Gary R. DiPasquale – September 20, 2008

In loving memory of Gary R. DiPasquale who passed away on September 20, 2008 in Washington State. Please feel free to write your own remembrances in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

8 Responses to “Gary R. DiPasquale – September 20, 2008”

  • Jodi de Vries says:

    I miss my father very dearly.. it is the most intense pain I’ve ever felt.. but I believe he is in a better place, free from suffering

  • Joanne Mould says:

    I miss my brother very much and the talks we had on the phone. But like Jodi I feel he is no longer in pain and for that I can take comfort.

  • Jodi de Vries says:

    I miss you SO MUCH Dad…………………….. I h a t e this pain……… I h a t e how it’s consuming me from the inside out…. slow and painful =(

  • Jodi de Vries says:

    Me, Amanda, Marcel, Stefan and Tom went to your third Memorial since you passed away.. Jimmy was there and he played hauntingly beautiful flute music.. there were some speeches and then we all went outside to light the Tree of Remembrance, then hung our messages to you on the tree… me and Amanda also wrote you messages in the chapel so please make sure you look there too, ok?

    I love you… I wish so much that I could see you here again, enjoying life….

    Marcel looks so incredibly much like you, even shakes his head in disbeliief the way you do

    Please hurry back

  • scott dipasquale says:

    i miss you

  • Jodi says:

    still can’t believe you’re not coming back….. we love you

  • Jodi says:

    Two years and ten days… such a long time without your hugs and your warm smile… trying to focus on the good stuff but it’s not that easy to do.. I know you don’t want me to suffer you, but I somehow can’t seem to stop… it doesn’t matter what people say, nobody truly understands how this feels when they say “well, at least….” and “think of how…”

    dammit I guess I’m just that freaking selfish.. I want my dad back and that’s bad, I guess.. of course I want him back in no pain, I want him to live the life he wanted, the one he told me he regrets missing..

  • Amanda says:

    Hi Grampy.. hard to believe it’s been 10 whole years without you already.. I wish you were here to meet your great grandkids, Viv would get just the biggest kick out of driving you nuts! I miss watching dumb movies on the scifi channel with you but one of my fave movies will always be pitch black! My favorite memory is when I was banished to your house for punishment for a week and we made homemade fish n chips and nearly burned the house down! I kiss you and love you Grampy, we wish you were here <3 Rest In Peace Grampy.

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