Patricia May Craggs

Patricia (Patti) May Craggs

May 1 1957- November 5th 2008

Patti passed away peacefully with her husband Harold Musolf III and step-son Harold IV by her side on November 5th after a short illness. She is survived by both of her parents Pearl and George Craggs along with her sister Georgia and two brothers Ed and Don.
Being born and raised in Ballard she could never get very far from home without having to go back and see her mom and dad for a reality check. In high school she was on the dive team and always competed in swim meets were she would always do well.

Prior to her marriage to Harold she was very active in the church and mission trips to Mexico to help spread the word about Christ and the true meaning of Christmas. Being from Ballard, she always liked the water so it came as no surprise that when her mom and dad would go on a cruise to warmer weather (Caribbean) she would often times go with them to just soak up sun rays and swim in warm water. She also took up white water rafting here in the Pacific Northwest, rafting on almost every river in the state and even into Canada.
While working for Washington State Department of Transportation for over 22 years she made many a friend and contacts in every branch of the state government up to and including the governor.
Patti finally met Harold in the summer of 1998 over the back yard fence after telling Harold she had just come back from a rafting trip and was sore, so Harold offered his Jacuzzi bath tub to soak off the pain. Little did Harold know that Patti was already making plans to go out with him. Their first date was a Mariners game that was not as interesting as the person next to her/him, and as they say, the rest is history.
Harold quickly found out about the Caribbean and cruising when after about six months of dating Patti asked him to go to the Caribbean on a cruise. Now Harold had worked in the marine industry for 15 years by then and had no interest in a bigger boat but Patti prevailed and they went. She spoiled him in everyway she could so the hook of cruising would be set hard and fast. It worked and they never went down there without each other again.
Patti had bought a condo time share with Harold’s aunt in Mexico and on one of the trips down there without Harold, Patti and her aunt- in- law Carol took up Scuba diving classes and passed. Now she swims on top and under the water to see all of god’s wonderful creatures.
Throughout Patti’s life she was never without a smile and infectious laugh and a kind word to help others through their pain even though she was in pain. She was a very quiet and behind the scenes girl in her giving and charitable efforts, something most people did not know. She would go to Value Village on Mondays and buy coats for women and kids and take them to the battered women’s shelter or Emergency Shelter without telling anybody. Her giving Heart was bigger then any body ever knew.
One of Patti’s favorite things was camping in the wild outdoors. She would take a tent and go with friends to every corner of the state and just set up a camp. There were many times that it would be her and just one friend and on Friday throw a dart at the map and that are where they went. Now Harold was never a tent camper but a motor home kind of guy. Patti did finally talk Harold into tent sleeping on the deck at their house but it was next to the warm bathroom. They spent the entire summer out there and never missed sleeping in the house.
Patti loved touring in brass era cars. She was always in the front seat of their 1913 Cadillac when ever Harold would test drive or go on tour. She would be in the front seat before the tour started and was there after Harold got out just making sure there was no more driving to be done. The last big tour they went on was to California, Los Angeles area and over to the coast city of Ventura. Patti was so infectious with laughter and smiling that she got her and Harold a personal invite to Jay Leno’s private car collection while they were at a taping of the tonight show. When they got to the car collection she made quick friends with the hired help and has an open invite to go back any time. On the tour the biggest highlight for her was driving down Main Street of Disneyland with her 2 year old niece Reagan in the front seat of the Cadillac on her lap.
There were three things in her life that meant the most, one was getting baptized in the lord, two was getting married to Harold and three was driving down Main Street of Disneyland.
Patti will be missed dearly until the end of time. If ever there was a person that was full of life and joy it is Patti.
Memorial donations can be made to your favorite charity or the YWCA Emergency Shelter 1118 Fifth Ave Seattle 98101.
A celebration of her life will be held on January 10th 2009 @ 1 p.m. in Kenmore at Wondering Creek Club House. Address is 831 N.E. 240th gate code is 7758
Please contact Harold for more info if needed.

9 Responses to “Patricia May Craggs”

  • Mike Garnett says:

    I’m so sad to hear about Patti not being around to smile at all of us anymore. She always had a smile and a big “RATS” yell for me whenever we met,that is a long story and it is about a shirt I gave her with 4 KOOL RATS on it,and we always had a big laugh over it. We had many a great time working at the RINKIDINK in Ballard. Even though I haven’t seen her in a few years I still think about her often. She always made me feel good to be alive. May you be at peace Patti.

  • Sue (McLean) Beggs says:

    My sister, Nancy, sent me Patti’s obituary today. Even though I have not seen nor heard from Patti since high school, I have never forgotten her. She was the kind of friend any person would want. I was the lucky one for having her be a part of my life during our Ballard High School years. My love and prayers go out to her family.

  • Candy Johns says:

    There was NOBODY like our Patti. That smile of hers would gleam brighter than the Macy’s Christmas tree. Patti is watching us from up above, sitting under a palm tree and chewing on ice. There was not a single person that Patti did not like and not a single person that did not like Patti.
    I love you Patti, you will always sit in my heart, You chose me and for that I will always be greatful
    Love Ya Babe

  • Allen Avra says:

    Patti, was as nice a person as anyone could ever hope to be, I moved away from Ballard several years ago,but this very sad news reached me from
    a mutual friend of ours. Reading some of these notes from Patti`s family and friends reminds me of just how wonderful a person Patti was to everyone. My heart goes out to everyone who knew
    Patti, for we all feel the Loss.
    You could not ask to come from more wonderful Parents than Patti`s, and to them I send my deepest grattitude for raising such a Beautiful
    Daughter,and to the rest of the family – May
    “GOD BLESS” you all.

  • Carol Dent says:

    Patti was quite a gal!!!! I hear her laughter, I see the glint in her eye when she gave me the “secret sign”. She is sorely missed by all of us who love her and were touched by her kind heart and incredible sense of humor….you always will be my #1 PIC….I miss you tons!!!!! Cheers, It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

  • Kelly says:

    Patti will be sorely missed by her family.

  • Maureen Ryan says:

    Our family would like to send condolences to Patti’s family and friends. We came to know her fondly about 20 years ago when we met her through my brother Tim Ryan. We lost Tim in January 2007 and are very sad to hear that Patti is also gone too soon and too young. We are happy to hear that she had a full life over the past several years and was so loved by her family and friends. With sincere sympathy, Maureen Ryan and Kathleen Schnur

  • Angela Mercy says:

    No one loved life more than Patti (as evidenced by wonderful video of the times of her life played at her memorial). And yet when it was clear that her time had come, she easily commended her spirit into God’s hands. She is an inspiration in both her living in dying. Farewell my friend. Thank you for showing me the way!

  • Eric Musolf says:

    I came to know Patti, when she started dating my brother Harold. She always was the hit of the party!!! I looked forward to having Patti around, she always had the biggest smile on her face. When I started dating my current wife Xali, no one knew, I came over one Halloween with Xali and her son Sidney, I had Sidney trick o’ treating that evening, we stopped by and I had Sidney go up and take a piece of candy, at which time I told Patti and Harold that I was dating Xali, she was so happy for us. Patti always welcomed each and every person into her life. Patti is so missed in our lives now. I know that Xali, Sidney and I miss Patti greatly.

    Eric Musolf

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