Glen A. Young

Glen A. Young

Glen was born June 30th 1924 in Pleasant Grove Utah, to an elated Hyrum Smith Young and Lucy Muir Young.  He was the youngest and last surviving member of his 7 siblings.

Always the charming and talented young man, Glen showed an aptitude for athletics and sportsmanship early on; receiving accolades in basketball during his high school career and on to play against the Harlem Globe Trotters during his volunteer duty as a Pharmacist’s Mate with the US Naval Reserve and was honorably discharged from the U.S. Naval Barracks, NSD in Clearfield Utah.

Athletics were always a passionate pursuit and a continued theme throughout Glen’s life; basketball, baseball, and hunting listed among his many talents, but all were overshadowed by his exceptional skiing ability. His natural form and grace made him a wonder to watch on the hill and also provided the foundation for his avid ski career. Beginning in Sun Valley Idaho, he developed a prestigious name for himself teaching lessons to people such as Henry Fonda, The Vanderlips and other celebrities. While on a visit to the Vanderlip’s home in Palos Verdes California, Glen was asked to manage the Portuguese Bend Riding and Beach Club.  Glen was responsible for the first ocean view arena that drew riders and spectators alike from near and far. His influence and guidance helped many young riders pursue their passion and love for horsemanship.

But his love for skiing drew him once again to the mountains and white slopes of Yakima, WA where he ran a ski school in White Pass and then on to establish Ski Professionals Inc. at Ski Acres in Snoqualmie Pass, WA.

As recognition for his skiing ability and achievements, Glen was chosen to be one of five instructors for the National Demonstration Team representing the United States at the International Ski Instructors Congress in Bad Gastein, Austria.  Twenty-two nations were represented but the exceptional techniques of the US team had them recognized as ‘one of the three major skiing powers in the world,’ and ‘they returned home, leaving behind them a very impressed Europe.’ Glen continued to share his love of skiing throughout his life and his family were all blessed to learn and share that passion from a very young age.

Husband, father, grandfather and honored serviceman, Glen A. Young, died peacefully on January 23rd 2011 @ 6:30am, surrounded by his beloved family.

Glen is survived and deeply missed by his 8 daughters; Jan Cunningham, Derry Aker, Lori Miller, Crissi Baldwin, Kari Bennett, Stephanie Castle, Michelle Lambright and Jennifer Hagstrom.

His 22 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren were all blessed to meet him and share many wonderful memories.

Please join us for a celebration of Glen’s life on February 18th 2011 @ 1:30pm at the Tahoma National Cemetery.

Tahoma National Cemetery

18600 Southeast 240th Street

Kent, WA 98042- 4868

7 Responses to “Glen A. Young”

  • Andrew Aker says:

    It’s hard to grasp how talented this man was, and how incredible he was at everything he did. Talented beyond most people I’ve ever met, if not all, and not without acclaim.

    He’ll be missed by all those who loved, knew and encountered him.

  • Deanna August-McKinley says:

    I knew Glen as the neighbor next to the house where I grew up in Bellevue. I didn’t know him very well, but the times that we did see each other, he always greeted me with a warm smile.

    His daughter Derry, husband Jim and their kids are dear to me, and I consider them an extension of my own family. I enjoyed the short visits I had with Glen over the years, appreciating the chances to get to know him better.

    He was a fine man, and will be missed. I hope you all find peace in your memories of him.

  • Derry Ann says:

    I Love you Dad

  • Chris Lewis says:

    One of my ski heroes in the Mighty Mite Era in Yakima, Glen was a tall, handsome ‘moviestar’ sort of guy who always had a ready smile and would pay attention to kids like me. My heartfelt condolences go out to Glens family and especially Jan, who I remember fondly as a smart, shy beautiful skier. Your Dad was one of a kind.

  • Jan (Young) Cunningham says:

    Dad, meet me at the top of the mountain.

    I love you.


  • Les Eddy says:

    Glen and I organized and ran ski schools for years. He will be remembered fondly by many people in the ski world.

  • Dr, Byrde Lynn Hill says:

    Glen was not only a Champion Skier and impressive horseman…but a Champion Competition Dancer excelling in all traditional Ballroom Dances…and especially Jive. He was inventive and intuitive, and as his frequent competition partner, no one knew that better than I. He kept his eagle eye keenly watching all his competition dancers, so I learned to expect, as often happened, a totally unexpected, unrehearsed, special, brand-new razzle-dazzle step or dance maneuver of some kind–that invariably aced out the competition. Glen all his life “played to win”…and his dancing was no different. My role was to remain ready and able to “simply follow,” no matter what it was…and never anticipate performing “steps” the way I had originally learned them…but honor his control, creativity and talent to “give a strong lead” that I had but to obediently follow…in order to ALWAYS “WIN.”
    Fond memories to you Glen…ALWAYS A WINNER–IN EVERY SPORT YOU CHOSE…and dancing was no exception.

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