Catherine M. LeDoux

Catherine M. LeDoux

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October 22, 1953 ~ June 13, 2009

Memorial Service

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 4:00 pm

Kenmore Community Church

7504 NE Bothell Way

Kenmore WA 98028

(425) 486-7487


Cathy was born Oct 22, 1953 in Seattle, Wa. to her Father Henry ‘Earl’ Lange and mother Lula Evelyn Lange. She grew up on Cottage Lake in Woodinville and attended Bothell High School where she met the love of her life, Doyle James LeDoux. Doyle and Cathy were married on July 10, 1971 and spent nearly 38 years married before her passing. On Feb 24, 1975 their first child, Patrick James, was born followed by their daughter Brenda Lynn, on May 19, 1977. Cathy enjoyed caring for the kids, running the administrative end of Doyle’s Construction business, camping, spending time with family, and doing sporting events with the kids. Cathy had a tremendous love and talent for sewing and painting ceramics.obit-2

On July 10, 2003, on her and Doyle’s anniversary, their first grandchild was born. Olivia Beth LeDoux, was born to Patrick and his wife Jamie followed by Evelyn Grace LeDoux, on June 17, 2005. Daughter Brenda had Cathy’s third granddaughter, Katelyn Ellen Roy, on Oct 10, 2005. On May 31, 2007, Cathy welcomed her grandson, Nolan James LeDoux, Patrick’s 3rd child. Cathy enjoyed making quilts and embroidered clothes for the grand kids.

Moms-pics-obit-13Cathy spent many years fighting cancer, first in 1994 with breast cancer and beating it. In August 2004 Cathy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After major surgery, they were unable to get it all and the fight began again. Cathy’s determination to beat cancer and be alive for her family was courageous and unbelievable. She was able to spend almost 5 more wonderful years with her family and see the birth of all 4 of her grandchildren. Although she wanted to be here longer, God had a plan and she peacefully passed away June 13, 2009 after a tough last few months, with her family by her side.

Cathy will be remembered for her kind heart, many dear friends, and her love for her husband, Children, and Grandchildren. She is survived by many and will be greatly missed.

The family wishes that in lieu of flowers, donations to be made in Cathy’s name to the American Cancer society.

29 Responses to “Catherine M. LeDoux”

  • Patrick LeDoux says:

    Mom, thank you for everything. I will miss you and love you forever.
    Your only Son.

  • Rob & Lori McAuliffe says:

    Our hearts and prayers go out to the entire LeDoux family in this time of mourning. Lori and I can say that without a doubt, Cathy and Doyle have been our best neighbors over the past 29 years. Actually meeting them for the first time was at Kenmore Baptist Church and then coincidently moving in as their neighbors shortly thereafter. Cathy was always looking out for us, whether it was to remind us of an open car window in a surprise rain shower or our dog running loose down the street. When it came to our children, if they stayed home alone on a weekend while either of us were away, she would jokingly say “you don’t tell me what my kids did and I won’t tell what yours did”. She had a fun way of teasing us and would never let us forget how they beat us in putt-putt golf (not by much) while camping together one year. Some favorite memories are of playing cards together in the evening, taking the cruise to Tillicum Village for a salmon dinner and afterwards a horse and buggy ride through the streets of Seattle. I need to interject that the Salmon of Blake Island couldn’t hold a candle to the fish that Cathy would BBQ quite frequently in her back yard. But she would take pity on us neighbors down wind and seeing us hanging over the fence would have us come over for a taste no matter what the occasion was. There was her love of snowmobiling, Christmas parties and sharing of her flowers that will endear her to us forever. The biggest memory is how she snuck behind our backs and organized a huge surprise 25th wedding anniversary party for us. Imagine her decorating the yard next to us while I’m mowing the lawn and inviting friends we hadn’t seen in years over and hiding them in her house till the ‘moment’ Surprised would be an understatement! When they went camping, she would hang decorative lights and make the campsite all homey like. One year after seeing how I eyed her lights, she gave us a string of ‘chili lights’ for our cabin. Whenever we visit there, we turn our chili lights on over our porch and we’ll always remember what a special woman Cathy is.
    Rob & Lori

  • Dale & Ruth Johns says:

    Like so many others who were drawn to Cathy by her charm, love and warmth. We are deeply grieved and bewildered by her death. She was a great, wonderful person to our family. We are sending our love and prayers to her family at this difficult time. God be with Cathy & her family. Dale Sr.& Ruth

  • Peggy says:

    I miss you Cathy. I miss your smile, your strength, your passion for life.

    The distance is much greater now. The emptiness much more difficult to bear.

    I know you are at peace. And that makes me smile.
    Love forever,

  • Brandon Showers says:

    The claming, the camping, the memories that my family shares with yours will never be forgotten. Your a great woman with so much love to share. You were always there to give me an eye roll and an “oh yeah Brandon” when I made my corny jokes to you. Your my Mom’s best friend and the best hotdog cook my daughter ever met. Thank you for all of your kindess and always making me feel very welcome all the time. We will miss you greatly.


  • Robin Jordan says:

    Cathy you will be in my heart forever, you are a very special lady to me, you were there for me in a ruff period in my life and I will always be very greatful for what you have done and for me and for touching my life. I will miss our good mornings, our talks, our laughs together but most of all you and your beautiful smile. I know you are at peace now, and my thoughts and my prayers go out to you and your family in this difficult time. I miss you, Cathy and will never forget our times together. Sent with Love to a very Special Lady and her family.

    Always in my Heart:
    Love from,
    Robin Jordan

  • Dale Johns (Jr.) says:

    Cathy you are going to be missed so much. There are so many childhood memories I will have forever of you being so supportive, warm and kind to all of us kids. From playing at the house with Pat, to camping trips, to all the great Little League memories on Doyle’s baseball teams. You were such a focal point to bringing everything together. Such a great inspiration as a parent! You will be missed. Love, Dale

  • Josie Williams says:

    Thoughts and prayers are with you Pat and the LeDoux Family during their time of loss. Precious memories of your Mom and those who shared her life can never be lost!

    Your Fire Service Family and Friend

    Josie Williams

  • Cody Turcotte says:

    My prayers are with the LeDoux family, and wish the best during these very difficult times. I hope all of the joy, laughter, wonderful memories you’ve had with your mother will be shared and remembered forever. Cathy will be greatly missed, but within our hearts forever.

    -Cody Turcotte

  • Nancy Lomas says:

    Bye Cathy! You will be missed. Camping with you and your family will always have a giggle from me when I think of it or repeat the stories. BTW, nice job raising your son. The world would be a different place without him.. and his wife and children, of course 🙂 You’ve certainly made your mark. Thank you!

  • Linda D.Bagley says:

    Cathy , Iam giong to miss you hand out check at work and saying here go miss , Ands helping with papers if we needed it . Thans for you help . Lin da Bagley

  • Paula Noyes says:

    Though I only knew you a short while you were always there to help me and everyone else. I will miss your warm smile and the happiness that was always with it. You were a very strong and special lady.
    Love Always. Paula

  • Kathy Quain says:

    Cathy you were always ther for us. You always put everyone first before yourself. I’ll miss your jokes,your strenght and your smililing face. My prayers and thoughts are with your family.

  • Paula Noyes says:

    Even though I only knew you a short while I will truly miss you. You were always there to help me and everyone else. I’ miss your smile and all the happiness that went with it. You were one very strong and very special lady.
    Always, Paula

  • Brenda (Queen B) Ayscue says:

    My Dear Friend, I will miss the jokes you always sent me and when we called each other on the phone and laughed so hard over silly things that we felt like giddy schools girls. Thank you for all the encouragnent and words of wisdom you have given me.I truly miss you.To your family… Thank you for sharing this wonderful person with us.

    Love, Brenda (Queen B)

  • Genessa says:

    My thoughts are with you. Hang on to the memories for they will last a life time.


  • Brenda says:

    Hey Mom,
    We miss you so much. Some moments are better than others, but we do what you taught us and that is pick up the pieces and keep moving forward no matter how hard it is to do. And do it smiling because you would have it no other way!!! Katelyn and I talk about you everyday she heard the Sissy song on the Radio a few days ago and said mom that is the song from nana’s pictures so now everytime we are in the car she starts singing the part of walking with Jesus and she doesn’t understand i can not rewind the radio for her to hear it! Maybe i will go get her the song it seems to bring her joy and peace. She has a big picture of you in her room she refuses to let me put it anywhere else and she has to kisss you goodnight everynight and tells you everything is ok. She is way too smart mom!!! I even sometime catch her in her room having a whole conversation with you, and I am glad because One day I was crying like so many and she said hey Mom don;t cry Nana will always be in our hearts and gave me a big hug! Thank you mom for teaching me and showing me how to raise such a wonderful compassionate child! You have been my Mom and my Best Friend and am so lucky everyday i have had you for all the years I did. When I get mad that you were taken from me, I try to sit back and think positive, I am lucky, I am lucky to have had you 15 extra years from cancer to have you see me graduate school, get married, (Which we won’t go there now) and have a beautiful daughter. Thank you for fighting that many years because I know you did it for us all! Thannk you for being my mom and my best friend. I am so lucky to have had your friendship on top of you being my mom, beacuse that is the most special thing between a mother and a daughter. I will always promise to try to do the right thing, try to be like you, because you always knew what to say and how to handle things tackfuly which we all know I lack that at times!! Thank you mom for everything! Katelyn and I will always keep you in our hearts and will always see that bright star that Katelyn waves to everynight and say Hi Nana! We love you Mom and so does Dad since he doesn’t know how to turn the computer on I will say it for all of us we love you and miss you, and quit worrying about us!

  • Terri says:

    This is so hard. Harder than I thought it would be. But we’ll all make it, with time. I ran across this poem a while back — pretty much says it all. “Remembering you is easy, we do it every day, but missing you is a heartache that will never go away. We hold you tightly within our hearts and there you will remain, our life goes on without you, but it will never be the same.” I love you, my friend. I always will…

  • Terri says:

    Happy Birthday, Cath. I miss you!!!

  • Terri says:

    Happy Birthday, Cathy. I miss you!!

  • Rob & Lori McAuliffe says:

    As we get out and wander around my backyard this eary Spring, it is difficult to realize that you won’t be just over the fence, digging in your garden or reading on your deck. Always greeting us with a ‘hello’ and some small talk. But We’re reassured that you are now walking in the garden with Jesus, with the healthy body of a child…

  • Brenda says:

    I still miss you so much Mom!

  • Brenda says:

    The closer my wedding day is coming the harder it is getting. I find myself Teary all over again I wish you were here to see the planning and how much fun Katelyn is having doing all the wedding stuff, and how excited she is that Troy will be her Dad, Even thou he has been the best Dad to her these last few years, you would be so proud of him.
    We took flowers to you yesterday and Katelyn told me her Nana died to young and I agreed and she misses the flash light games you would play on the ceiling, she still remembers so much Mom!

  • Katelyn says:

    i miss u so much nana!!!
    i love u!!
    i typed this myself nana
    i love school and am getting so smart
    Kindergarten is next year
    your in my heart forever and I will love you for ever and we brought Toby by to see you yesturday and he went whoof
    HMMMMAAA Kiss form me to u
    Mom said you will be looking down on Troy and I on April 2nd when we get married elliot and Kiera is in the wedding too. And we will bring pictures of the wedding to you at the cemetary after we get back
    dog cat car gunner mom says its bedtime

  • Katelyn says:

    i miss u so much nana!!!
    i love u!!
    i love school and am getting so smart
    Kindergarten is next year
    your in my heart forever and I will love you for ever and we brought Toby by to see you yesturday and he went whoof
    Kiss form me to u
    Mom said you will be looking down on Troy and I on April 2nd when we get married elliot and Kiera is in the wedding too. And we will bring pictures of the wedding to you at the cemetary after we get back
    dog cat car gunner mom says its bedtime

  • Terri says:

    Still missing you, my friend. Don’t think that’s likely to ever change…

  • Brenda says:

    Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!

  • Brenda says:

    Thought of you today Mom. I can’t Believe it’s been eight years. I still love and miss you!

  • Katelyn Roy brendas child says:

    Hey nana,
    i miss you with all my heart nana i rember all the times we were laying down on yyour bed and shining a light up to the seling and laughing at all the diffrent shapes. i still have a picture of you in my room and there is not a day where I dont think about you. you are in my heart. i know i did not know you for all that long but i miss you with all of my heart. i know you are looking down on me and I hope with all my heart that you are proud. I could not be where i am without knowing that you are always looking down on me and smiling. And once again i love you!

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