Nobuko Ferree

Nobuko (Ann) Ferree passed away on August 25th after an 8 month battle with cancer at the age of 77.

Untitled-3Born and raised in Yokohama Japan, Ann immigrated to the US when she married MSGT George Ferree in 1957.  As the wife of a military man, she had to learn quickly how to stand on her own two feet because he was often deployed elsewhere.  It was with her strength, stubbornness and pure determination that made it possible for her to succeed in accomplishing anything she put her mind to.

Untitled-2Ann was known as a spunky old lady who found the joy of “working out” in her retirement years.  She even learned how to “swim” at the young age of 74!
There wasn’t a day that she wasn’t attending some sort of exercise class and enjoying the company of her friends at the Columbia Athletic Club.  Her one regret was that she never learned to snow ski. However, she did enjoy the Mariners even when they were losing.

Untitled-1A bright spot during her illness, was to know that President Obama was elected as our 43rd president.  A change in our history that she felt lucky enough to witness!

She is survived by her three children; Larry Ferree, Cammy Budd and Linda Jones as well as three grandchildren; Bailey Metz, Jaclyn Porad and Jacob Porad.Nobuko on the slide

3 Responses to “Nobuko Ferree”

  • Pat Dahl says:

    Along with everyone else that knew Annie, we’ll miss her bright and shinning smile @ “the club”. I enjoyed seeing her during our last years Wed. walking group ~ but didn’t walk WITH her….. she was too fast & fit for me!

  • Eva says:

    What a lovely lady she was with her quiet twinkling smile
    she was always in the front row, doing such a great job in the yoga class we shared.

  • Jane Pollack says:

    Annie was my “bright light” each and every time I met her at the Club! Although she always hung out at the shallow end, and I needed to be in the deeper water, she just made my day with her smile, can do attitude and energy! I missed her from the moment she stopped coming but will certainly think of her always with fond memories!

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