Marie Magdalen McCullough

grammy_031720081Marie Magdalen McCullough was born to Frederick and Anna Young in Pottstown PA on May 13, 1921. She was the youngest of 6 children … an apple cheeked, tom-boy, farm girl named after her father’s sister, Mary. She was raised in rural NJ and graduated Salutatorian from Haddonfield High School in 1938. On May 30, 1942 she married the love of her life, Chet E. McCullough. They later lived in Palmyra, NJ and raised 4 children; Barry, Gerry, Mike and Patty.

She worked at Esterbrook Pen, RCA, Macmillan Publishers, and most notably as a cashier – hostess at Villari’s Milmarian Restaurant. She was active in Sacred Heart PTA, served as president of the Woman’s Democratic Club, and held the position of municipal court clerk and tax collector in Palmyra.

She retired to Kent, WA in 1986 and became involved with the Kent Senior Activity Center enjoying frequent hikes and trips. She was a mentor at Kent Elementary School, was involved in the Parenting Plus program, and chaperoned many field trips. She knitted and crocheted 100’s of items (hats, scarves and leggings) for the homeless in South King County through Knit-It-All and made hats and blankets for babies at the Pediatric Interim Care Center in Kent. She was involved with Holy Spirit Church as a Grief minister and Eucharistic minister.

Due to a debilitating medical condition, she spent the next 5 years as a resident at Stafford Suites and then as a resident of East Hill Elder Care. She died peacefully in the arms of God at Valley Medical Center on March 27, 2009.

Her greatest gift to us was her mother’s love … it was bottomless and never-ending, so naturally her last words to each of us as children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren was “I love you”.

She is survived by a sister Helen in Palm Coast, FL; her four children: Barry and his wife Barbara of Middleton, DE; Gerry and her husband, Bob of Lowell, OR; Mike of Silver Spring, MD; and Patty of Elkton, MD. Her grandchildren include Brenda, Brian, Jody, Bevin and Megan and her great- grandchildren are Genia, Kay-Leigh, Kieran, Krystelle, Teddi-Anne and Delilah.

A memorial mass will be held at 10am on May 13 (her birthday) at Holy Spirit Church in Kent followed by a reception. Remembrance donations in her name can be made to any Catholic charity or church.

When my life here is over,

And I escape this earth,

I’ll go back to my God,

For Him to judge my worth.

Buy no flowers for me.

I’ll not see nor smell them there.

Just say a prayer for me,

When you think of me and care.

And think of me real often,

Especially when your day

Is filled with fun and gladness;

Remember me that way.


By Marie M. McCullough

January 1989

6 Responses to “Marie Magdalen McCullough”

  • Monica says:

    Dear Cousins,

    What a lovely tribute to a wonderful woman, aunt and Godmother!

    Peace to each of you…and always happy memories of a great mom.


  • Mary says:

    Marie was my friend and I found her to be funny, witty, and very kind. We use to walk together and she was fast and we talked rapidly as we walked rapidly. I will miss her and yet I am very happy for her. My condolences to her family.

  • Helen Bossard says:

    Marie was always my protector when we were children, even tho she was lyr 7mos younger than me. She was the feisty one and I was the scardy cat! But out lives changed as we grew up. She married and started a family, while I enlisted in the Army Air Corps. We lived our separate lives but always had a close connection. When she went into Assisted Living, I felt badly for her; and when she was hospitalized, I suffered with her. I called frequently and she always kidded me that now I was the healthy one. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all her children and friends, especially to Gerry who is my dear Godchild as well as her mom’s rock and fortress. We will all have to keep our dearest memories of Marie in our Memory Box. I love you all. Aunt Helen

  • Lea Bishop says:

    Marie was always up for taking a hike or walk with her friends at the Kent Senior Activity Center. She could keep up with the best of them. A good friend to all of the staff, she was not shy about stating her opinion and suggesting improvements. We listened and would bounce ideas off of her. We will always treasure our memories of Marie and will miss her.

  • Brenda Dreisow says:

    I met and hooked up with Marie as soon as she moved to Kent and Holy Family Parish. Almost every sunday coffee hour was chance to talk and hang out with Marie. I also participated in volkswalks with Marie. These coffee hours and walks were quality time with Marie as she was a true, dear, friend. A happy memory was a volkswalk to Hans, WA in 1991 where we took a picnic and my two new dachshunds pups, Hans and Cinnamon whom she cooed over. Marie was a true, wonderful friend who will be trememdously missed.

  • Daniela Abrudan says:

    Here at East Hill Elder we all loved Marie, she was a blessing to have in my home. I have four daughters and my youngest Amy, 7 yrs. old was Marie’s absolute favorite. Marie was not only a grandma figure to Amy, but also her teacher. Every night no matter how tired Marie would be, she would spent at least half an hour with Amy doing homework, and teaching her how to read. Amy is in first grade with a forth grade reading level, all thanks to Marie. Amy even now almost everynight talkes about Marie and how much she was her favorite resident we ever had here. She became part of our family instantly and she was never afraid to give us a piece of her mind or advice when she felt we needed it. I, Daniela will forever be gratfull that God allowed such an angel to live with us for a few months. We’ll never forget her and I’m sure one day we’ll meet again in heaven. We’ll always remember Marie, last Thanksgiving 2008 when she seat with our family at the dinner table and with tears in her eyes she told us how she loves and appriciates us for making her part of our family. Marie left a cross for us that I hang right outside the room she lived in, and everyone that sees it remembers her and her strong Catholic believes. I believe that a part of Marie will always be in my home, and I am sooo greatfull for that. Marie we love you !! We’ll always miss you!! Thankyou for picking us as your caregivers for the last few months of your life….

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