Robert John Vinje

Robert John Vinje, age 57, passed away peacefully on February 7, 2011. He was born in Seattle, Washington, to his loving parents Clifford and Iris Vinje on March 12, 1953.

He is survived by his mother Iris and loving wife, Donna and son Eric. Brother Cliff Vinje [wife Colleen] sister Kathy Lindstrom [ husband Dan ], nephew Jason Lindstrom, niece Aron Kane, father and mother in law Leith and Maybelle Kane.

Bob was a friend to many. He loved people and is known for great times had by all in his backyard swimming pool. He loved Harley Davidson’s, dirt bikes, gardening and pugs. Bob will be greatly missed.

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  • Dan Lindstrom says:

    Bob I don’t remember the day that we met. But I do know that it was probably within a week or so that I met your sister my wife Kathy. That day was December 6, 1969. You are 15 years old. You lived with us,you cried with us, you laughed with us, but as I found out through the years you loved us so much. Thank you. Thank you for all the good times we had together. I will never forget them. Your brother-in-law, your friend always…. Dan

  • Dan Lindstrom says:

    Hey Bob,Oops senior moment. I met your sister on December 6th 1968

  • Sharon says:

    I have so many wonderful and funny memories of Bob growing up when our families spent so much time together. Like the time he put my cat in the fridge and then asked me to go and get him a drink. He was a funny loving person who I know will be missed alot. Hopefully all our family members that we have lost like Cliff, Bill, Art,Roy, my Mom and Brad and many others are all together somewhere, watching us, maybe even having a beer and fishing. To all Bob’s family, I am so sorry for your loss and sending you love.
    Sharon Parker-Stibbs

  • Bob hinton says:

    Bob and I were great friends. Just before he left this world he told me that he loved me. Bob’s friends were important to him. Bob and i hitched hiked to a rock concert in louisana. Texans tried to hit us with their cars as we hitch hiked thru their dirt state. We went to Long Beach,Wa for a 4th of july. Of course Bob brings 1/4 sticks of dynamite(in a volkswagon bus w/6 friends) we stopped midway and removed a roadside hill with his fireworks. we got kicked off the go carts for having bottle rocket wars as we tried to shoot each other. Bob and I moved in together in Brier,wa. i dont know if it was me or Bob that caught the neighbors roof on fire. the brier police came and tore our house apart to find our fireworks. it was just another day. Gene koselke was one of Bob’s good friends. about ten of us loaded in our hippie panel trucks to go to a Tenino rock concert. we are driving down the I-5 freeway with our back doors open have a bottle rocket war. i called Bob one day out of the blue to ask him is he would serve my ex-wife with divorce papers. of course he felt bad and she still remembers how didnt want to do it. Bob always had my back. i always remember listening to “Bennie and the Jets” when Bob and Donna lived in Eastlake. Their pool parties were great. Bob was so proud of his water hole. I know i left out alot of experiences but some are for a reason. i can laugh when looking back on my memories. i know there are alot of friends out there that have special memories with that crazy b——. We will miss you my Friend! Hint…….(thats what he called me)

  • Mary Williams-Maphet says:

    Bob – Gonna miss you a lot. Loved sharing gardening tips with you. Glad we got to spend time together – especially the last couple of days when you were making plans and looking forward. I remember a lot of times just sitting around talking…and when Donna, David and Robert busted you out of the rehab center and over to my house in the middle of the snow storm last month. Again gonna to miss you a lot and will always think of you when I am in the garden! Love, Mary

  • Diane Fultz says:

    My good friend Bob, where do I start after so many years of love and I guess in the very beginning. you came strutting into the Aquarius with David K and the rest of your little posse looking sharp as you slways did on Saturday nights. You never stayed real long because you guys had alot of places to hit. What I remember the most was the first night Donna and I saw you come in with your baby face and her eyes met yours and that was it for her, it was love at first sight. You played it cool for while but every Sat. night you always stopped to see Donna. She saw in your eyes that only people that got close to you rellyot see .you are always missed but will never be forgotten. I will always remeber the night you guy met because that was the same night I met my husband to be. .S longong my freind see ya later love ,Diane

  • zac boisoneau says:

    I’ve known Bob since I was 13,14.I was the annoying little brother.I just found out Bob was gone. blew me the fuck away. The lake city boys.B.A. brothers. My God! I have so many Bob stories I’ll treasure all my life. You’ll be in my heart for evers. All ya’ll!!!

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