Kenneth Brown

In Loving Memory of Kenneth Herbert Brown 1942-2010
Ken leaves behind his mother, Lorene Brown; wife, Roxine Brown; daughter ChauSaun Wainhouse & her husband Randy, step-grandchildren,Tim, & Monica Wainhouse , granddaughter Mary Rogers, son Shane Brown, sister Kathy Gephart & family, & brother Keith Brown & family.
His occupations were roofer for over 35 years, Video Store owner of five stores over 12 years, and Kirkland Homebase Contractor desk for two years. His love of people and sense of humor made him outstanding in any job he chose.
He championed children and women whenever he saw they were hurt or in need. His natural gentleness, kindness, generosity, empathy, and emotional involvement with those in need were his biggest attributes and often his downfall.
He loved adventure and tackled anything he thought he could do or accomplish. From mountain climbing, fishing, hunting (later changing to photography), skating, skiing, bowling, baseball (we wanted 9 children to field a team), golfing (on the Kenai in Alaska with Frison cousins at 11 p.m. in the land of the midnight sun & his last game with our son & my cousin Glen in January in Green Valley, AZ), playing dominoes, or cards and his greatest passion, racing. Whether it be racing his 64 Pontiac GTO at the SIR Race track in the 60’s, his Yamha 175 Enduro motorcycle, his Gambler speed boat, or the Honda odyssey with his son Shane. He enjoyed it all until his medical problems became his greatest obstacle. From being legally blind,(which was corrected by inplanted contact lenses in 1989), color blindness (I wound up with Irish Kelley green kitchen cupboards while absent one weekend), to broken limbs, asthma, kidney stones, blood clots, circulatory problems, skin gra! fts, heart attacks, ICD and stent implants, and his last and final battle of acute myeloid leukemia cancer. And fight he did. Hoping the chemo would give him two to five more years, it only gave him 3 more weeks. He often made the comment that he owned most of Evergreen Hospital and all his doctors were driving Mercedes or going to Europe thanks to him. His sense of humor finally left him on that 2nd week at Evergreen Hospital. Ever the optimist I thought for sure with the prayers family & friends were outpouring for him those 2-5 yrs. would become a reality.
But God has His plans.
It was his humor that we enjoyed about Ken, myself included. But what really drew me to him when I met him 46 years ago was that he was every bit the gentleman that I thought no longer existed in today’s world. Whenever I became angry with him or was the focus of his glare, I’d ask myself, ‘why did I marry this man?’ The answer was always the same. He treated me with love and consideration that no other had ever done before and I love him with all my heart and know there will never be another Kenny Brown. His humor lives on in others that I’ve seen it in. The Brown Humor, as we call it, lives in his sister Kathy, and his brother Keith, (which I’m positive they got from their dad, Herb). It is also very present in his son Shane and granddaughter Mary. We catch glimpses of it in his niece Julie and Ken would chuckle when she would match wits with him or her mother, Kathy.
Ken reminds me of a song by Abba, ‘Take A Chance On Me’. And we did. We took a chance on each other 45 years ago. Often we would look at each other and one of us would say ‘have I told you lately?’ and let the sentence hang from an old Rod Stewart song.
Ken’s love for music made it easy for us to relate to the many songs that fit our lives, ‘Little GTO, The Twelfth of Never, We’ll Sing in the Sunshine, Green Cathedrals, Elvis’ Trilogy & How Great Thou Art, and Allison Kraus’ Down to the River to Pray just to mention a few of his favorites. Ken, like his mother, sister, nieces, and brother, had a beautiful singing voice and he loved Gospel music and especially Elvis Gospel or Country Western Gospel. My sister, Loraline wanted him to sing at her wedding but he never would sing publicly, only among family and friends. He would thump a watermelon placed on his shoulder next to his ear looking for that ‘C’ note for the ripe watermelon. When other store patrons saw what he was doing they’d ask him to pick out one for them too! He had perfect pitch, which he did not pass onto his children but did to his granddaughter, Mary. It did not help that I am tone deaf. He would ask me NOT to sing in church when I stood ne! xt to him.
Ken loved to be doing something constructive and would make soap for our daughter ChauSaun, (Shonny), who is allergic to so many soaps and her father’s soap would always be perfect for her skin. Ken made candles and did pieces of stone & bead jewelry for family & friends.
He often told me one of his greatest adventures with me was our trip to Tennessee to see Graceland and Nashville. We were there for Fan Fare for his 60th birthday and one of the most memorable times of our lives. It was one of many adventures we’d have with just the two of us or with our children, family, or friends. All of which enriched our lives. Family and friends. They were a part of Ken. He often teased me and said he married me for my big family.
We have our camping place at Port Susan in Tulalip, WA which Ken and his children, our families, and friends have made into 36 years of memories and our neighbors there, the Sykes, being very much a part of those memories. It was there that he became very aware of the American Bald Eagle as it would fly over the little lake near camp or fly above our trees at camp so he started collecting things with eagles. And Ken was able to live part of his retirement dream. Nine months in Arizona planting cactus in our yard, working out at the fitness center with his son, and enjoying sunshine every day. He was looking forward to getting a sandrail vehicle and exploring the desert in search of treasure with a metal detector, his pickaxe, and shovel. Then Snowbirding to Port Susan for summer months. Which is why we are here now.
When we heard the doctor’s prognosis in the ER at Evergreen Hospital on June 4th Ken’s first words to me were, “I won’t get to go the 100 year celebration in Alberta for the Ehnes farm.” I had thought of other things, the farm’s 100 yr. celebration never entered my mind.
His beliefs and my beliefs sustain us that we have a far better place to be when God calls us.
We thank Ken’s nurses, doctors, and staff at Evergreen Hospital, the Barton Family Funeral Service for their help, friends, and family who have been there for us throughout the years and those that still send their love and prayers for the family.
We also are grateful to the blood he received and thank those people who donate blood to their Blood Banks for cases such as Ken’s. We thank Pastor Maylan Schurch of the Bellevue Seventh Day Adventist Church for the faith he helped Ken feel. We thank the Kirkland Bible Study group who helped Ken find deeper meaning to his faith. To Kathy his sister who was with us during most of these past weeks, to friends & family who visited Ken and brought gifts and food to the hospital for Ken and for Shane & I to take home with us. To Andre, Kathy, & Harlan who let us stay with them when we needed to be near the hospital on certain days and to our nieces and nephews who have helped us with putting together Ken’s Memorial Service at the Seventh Day Adventist Church; 15 140th Ave NE; Bellevue, WA on July 24, 2010 at 4 p.m.
Ken lives on in our hearts and when we see all the things and people he loved a cherished memory comes to mind. Until the day God calls him and he flies with his beloved eagles and the angels and saints he will be with me always as will all of you, who made his life so very special. Peace be with you.

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  • Kathy Jacobs says:

    To Roxine and family,

    I can’t stop weeping for Kenny and so many of the memories you mentioned. All those weekend visits starting in the 60s. Rox, you encapsulated your deep love for Kenny, his soul and his spirit of adventure in this obituary.

    Just one day at a time and God will help with the rest.

    Love always,

    Cuz Kathy Jacobs

  • Kathy Jacobs says:

    To Roxine and family,

    I can’t stop weeping for Kenny and so many of the memories you mentioned. All those weekend visits starting in the 60s. Rox, you encapsulated your deep love for Kenny, his soul and his spirit of adventure in this obituary.

    Just one day at a time and God will help with the rest.

    Love always,

    Cuz Kathy Jacobs

  • is doughter says:

    i love you dad so much iam going to miss you

  • Michele Volk (Danielson) says:

    Hello Roxine and Family,

    I am so heartbroken to hear this sad news. Dennis, Deb, and Aliah also send their condolences. A most accurate and heart warming write up on a man and relative we all love and adored and will sadly miss. I hope to be at the memorial. I love you all please take care of yourselves during this very difficult time..

    Michele Volk and Family

  • Pat Mitchell says:

    Roxine: What a beautifully worded tribute to your man! He was truly a gentleman(gentle man). I loved his voice and the twinkle in his eyes. I know that his faith and your love comforted him in the end.
    Now the wonderful memories will sustain you and your family as his love lives on.

  • Rose Mansfield says:

    Roxine and Family
    What can I say? I loved Kenny and will miss seeing his smiling face. We never stop talking about that wonderful cruise we went on with you two and what non-stop laughter does for the soul. We enjoyed all the years of events at Physio and our Golfing outings. Roxine: Your in all of our hearts and prayers and we love you very much. If there’s anything, anytime you need us…we’ll be there. Rosie and Debbie

  • Dave, Vicki & Chad says:

    To Roxine and Family,
    As dark as today seem to you, please remember that eventually there will be brighter days ahead for you.
    Please cling to this thought as you work through this difficult time. We will be there for you through the good days and the bad. All our love, Dave, Vicki and Chad.

  • Barb & Gene says:

    Roxine and Family.
    Words are never adequate to tell you how we share your loss. We will remember Ken’s smile and twinkle forever. Our arms are around you, you are in our hearts and prayers. Is there anything we can do for you . . .
    Barb and Gene

  • Ken was a great and longtime friend of the Sykes Family. We traveled together and we played together for many years. He loved his family especially his Granddaughter Mary. He was also a jokster. He loved to tell jokes and to play them on his friends. He suffered a lot of pain over the years with his injured legs and only recently got them healed. Now he is pain free and for that we are thankful. He will be missed by friends and family alike.

  • Renee Hutchinson says:

    Ken was a wounderfull brother-Law And was loved by all of us. He will be loved and missed. As i will rember ken on when i was about 18yrs and Roxine ken took me with them to cal. Disney Land i will always rember the trip we had. I grew up as child and always took me under his arm when i was sad or in trouble. now he out of pain. in the lord hands. god bless his family love Renee, Bill , Tyler, Aaron, Amber

  • Jerry & Irene Frison says:

    Cousin Roxine, Loving family of Ken.
    Ken’s passing has brought us all to a moment of love and reflection. For our family, Ken has always brought humor and an independent spirit of freedom and love. Roxine’s eloquent words above express beyond anything we can say, her steadfast love even through trying times as well as joyous occasions. May he rest in peace now and leave all our spirits soar like the eagle in the love we all send to him.

  • Myron Gottfried says:

    Roxine and all,

    What a beautiful tribute. I really feel my loss of not really knowing my cousin (actually cousin and one half, figure that one out) he obviously loved and was loved unbelievably. I hope that I have the opportunity to get to know the family he has left behind. My home is open to all of you and hope you will come back east to visit. My earliest memories of Ken are when he came to the farm in North Dakota to help. He was quite a legend for all us younger cousins and he was famous for having hiccuped, burped and farted at one time! I know he will be missed and I hope our ever expanding family will keep in touch.
    God Bless, Love Myron, Bev and all.

  • Lana (Pfaff) Eiseman says:

    Kathy called this morning and told me of this memorial to Kenny. I knew Kenny when we were much younger and regret that I didn’t get to know him when we were older folks. I remember his teasing when we were kids and I was always in awe of Kenny when we were teenagers. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this sad time, but I look forward to seeing Kenny in heaven – what a day that will be! Love from Lana and Jim Eiseman

  • Cliff and Deanna Tacardon says:

    So many fond memories of Keeny as well as the whole family. He will be deeply missed.

    When you lived in Woodinville up the hill from us we were all one happy family. It was because of Ken, you, Shonny, and Shane and all the gang in the neighbor hood that made life wonderful and left behind so many fun memories. I always enjoyed the neighbor hood potlucks we had and of course all those fun Halloween parties you and Keeny put on.

    You and the family is in our prayers. You will be deeply missed when you return to Arizona. We do plan on traveling now tho and one of our plans is to come visit with you in the sunshine.

    Lots of love and hugs to you all,

    Deanna and Cliff

  • Cher Reed says:

    It just doesn’t seem real. I remember Kenny at church and Kirkland SDA School. Scaring us to death with an asthma attack on our way back from Grandma’s farm in Gaston, OR. Visiting him two different times in the hospital with his flabitis and several chats while visiting Herb before his passing. He was so excited about retiring to Arizona to golf and race cars with Shane. That was the Kenny I knew. Always Cheery and chatting away. Even when we were so much younger. Thank you Lord for wonderful memories and a chance to meet again in heaven. My Thoughts and Prayers are with you, his family, at this sad sad time. Cher Horton Reed

  • Judy & Colin Fothergill says:

    Hi Roxie – Sharon & Willis Sykes Canadian cousins whom you have met on many occasions. Sooo sooo sad to learn of Kenny’s passing. Your tribute to him is wonderfully worded. My most recent memory of Kenny was of him laying new laminate floors up at Port Susan ? 5 yrs. ago. Then he came to Sykes place next door & only watched!!! as we stumbled over Mexican Train dominoes with Sharon & Willis. Then I learned thru them that you had moved to Green Valley also. I hope we meet again. You are 1 special friend to my cousin & a wonderful wife by the sounds of it. Hugs, Judy & Colin (we’ll be seeing our American cousins this coming w/e)

  • Roxine says:

    We wish to thank everyone for their comments on this Memorial to Ken. It has been a comfort to all of us to see the love and laughter shared with Ken. We miss him terribly. Roxine

  • shonny says:

    i love you dad so much you mean the world to me and i miss you so much wish you were here with us for the holidays and all but you will be in my heart love shonny

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