Floyd Eugene Gowan, Jr.

Floyd Eugene Gowan, Jr. AKA Gene, peacefully passed on Monday, November 24th, 2008 at the age of 77. He spent his last days at his Edmonds home and final hours at Evergreen Hospice in Kirkland. Gene was admitted to Stevens Hospital emergency on Sunday, November 15th and was given 2 units of blood. The next day they found a bleeding ulcer and repaired it. An ultrasound and MRI later found that Gene had untreatable liver cancer. He went home on Friday November 21st with a full time care giver and Hospice at his side. While resting in his home he was visited by family members and many, many friends who dearly loved him.

Gene was born in Seattle, WA on June 25, 1931. He joined the army in May 1949 and was honorably discharged from Camp Hanford, WA October 27, 1951. He devoted his working years to the printing industry and specialized in pre-press services. His company, Quality Trade Service provided color separation services to the Seattle Opera, Alaska Magazine and many other high profile Seattle companies. In 1989 he co-partnered in the construction of a home in Edmonds. In 1991 a 13 thousand gallon pond was completed and Koi fish added to the pond. Gene became a well known and respected Koi enthusiast and won the top two awards for his prize fish at the Washington Koi and Garden Society for 2008.

In the early 90’s he redirected his working career to successfully selling proprietary software. Even at the age of 77 he was still putting together ‘software deals’ all over the country and his enthusiasm for his career and life in general was with him until the end. His signature laugh and positive attitude will be missed by many people who knew and loved him. Gene is survived by his sons David W. Gowan, Steven E. Gowan and Timothy D. Gowan and three Grandchildren Angie Peek, Justin Peek and Morgan R. Moliter.

A ‘Celebration of Gene’ will be held on Saturday, December 20th,at 10724 Robbers Roost Road, Edmonds, WA 98020 beginning at 2PM. Food and beverages will be served. Memorial donations may be made in Gene Gowan’s name to either of the following charities he often sent money to: The American Cancer Society http://www.cancer.org/ or The Everett Gospel Mission http://www.egmission.org/Home.aspx (donations can be made online at the websites).

15 Responses to “Floyd Eugene Gowan, Jr.”

  • Karen Richins says:

    Gene was more than a house partner and best friend. He was a trusted confident, positive about life, humorous and smart. We shared a mutual respect and deep love for each other. I will always miss him and his signature laugh will have a spot in my memory forever. I love you Gene!

  • Virginia Frost-DeBord says:

    Although I only came in contact with Gene at friends or family gatherings, his infectious smile and laugh were a delight. He was a joy to be around. Moreove, I knew he must be a good man to have the respect and admiration of my niece.

  • Kitty Marihugh says:

    Gene added lots of polish, humor and laughs to any situation! His outlook on life was such a positive inspiration to us all!

  • Lori Williams says:

    My Dear Gene- our 15 years of friendship will never be forgotten! We had many great LAUGHS! I will miss your smile, your laugh and your big heart. I made the best strawberry jam but you made the best bean soup! Rest in peace my friend-I love you, Lori

  • Haylee Williams says:

    Gene- you will be missed. You were the grandfather figure in my life. All the fun we had– Arbys, Mariner games and the love of Celine Dion’s music we shared. I will miss your laugh and smile. I love you, rest in peace. Haylee Williams

  • Trish Graham says:

    I will never forget Gene’s generous spirit and warm heart. He always had time for his friends and could brighten a cloudy day with his infectious laugh. Friday gatherings will never be the same without him!

  • JoAnna Weeks says:

    Gene was one heck of a nice guy, with that brilliant smile, and infectious laugh. Too many times I remember him taking Kima in his mercedes and always so happy to have her with him. Gene, we will all miss you. I hope they have Koi in heaven, save us all a spot until we see you again. Love you and miss you…

  • Al and Jo Boyett says:

    During the short years that we knew Gene, he was always full of joy, laughter, a joking man to be around. Gene was full of knowledge about life and Koi. I know that “Mr. Koi” will have a lot of Koi to take care in his next mission. May he rest in peace. We will miss him greatly. You could always tell when Gene was around. His laughter filled the air wherever he was.

  • Don Shimono says:

    I met Gene at the Washington Koi and Water Garden Society where he produced one of the best Koi Show books, if not the best in the country. He was friendly to everyone, greeting them with a smile and a contageous laugh that would put a smile on your face. It was amazing how often he would get a lucky ticket for the raffle drawings at the monthly meeting and dominated the baby grand champion awards for several years. I will miss Gene and I’m sure many of the WK&WGS members who knew him will also miss him dearly. I’m sure if they had raffle drawings in Heaven, Gene’s tickets will surely win many of them.

    God bless you Gene.

  • Barbie Fraker says:

    Life is like a song we write in our own tone and key, each life we touch reflects a tone that forms a melody. We choose the theme and chorus of the song to bear our name, and each will have a special sound, No two can be the same. So when someone we love departs, in memory we find their songs play on within the hearts of those they left behind..

    Barbie Fraker friend of tenty two years I’ll miss you Geno!

  • Heather Richins says:

    Gene was like a stepfather to me and an important part of my adolescent life. He always had a great sense of humor and brought positive energy. He has a kind heart and is willing to help friends and family in time of need. He was a wonderful person and will be missed.

  • David W Gowan says:

    Gene was a good man and although he was absent for most of my youth he did his best to be a part of my life later in his years. I will miss him and I know that wherever he is off to only the best can be his due. See you in the hereafter!

  • Vik Nair says:

    I knew Gene for the past 6 years having met him when I attended my 1st Washington Koi show in 2002. He loved life and had a neck for making friends quickly with his witty sense of humor,teases and a laugh that was hard to ignore. I had the honor of sharing Koi club tasks with him as well as sharing some great stories.He will be sorely missed but I am sure someone somewhere is having a good laugh with Gene.

  • kelcey says:

    My dear grandpa i miss you so much. I think about you everyday. You probably never knew that you helped me out alot in life. You made me look at it in a more positive way. You were one of the greatest men in this world, and it was an honor to have you as part of my family. Your laugh always put a smile on my face. I can still here to this day. You had the biggest heart of all and shared your love with everybody. I will miss all of the good times that we spent together. It was never about the shopping or the dinners it was just the fact that you were there, and thats all that i needed and wanted to have, and you acheived that for me. So thank you for being there. It is now time for you to share your love and laughter with the people up in heaven becuase us down here have already experienced it and its not over yet. Your soul lives with me and reminds everyday that life is what i make it. Watch for sarah up there as well she can raise hell but she a good person. I told you about her so you’ll remember. Keep that laugh and smile forever. I miss you dearly and i will meet you up there when it comes my time=]]

  • susan Hlaca(Gowan) says:

    as i stumbled upon this farewell to Gene…i am quickly reminded of how wonderful and kind he was always to me. He welcomed me in the family as he was my father in law. Yess…i will always remember his belly laugh..ungaurded and sincere. and all the love and kindness he showed everyone. I will forever have this image of him stamped in my mind and on my heart of christmas in his home and his laughter that filled the air like the pine scent of the christmas tree..
    You are truly missed…

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