Ismael Lira Barron

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our father, grandfather, and great-grandfather Ismael Lira Barron. Ismael  was born to Juanita Lira and Jose Tito Barron on June 17th, 1931, in Caldwell, Texas. Ismael served in the Army National Guard. He is a graduate of Texas Barber College and Seattle Central Community College in Barbering and Cosmetology.  He relocated to Boulevard Park, Washington with his family where he was a barber. During the 1970’s, he promoted Latino culture by organizing social events, where he hired bands from Texas, California, and Eastern Washington. Later in life he owned La Esquina Tavern. Along with being a brilliant entrepreneur, he was also a philanthropist. During his last years he spent volunteering for many organizations including Senior Services, where he was a volunteer driver. Ismael was always creating something new. He often spent time in his garage making belts and purses out of leather. He also enjoyed gardening and landscaping. In the kitchen, he spent many hours creating new recipes that were full of flavor and spice. Ismael loved life and believed that learning was essential. He took computer classes and became very familiar with email and games. He also enjoyed fixing and decorating his truck. He put a lot of dedication in everything that he accomplished. He loved life very much, in fact he filled his days with volunteering, work, gardening, shopping, eating, family, and friends. He truly celebrated life everyday.
Ismael was a member of the Knights of Columbus and attended St. George Church in Seattle. He resided in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.
Ismael is survived by his three children, Domingo (Beverly Barron), Norberto Barron, and Maria Medina. He leaves behind 8 granddaughters, Alisha Barron, Rachel Barron, Rebecca Barron (Domingo Barron), Melynda Barron, Teresa Brachle(Andrew), and Lisa Barron (Norberto Barron), and Victoria Medina, and Rosario Medina (Maria Medina) and 1 great-granddaughter, Riana Medina (Victoria Medina).
We will miss his humor and kind spirit.

Some Favorite Family Memories:
From his daughter:  Dad had a motorcycle when we were little.  One hot summer day while mom was at work, he thought it would be nice to spend some time at the lake.  I was the smallest, so he placed me with the beach ball up on the handle bars and his two small sons on the back of the seat.   With us securely holding on to him, he started up the motorcycle and away we went.    It was a sunny day and the beginning of a great adventure until the policeman stopped us.  
From his granddaughter Rosario:  Even though he was only in our lives for a little while he loved us like he knew us forever.
Some Memories from Friends and Neighbors
My name is Molly.  Ismael and I attend the same church and our families live down the street from each other.  One day at church, it was announced that it was my birthday and later that day Ismael stopped by with a pretty bouquet  of flowers.  It was nice of him to acknowledge my birthday in such a nice way.

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