how he watched the raccoons steal our apples and the deer eat our crops. I told him, “Don’t you know your job is to scare them away from the food?” He would tell the deer, “You better get out of there. Darla won’t be very happy with you.” Yeah, that’ll scare them away! 🙂 Skip always had a smile and was happy. When we’d talk about his health, he was determined to be positive about it all. I’m gladd he won’t have to suffer through his cancer. He seemed to really enjoy his family. He is one of the nicest men I have ever met. When I go out to our garden, I still instinctively look for Skip on his porch. As much as I love gardening, it’s not quite the same anymore without Skip to chat with. We will really miss him.

  • Pat and linda Faith says:

    Skip and Jean lived across the road from us for many years. Skip always was good at keeping a eye out on what was going on in the neighborhood. We really appreciated that about him. He was a good neighbor and friend.
    I was there the night he passed away and I hope in whatever way he knew we were there because we cared about him.
    Skip, you will be missed.

  • Pat and linda Faith says:

    Skip and Jean lived across the road from us for many years. Skip always was good at keeping a eye out on what was going on in the neighborhood. We really appreciated that about him. He was a good neighbor and friend.
    I was there the night he passed away and I hope in whatever way he knew we were there because we cared about him.
    Skip, you will be missed.We will miss your laughter.

  • Celine Lamb says:

    Wow Skip is gone! I cant belive this! I rember when he would tell jokes…He was funny:-) He would always say howdy,when I said (Hello). I will miss Skip foreva and always
    Rest in pease Grandpa Skip

  • Brianna Constable says:

    I wish that I got to know my family better, because of my stupidity
    I bailed out of my family home, and wish I never did.
    At least I was able to let him know I loved him, and apologized
    to him on Easter of 2011, gave him hugs and kisses, and and said
    goodbye dad, with many great pictures for me to remember him by
    along with memorial pictures at Donna’s .
    I love my family everybody in it, I’m not perfect, but will keep in touch.

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