Arthur Jacobsen – October 28, 2008


            Arthur Johanus Jacobsen, 94, of Bothell, WA, passed away peacefully on October 28, 2008 after a courageous battle with lung cancer.

            He was born on September 1, 1914 in East Chain, Minnesota, the third of four children, to Martin K. and Christine Jacobsen who were poor farmers and newly arrived from Denmark.  In a unique twist of fate, he was born on the same day as his father and on the same day as his father’s father. 

            In the early 1920s, when he was about 7 years old, the family moved back to Denmark because Christine was homesick.  Six years later, they returned to the U.S. and, after a banker absconded with their savings, they were forced to eke out a living on a farm.  Art quit school to work.  In 1933, after his favorite sister, Laura, died of TB, he followed his older brother, Chris, to Seattle where there was a promise of a good job.  He was nineteen then.  In Seattle he lived and worked on the dairy farm which belonged to Harold Virkelyst in what is now the Crown Hill area just south of Carkeek Park.  He met and married Betty Jane Moore in Seattle on September 2, 1940.  They had four children together: 

            Art was a very hard worker with an innate sense of business.  He provided a good life for his family.  The man with only an 8th grade education owned the largest milk delivery route in Seattle.  When he began his business, he worked for 12 years without taking a single day off.  He was a milk deliveryman for 40 years. 

            Art was a good father to his children and a faithful and loving husband to Betty for more than 68 years.  His devotion to Betty was legendary and their marriage an inspiration to all.  The tragic loss of their first-born child, Sandy, early in their marriage, only served to strengthen their bond. 

            Art will be remembered most for his love of hunting, camping, and fishing which he passed on to his sons.  He taught his sons conservation, respect for living things, and a love of the outdoors decades before the word “ecology” ever entered the American vocabulary. 

            Arthur is survived by his wife, Betty, his two sons, Gary (Diane) of Lake Havasu City AZ, and Chris (Heidi) of Seattle, and by his two grandchildren Michael Neal Jacobsen of Lacey and Corey Todd Jacobsen (Justine) of Cheyenne, WY, two great-grandsons, Deryk and Ryan Jacobsen, loving nieces, Marjolaine Schmitt of Sioux Falls SD, Judi Weiser of Seattle, Lollie Jacobsen of Mendocino CA., nephew Don Jacobsen of Seattle, and many grand nieces and grand nephews.

            Art was preceded in death by his mother and father, his brother Chris, his sisters Laura and Catherine, his daughter Sandy, and his son Michael.

            A celebration of his life will be held at 1:00 pm on Saturday, November 15 in the upstairs Ballroom of the South County Senior Center, 220 Railroad Avenue, Edmonds, Washington.  Everyone who knew him and loved him is invited.  Please come and bring your favorite story for this celebration of Art’s life.  In lieu of flowers, please contribute to the charity of your choice.










3 Responses to “Arthur Jacobsen – October 28, 2008”

  • Stina Fluegge says:

    Uncle Art was such a special person. He had a way of making those he spoke with feel so important and cared about. You could tell this feeling he gave others was so genuine and sincere and came from his core…it was who he was. He’d look you right in the eye w/that big smile and soon you’d be smiling right back. He will be dearly missed, but certainly not ever forgotten. Better people I believe we all are from having the opportunity to have had Art Jacobsen a part of our lives.

  • Martin Loberg says:

    My great ucle Art.I owe so much to him,my fondest memories of fishing,camping and Teasing! Yes, he loved to tease. Can you spell that 4 letter word yet Marty? (Marty Kins) as I was often referred to. B. A. N. K he would say and laugh really hard! Thanks to Uncle I learned to save. He mentored without ever knowing how much his words impacted my life.His care and love for all of us in so many ways will forever be remembered. God blessed us with Art Jacobsen !!!!

  • Lezli Carroll says:

    In looking back, Uncle Art is at the very top of my most comforting memories. He has always been so kind, gracious, polite and intered in what I have to say with a long gentle hand hold. It’s a warm feeling that just comes to mind every time I think of him. He always would quietly share a quick word of advice or words of wisdom for me to ponder; usually including \you need to gain a few extra pounds\ ha, ha. I will miss his gentle touch and words of advice. I will always admire his love and devotion to Aunt Betty and his family. What a man. I thank him for being such a great role model. I will truly miss him!

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