Rodena Whitaker – March 15, 2009


Rodena Whitaker

July 10, 1943 – March 15, 2009

In her own words…

 Each of you knows how much I have loved gardening through the years.  You also know the joy I found in watching my flowers bloom and seeing birds and other animals enter my gardens.  I love flowers best when they are growing and blooming not in  man made arrangements.  In the future I ask that when you see a garden, a flower, a bird or other wild animal which catches your eye please remember a good time we have shared.  I will treasure always all the good times and memories we have shared.  Bert and the girls will see my flowers bloom each year as our extensive rhodie and azalea collection which surround our home usher in spring and summer.

I remember each of you fondly as I enjoy each day to the fullest.  I ponder with curiosity the events to unfold during these times of historic changes in our country and the technology of the future.  I feel the love and support of my family and friends of many years.  I hope you will continue to give Bert and the girls the same in years to come.whitiker-2

MS has touched my life and other family members of Bert’s and my generation.  By nature of the disease our daughters and grandchildren and extended family generations to come could face this life changing condition.  If you feel you must do something following my death please consider a donation to the MS society to help find a cure for MS.  Such a donation could be the one that saves one of our loved ones from an MS diagnosis and battle.

I enjoyed each moment I had with a joyful heart.  We laugh often here.  Remember the good things, enjoy the little joys of life.  I am at peace and savored each moment.



3 Responses to “Rodena Whitaker – March 15, 2009”

  • Judy Middleton Thompson says:

    Please except my condolences. I will miss her and have to smile when I remember her \Lady Bug\ car she had in high school. We had a ball back then.

  • Larry Dale Mauldin says:

    As her little tag along brother just four years behind her I enjoyed her protection, companionship, fellowship, friendship, and example. I was involved in all of her pranks, schemes, and adventures. I shared joys, sorrows, and yes even fights and competitions. She made sure that I was involved and she had my back against the older kids, and for that I will always remember her.

    We had the same house and plot of land for our entire childhood so we could plant trees and watch them grow. She joked as a kid of a flower garden in the middle of the yard as a final resting place.

    She ran that little red bug into a parked car once while taking me to the doctors because she dropped her “forbidden” cigarette in her lap as she was driving. She swore me to silence at the time and like all the other times, I kept her secrets.

    She brought Bert into my life as the big brother that I had never had. And then Karen and Lisa and I watched them grow.

    Sis, I will miss you as only a few others will.
    You left behind a family to be proud of and lifelong friends. Not a bad legacy.

    With Love, one last time,

    Larry Dale Mauldin

  • Ruby Smithers Bressman says:

    Polytechnic High School Class of 1961 would like to express our deepest sympathy to the Whitaker family at the loss of Rodena.

    Rodena’s picture will be added to our Memorial Book along with our other 42 classmates who are gone but not forgotten.

    Our prayers & thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

    Classmates from 1961

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