Koji Biose – August 15, 2008

In loving memory of Koji Biose who passed away on August 15, 2008 in Washington State. Please feel free to write your own remembrances in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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  • Judy Gelfand Reid says:

    I met Doug at a Jewish get-together and he helped me feel welcome as a new student at Capuchino High, during our Freshman year. We stayed friends all through high school. He telephoned me for answers to our German Class grammar homework and we would always end up talking about everything going on in our lives. We laughed a lot! We car-pooled to and from S.F. State before he transferred to Humboldt and I to Davis. We exchanged a few letters over the years and Doug attended my wedding and visited us once after that. Then we lost touch until I read this obituary. I felt so sad that he had such a short life. I don’t know why he changed his name or what his long illness was and I would really like to know, if you don’t mind sharing with me.I will always hold a special place in my heart for Doug. I actually still have the letters he wrote to me while he was at Humboldt. I am a sentimental school teacher, who always wants the best for everyone. I am grateful for this opportunity to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Michael Huffman says:

    I met Koji 4 years ago through my friend Vivian who knew Carmen, I think this was his best friend but i’ve never met. He was my astrologer and friend. I’ve always known him as Koji. He found out last fall he had esphoguial (sp) cancer, did chem, but…i saw him at hospice a few days before he died, the nurses said he hadn’t eaten in days, but he asked me to get him ice cream..this was painful for him…all at once he sat up in bed and said ‘you rock for coming to see me in a joint like this’ then fell unconscious again. all the best.

  • Marcia Hancock says:

    It is only recently that I learned of Koji’s passing.
    I knew Koji as Doug when we were both teenagers.
    I remember Doug as a bright, athletic, and intelligent young man with a commitment to make a difference in the world. Doug was so looking forward to studying Marine Biology at Humboldt State-I envied his focus.
    We interacted socially and worked together at a local hospital.
    What I remember most about Doug are his eyes, beautiful, bright eyes. And I remember his intellect and athleticism.
    It is a strange thing about life in that Doug has recently been in my thoughts-remembering him and the time of life we shared. It was a shock to learn of his passing; so young.
    My thoughts and prayers are with Doug/Koji’s family and friends. He was a really nice guy. I once considered Doug a friend. It is my loss not to have kept in touch with him.

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